Barry Off the Bench!

In the 2020 presidential contest’s closing moments, things are going swimmingly for the Democratic ticket. So well, in fact, that former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) have brought in the scrubs to clean up: ex-President Barack Obama.

Some cynics might suggest that bringing Barry off the bench means the Democratic Party’s puppet masters are concerned the election might not be in the bag. 

Truth be told, most polls have shown an erosion of Biden’s support, especially in the critical battleground states where Republican registration of new voters is running ahead of the Democrats’ efforts. The turnout both for President Trump’s rallies and for GOP early voting has exceeded expectations. Living under a lid in his basement, Biden’s energy on the campaign trail has lagged behind even that of another state-run, press-approved happy warrior—Konstantin Chernenko

Moreover, Biden’s son, Hunter, has given “the big guy” the added problems of an abandoned laptop and a disgruntled former business partner. These matters could prove that the Biden family members, including “the big guy,” have peddled influence for a pretty penny to America’s enemies. Or so rumor has it, since the elitist leftist media refuses to mention the matter, calling it “Russian disinformation,” “hacking,” a “distraction” and, indeed, anything but what it is—authentic evidence of corruption. Still, if the rotten Biden family tree falls in the forest and the media covers it—with a blanket—will it make a sound? They are counting on a “no” answer to that question. But they’re also hedging their bets.

Hence, the nuanced political analysis for which these lefty worthies are renowned; and their gracious throwing of garbage time minutes to the lefty fans’ favorite aging small forward, Barry, so he could pad his stats in a mop up role. 

This is especially kind of them, given Barry took his sweet time endorsing his old pal Joe as the Democrats’ new starting “big guy.” But Barry has always had a penchant for bringing folks together—folks such as James Comey, James Clapper, and John Brennan.

To date, Barry’s game has been a bit rusty, and his style of play seems off in a contest where Biden-Harris is employing a “four-corners” strategy to run out the clock. As is his wont, Barry has eschewed the nitty-gritty inside game. Instead, noting that the arc of history bends into a three-point line, Barry has contented himself with launching brickbats with a bullhorn to a captive audience of Biden-Harris voters staffing a socially distant booth. The assembled fawning press approvingly cooed through their masks, but the crowd grew indifferent; drifted; and dwindled. They remembered Barry in better days.

But what did his fanatics expect? Barry has been on the bench for a spell, biding his time making Netflix agit-prop, decorating his mansions, and trying to figure out how to fundamentally transform a systemically racist nation that twice elected him president and made him and his spouse multimillionaires. No justice, no peace, and all that. 

Still, some less sophisticated observers of the contest cannot help but wonder how helpful for Biden-Harris is Barry, whose one-man game remains one of dribbling out strawmen, engaging in projection, and never dishing off for an assist. There may be no “I” in team, but there sure as hell is one in Obama. Perhaps this is why, while personally popular, Barry’s support of his fellow Democrats has often proved less than helpful. In fact, the one stat that stands out in Barry’s career is the number of Democrats he’s supported who have gone on to defeat.

But court awareness and self-awareness are not a strength of Barry’s game. How otherwise to explain the way Barry, as head of the most corrupt administration in American history—one that weaponized the police, surveillance, and taxing powers of the federal government against his enemies—can fire off this statement: “No one—especially the president—is above the law.” 

Neither is an ex-president or his veep..

In legal circles, this is known as a declaration against interest. In political circles, this is a reminder for the 56 percent of Americans who believe they are better off now than they were four years ago—when Barry was president—to reelect President Trump.

So, ignore the hecklers, Barry. Keep padding that stat!

About Thaddeus G. McCotter

The Hon. Thaddeus McCotter is the former chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee, current itinerant guitarist, American Greatness contributor, and Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Show."

Photo: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

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22 responses to “Barry Off the Bench!”

  1. Gee, I counted 30 heads in the photo. About half looked like press members or secret service agents. Well that is about 3x more than Biden gets.

