Top 10 Questions for Joe Biden at the Final Debate

Thursday night’s debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden promises to rekindle some of the same feelings among those on the Right as did the first debate “moderated” by Fox News’ Chris Wallace. And let’s not forget the two town halls, during which Biden received respectful questioning from former Clinton staffer and ABC anchorman George Stephanolpoulos while the president admirably fended off attacks from NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, who just happens to be married to Democratic operative Michael Feldman. 

In short, no one should expect that the questions will be fair or that the level of respect shown the respective candidate by NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker will be even. Still, we can dream. So in that spirit we offer the top 10 questions that should be asked of Joe Biden.

1) Cities like Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Chicago, Seattle, and Portland, among others, have been run exclusively by Democrats for decades. Why are race relations so bad under Democratic leadership?

2) The infamous white nationalist Richard Spencer supports you and not President Trump. Why do you think that is the case?

3) As a Catholic do you, personally, believe it is murder to abort a gestating baby (even if you believe U.S. law ought to allow it)?

4) The leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement call themselves “Marxist.” Why should Marxists be in charge of America’s antiracism campaign?

5) If you are not for open borders, what specific measures of border enforcement and immigration enforcement do you support? Will you pledge to enforce the laws that are currently on the books or will you ignore them?

6) What do you make of the evidence that George Floyd had a potentially lethal dose of Fentanyl in his blood when he died?

7) If rich people can pay for private security, why shouldn’t citizens of lesser means have the right to buy guns for self-defense?

8) What did you mean when you called that college student “A lying dog-faced pony soldier”?

9) Is it a problem in a democracy when the wealthiest man in the country owns both its biggest store and the second most important newspaper in the country?

10) The Obama Justice Department concluded that in Ferguson, Michael Brown was almost certainly advancing aggressively on Officer Darren Wilson when he was shot, and Brown did not have his hands up. Was the Justice Department wrong to reach that conclusion? Is the “hands up; don’t shoot” line based upon a lie?

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24 responses to “Top 10 Questions for Joe Biden at the Final Debate”

  1. Indeed, most people do not much care about the Hunter Biden travails. We know Joe Biden is corrupt and many voters apparently don’t care. So the president should be concentrating on the other items such as you suggest.

  2. Easy questions!

    1) The “race related problem” in Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Chicago, Seattle, and Portland concerns police brutality. It is true the cities are run by Democrats, however, the problem concerns procedural and cultural issues within the police departments when dealing with Blacks, which also occur in GOP controlled suburbs. The police should be a local matter, however, there should also be federal minimum standards regarding police training (as is the case in e.g. the UK), permissible tactics. One sided demonization of only one side (police and BLM!) solves nothing.

    2) Richard Spencer is a private individual. He can speak for himself, and Democrats are not responsible for whom he supports.

    3) Catholics can personally disapprove of abortion, but the reality is a majority of Americans want to keep abortion legal under at least some circumstances.

    4) BLM is a grassroots organization; if the co-founder self identifies as a communist, it does not automatically invalidate the need for protests against police brutality against Blacks.

    5) (Insert summary of Biden policy here)

    6) It is not relevant whether George Floyd had drugs in his system; Derek Chauvin’s tactics were not justified.

    7) The idea that owning a gun makes one safer is a red herring. The US already has 300 million guns and this is in fact a chief factor behind the huge number of people killed by panicked/paranoid police officers. Guns are a major public health hazard which ought to be investigated as such (suicides, accidental gun deaths at home).

    8) The response was a flippant reference to a John Wayne quote ( ) and there was no intent to insult or denigrate. Nonetheless, the quote was indeed inappropriate. Whether this is worse than what Donald J Trump is saying is however debatable…

    9) We should not begrudge rich individuals for being successful, however, it is true that rising social inequality is a problem in the U.S. compared to other wealthy capitalist nations. Hence Democratic policies to shift more of the tax burden to individuals such as Jeff Bezos, continuing to move the Affordable Care Act away from private health insurance towards public options, more affordable university education etc..

    10) The incident was extensively investigated; there is no reason to disagree with the official conclusion.
    The issue is not that ALL police shootings are the fault of the police; the problem is these incidents are too frequent and we need to do more than just “thoughts and prayers” while all too often blaming the victim without investigating possible police reform.


    That wasn’t too hard.

    • Just like Biden and idiot responded. Thanks mlindroo, now I don’t have to watch the “debate”.

      It is not a debate but a biased question and answer session.

      • Nonsense. Pure ” know – nothing – response from an adherent of the Know-Nothing- Party !!!

      • Reform in the guise of wholesale elimination of significant numbers of LEOs is not a solution. It is akin to advocating that since your home has a small roach problem that a 20 kt nuke should be employed to solve the problem.

    • Wonderful, reasonable, common sense response. BRAVO !!!

    • This comment is reasoned and thoughtful but it does not address the facts as they stand. I especially like the first answer. It deflects and does not answer the question other to blame the police for procedural and cultural issues within the police departments.

      The truth is that blacks kill more blacks in a weekend in Chicago than police kill in the entire US on a weekly or monthly basis. Looking at this angle one might blame gang violence but that would be racist, right? Blacks are illegally armed more than whites and have a higher propensity to use their weapons or participate in violence, that’s racist too. I am not a racist, that is also racist, and worry about my black children and grandchildren who have seen violence as a normal daily activity. If you disagree with me then try to spend a little time in the “hood”.

      I believe it is blacks who are complaining about lack of police protection in Minneapolis after the police were defunded. Many good people are trying to raise families in a crime infested area that has become a free fire zone.

      • If BLM thought black lives mattered they’d be in Chicago. Of course BLM is just cover for a leftist organization with little or no interest in black lives. In fact, of course, defunding the police would likely increase black deaths incredibly. The Ford Foundation gives enormous support to BLM, as do other left leaning individuals and organizations. I find it all most curious.

    • These are all excellent responses to the posed questions, however, I think the real purpose of this article was to show the lack of substantial questioning when it comes to the media handling of Joe Biden as compared to what Trump deals with on a daily basis. These are all questions that, had the roles been reversed, would have been asked of Trump long ago whether fair or not, and while you handled them very well, I don’t think in an off the cuff setting, Joe would handle these nearly as neatly and succinctly as you yourself just did.

    • Thank you for demonstrating that Joe Biden is so incapable of answering easy questions that the media won’t ask them.

    • Trump constantly has to explain his supporters’ support so #2 is relevant because the left has made it so.
      University shouldn’t be made more affordable but what should happen is the numerous worthless degrees offered by universities should be done away with or at least not supported by government subsidized loans. If someone wants a victims studies degree pay for it yourself. If you want a job, get a stem degree. A college degree in anything but stem, scientific research, or law is a scam to make colleges rich. Everything academia purports to hate. Hmm except them.

    • 1. It’s not us, it’s our police departments, which we have also run for decades.
      2. “Deplorables”
      3. I don’t want to answer because it will either anger my base or the vast majority who feel reasonable restrictions are warranted.
      4. Let’s just ignore that “BLM” part, which is everywhere on sports uniforms to city streets.
      5. So will you treat the laws like you did in the Obama administration?
      6. So if you got in someone’s face and called them a name because of their question, and they died of a heart attack, what actually happened?
      7. Police say the AR-15 is a great defensive weapon. As the police cannot be everywhere (especially when defunded), you have to explain why a citizen cannot have the same protection. Or perhaps all guns should be banned and confiscated? It would be interesting to hear the answer.
      8. “He did it too !!!”
      9. “I’d like to ignore the media control question, and somehow get to socialism, because the government can always do it better. Income inequality is more here than elsewhere and that is a problem because it just is. It’s unequal.
      10. These incidents are “too frequent” because we love anecdote and its magnification/exploitation. Sure, there were a bunch of riots for nothing, and a bunch of people don’t believe the investigation because the flames of distrust have become a wildfire.

    • An excellent set of politically-effective responses.
      Whether Biden will be alert enough to use any of them remains a question.

      But the rhetorical ease with which these ‘tough’ questions can be ‘answered’ without really answering or addressing the issues the Editors most probably felt they were raising, illustrates the problems with both these questions and the so-called debate.

      As any politician / leader / manager / teacher / or talking head administrator knows … the real goal of a session like the one we’ll witness tonight is to escape unscathed while inflicting maximum damage (via a telling quip) on one’s opponent. If there is no explicit opponent…and only a room full of ‘disgruntleds’ the goal shifts slightly to become soothing ruffled feathers, appearing intensely and sincerely concerned, promising action, and appearing to be warm and accessible.

      The goal, in other words, in either version is to dance quickly and well… to make solid contact with the ball (regardless of where it goes). The ‘hit’ is what’s important not whether it’s fair, or foul, or clears the fence or is shallow pop-up.

      These questions, above, are slow-pitch softballs…easily answered (as you did) above with any number of rhetorical flourishes. The only way to avoid (or at least minimize) that problem is to focus entirely upon short, single-subject questions and refuse to accept the subsequent shuffle-dance. Will you seek to pack the Supreme Court? Will you? Will you? Will you? Do you support Reparations for Black Americans? Do you? Do you? Do you? Should it be legal for a mother to kill their unborn child as they wish and when they wish? Do you believe inequality in outcome is wrong? Do you believe the State should act to guarantee equal outcomes? etc.

      Not that even these direct questions cannot be danced around but it is much, much easier to return to the direct question after that inevitable dance: “So would you wok to pack the Supreme Court?”