  2. Everywhere you read about this make a comment like ‘Damn, I was going to vote for Biden, but now that this clown is endorsing Joe, I won’t be.’

  3. Pure literary gems: “No justice, no peace, and all that.”
    “There may be no “I” in team, but there sure as hell is one in Obama.”

    Great article!

  4. About two months ago I had planned, with confidence, to sit out this election because Trump produced only a symbolic amount of wall. I rejected pro-Trump robotic excuses. I still reject them.

    But every time I saw Barry and Michelle barking orders or wheedling on YouTube PSAs (the only avenue they have access to me) I grew more enraged. Then there is the nasty, stupid, bigoted, corrupt, demented piece of work known as Joe Biden. Then there is Comma-La, whom I cannot summarize here without my blood pressure getting dangerously high. Then add in the COVID fear mongering (partly Trump’s fault, but he did start by following the science), that Democrats are using as a weapon. These offenses piss me off even before I consider policy directly.

    While I was going to stay home, I now MUST vote for the Senate and state supreme court too.

    So, alas, I will be there on election day, and I will vote for Trump, unlike the election in which Mittens hijacked the primary and faced Barry.

    • 400 miles of the 700 miles needed isn’t symbolic. Now factor in the thousands of cour cases to block the wall at every step from location, materials used, environmental, spending, attacking suppliers and the builders. Also Democrats fighting every inch of the construction.
      400 miles is one Hell of an accomplishment.

    • So glad to see that your light is shining…..because there’s an incredible number of folks whose lights aren’t even ON! …..and are so uninformed…full of hate, whist they nostalgically peer backwards at the Obama era, (their lights weren’t on then either), or think they are cool on climate change, the fake me too movement, the fake feminist movement. It so incredibly unbelievable people are so, so, soooooooo STUPID!

  5. Bill Ayers + Louis Farrakhan = Barack Obama

    Not only was Obama a Muslim apologist. . .
    . . .he normalized anti-American Marxism.
    The Squad/BLM is his toxic run-off.

    Obama turned Dems into a deadly Marxist mob.

    • Hussein O is the ELEPHANT-zilla in the room.

      Let me get this straight: Joe Biden cavorts all over the world wheeling and dealing a Yangtze flood-sized revenue stream into family coffers. He sold his nation down that same river which ends in the United States doing a swan dive off the Three Gorges Dam.

      What was Hussein O’s cut?

      After all, he was the real “Big Guy.” He was the President of the United States during all of this Biden Family mess. “Call the President if you don’t believe me,” Joe Biden said.

      Hussein O had to know everything because he was in charge of everything.

  6. This is SUCH a no brainer….. you elect an African to the highest office in the world …. and whaddya get?

    AFRICA!! … complete with weaponized intelligence agencies, corrupt agencies… and pay to play!

    Welcome to Uganda …. Kenya…. South Africa [absent those pesky whites]


  7. If it’s about President Trump it’s Russian collusion. If it’s about Quid pro Joe Bribin’ Biden, it’s Russian misinformation. Got it.

  8. Once a community organizer, always a community organizer. Strange how he never grew out of it, even being President couldn’t shake it loose. Looking back, it’s no wonder now as to why he was so horrible a President, he WAS and IS still nothing but a community organizer.

  9. All I have to say is Trump 2020 and Trump Jr 2024. This is the only real American choice for this great Nation.

  10. All I have to say is Trump 2020 This is the only real American choice for this great Nation.

  11. Obama is a disgrace. Yesterday he claimed Trump was putting people in jail who disagreed with him. That is not happening. For a former POTUS to say something like about about a current POTUS indicates he either doesn’t know how to properly conduct himself for the good of the country or doesn’t care.

    • Wait, you considered it even a possibility that B.H.O. EVER cared about this country? You haven’t been paying attention for the past 12 years, have you?