  3. What about the billionaire Rupert Murdoch and his empire reaching far more people than one newspaper. You can be prolife & not want Roe vs Wade overturned for a multitude of reasons. Border crossings were at an all time low when Obama was in office. Does the fact that George Floyd had drugs in his system give anyone the right to choke him to death? We have all seen the video. Trump is against guns, he’s never fired one in his life, he’s a city guy who has always supported Democratic city mayors but his base doesn’t like them so he does what? He lies.

  4. It has been suggested Trump advance his winning position from 2016 – immigration. Build the Wall resonates. Hunter, not so much.

  5. 1. The race problem is a lack of oppty problem, caused by horrible public schools, overregulation, and unemployment, all caused by liberal governance and in 2020, race baiting. The police are on the receiving end of liberal mismanagement, and can’t be blamed for trying to clean up the mess libs have created these past 50-60 yrs.
    2. Dems have made ‘who supports you’ an issue. The question is what about Biden (his overt racism vs Trump’s lack thereof) attracts Spencer to him.
    3. If a majority of Americans believed murder, theft, and rape should be legalized, should we abandon our principles on those too? Why not?
    4. BLM is a well funded left wing conspiracy, funded by ActBlue and the DNC. They have looted and burned, but never created after school / breakfast programs, sports leagues, spiritual gatherings, or other myriad things these communities could use. Don’t confuse them w/ the Black Panthers who did all this and were indeed a grass roots org, misguided as they were.
    5. Biden policy as defined by Dems shift since the days of supporting the AFW: let ‘em all in and get ‘em registered to vote!
    6. Was Derek Chauvin following procedure in subduing a violent felon twice his size without shooting him? Let’s see what the jury decided…
    7. ‘God made men, but Sam Colt made them equal.’ Take a walk unarmed in a rough neighborhood, or go live in one, and tell me again how guns are bad in and of themselves.
    8. Any reasonable person would be justifiably offended at being called this. Anyone who isn’t is a shameful apologist for a senile corrupt hack, in this context.
    9. Dem policy has never been about taxing their rich friends. When have any of these wonderful Dem ‘more gov’t is our savior’ ideas ever actually worked? Spare me your utopian platitudes.
    10. How frequent indeed are police shootings of unarmed blacks? This issue is a screen for skyrockting black on black murder rates in big American cities.

    See? Not that hard.

    • Thank you Mr Kutner. I was forming a response but yours is better.

    • I do like your answers better! I try to look at things sometimes through a liberal mindset, but I fail every time tryng to lower my IQ.
      As a side note, here near the ‘Dacks we believe the best gun control is when you hit what you were aiming at!

  6. The point of the article is that the questions will not be asked. It is correct.
    The media are heavily biased for the Left of the Democrat party as Trump and his cult have taken over the mindless populist heritage from that same party.
    Our elections would be more meaningful and serve our nation better were the electorate cognizant of the principles of our founding and the continued reasons for the maintenance of those principles.
    We have, instead, reactionaries supporting their tribe and its purported chieftains. Thus, a uniparty enabled by ignorance.
    Time to read 1984 again or Burke’s “Reflections on the Revolution in Fr

  7. Or…. we could simply ask Joe, “What about this?”
    And we’d begin by reading this horribly telling excerpt from today’s New Yorker article, “Joe Biden and the Possibility of a Remarkable Presidency” by Bill McKibben.

    (This is what a Progressive victory is really all about.)

    “Taken together, a big victory and a transitional attitude might let a politician whose career has been marked by compromise and caution throw both to the wind. If Biden’s not guarding his approval ratings for a second run, he could… demand that his new majority give him a lot of stimulus money to work with, and simply not worry about the G.O.P. and the pundit class as they start warning about deficits…. At this point, getting rid of the filibuster seems all but certain, but Biden could push to expand and reform the courts. He could embrace the Green New Deal, moving money from the Pentagon to the national-security task of building out solar and wind power and setting irrevocably in motion an industrial transition that would transform our economy over the next generation. He could take millions of undocumented immigrants out of the shadows. He could make sure that we have a commission to examine and recommend reparations for Black and indigenous Americans. And so on. The key things that need to happen if America is ever going to get past its stalemated and sickly status quo are as obvious as they are politically difficult. But, if Biden decided that the next four years were all that mattered to him, he could get to work.”

    Indeed, he could get to work. He could get to work dismantling America and its ‘retrograde’ Constitution. He could destroy our power grid (currently 83% Non-Renewable) and hamstring our industrial base. He could impose Critical Race Theory as a part of mandated Reparation payments. He could — per the Progressive Dream — make this country into a bigger, and much more tragic Venezuela (albeit a more Woke Venzuela).

    The question is, is that what we want?
    Do most Americans truly wish to commit this kind of national suicide?

    God I hope not.

  8. Another one that should be asked.

    Biden indicated that he would investigate court packing and other options because the court is “out of whack”. In what way is the court out of whack?