The Antifa Industry at Work

When, in 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama’s career as a community organizer was lampooned at the Republican National Convention, few understood what the words meant. Most sympathetic voices in the media stressed “community,” evoking images of soup kitchens, clinics, and shelters. Republicans had every reason to look more darkly at what this kind of work meant and, probably due to Obama’s race, were inclined to associate the candidate’s time “organizing” in Chicago with New York racial demagogues and shakedown-artists like Al Sharpton. 

That description was closer to the mark, but the full truth was deeper and considerably more sophisticated; left-wing organizing is a robust intellectual universe. Thanks largely to talk radio, conservatives soon learned the name Saul Alinsky and began to digest his now-infamous Rules for Radicals

After several brilliant investigative pieces into Obama’s time among left-wing organizing meccas like the Northwest Academy, Stanley Kurtz wrote the valuable Radical-in-Chief. Unfortunately, for much of the public, the thread frayed shortly after the election that November; emboldened by Democratic control of both houses of Congress, the newly elected Obama would use what he’d learned from Chicago activism to instigate and win battles on more pressing political issues.  

For those eight years, the organizing ecosystem that would eventually erupt into Antifa and Black Lives Matter street violence and direct-action grew in strength, sophistication, and funding. Obama’s own career in Chicago should’ve been a kind of clue: the former president served on the boards of Public Allies, the Woods Fund of Chicago, and the Joyce Foundation, which together distributed tens of millions of dollars to various local left-wing groups—some of which themselves were organizing for street-level direct action. 

Antifa, of course, is far more than an “idea”—even as ideas, themselves, can be serious threats with which it is necessary to contend. But it is also far more than just an organization. Even as it traces its origins to pre-war Germany, one might think of “Antifa” as a relatively new product line from a larger industry that has existed for decades. That industry is the giant ecosystem of left-wing direct-action and organizing, with its own history, pedagogy, institutions, as well as tens of thousands of career professionals operating in the open, and funded every bit as well as the staid network of establishment conservative think tanks and magazines that tend to cluster along the Acela corridor. 

Writing at the American Mind last month, Michael Anton, author of The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return, brought attention to a war game report issued by the Transition Integrity Project, an ad hoc group associated with the George Soros-funded Democracy Integrity Project. Anton’s widely read essay, “The Coming Coup?” was heavily discussed on social media and by conservative talk show hosts including Dan Bongino, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck.

What conservatives found so alarming was that the Transition Integrity Project urged Trump’s opponents to wage a “street fight, not a legal one” in the near-certain event of a contested election. In other words, forces arrayed against the president’s reelection should abandon the American political system—and pin their hopes of election victory not on the Constitution-mandated quest for the most electoral votes, but upon the street mobilization and direct-action capabilities of Antifa and the Left’s other professionally-staffed organizing groups.

As a heavily contested Election Day approaches, it is crucial for both conservative activists and officials in law enforcement to understand that left-wing organizing for direct-action and “nonviolent” civil disobedience is being planned by career organizing professionals working within well-funded, interlocking organizations.

“Uprisings, Resistance, and Mass Direct Action”

Americans watching videos of Black Bloc activists tearing apart Portland, Seattle, or other cities are seeing the results of thousands of training sessions, budgets in the tens of millions, and a carefully mapped radicalization process as extensive as those used by Islamists or any other ideological on-ramp toward extremism. 

For tactical reasons, much of the expected actions will take place in heavily Democratic cities—as well as in the nation’s capital. Breitbart’s Joel Pollack recently identified a document called “Stopping the Coup: The 2020 Guide,” distributed by one such group, Shutdown DC. As he notes, it is described as an organizing how-to guide by The Disruption Project, seeking to use, in its words, “uprisings, resistance and mass direct action” in order to prevent President Trump from “stealing” the election. 

Shut Down DC was founded in 2019 as a coalition of DC-based direct-action groups, initially launched around the climate change agenda, and focused primarily on agitating for the Green New Deal. The group was sponsored by All Out DC, a local Antifa group with a professed objective of, according to its Twitter profile, “Burn Down the American Plantation.”

The group’s ambitions are greater than the November election, of course; its members are not simply Democratic partisans. The Disruption Project urges its supporters to “stand up and take action against the unjust systems of racial capitalism, the heteropatriarchy, white supremacy and settler colonialism.” Its more immediate goals include an effort to 

dismantle the systems that uphold structural racism and win reparations for Black folks, win some sort of repatriation of land to indigenous people, create an open US border and an end to imperialism, and a just transition out of a destructive economy.

While Anton and others have been attacked by the New York Times for warning of a “coup” when reporting on scenarios laid out by groups like the Transition Integrity Project, these left-wing groups use the word far more liberally. Possibly due to polling, many if not most of these organizers have foreclosed the idea of a legitimate Trump victory. And, thanks to a highly partisan and disciplined media, they have also foreclosed the possibility of voter fraud. Any legitimate objections or potential lawsuits challenging election law violations or seeking to identify alleged voter fraud will be seen as totalitarian election meddling. 

In this understanding, any Trump victory will be treated as a “coup.” This is a new and radical thread that runs through similar documents and statements from anti-Trump partisans in left-wing organizing and media alike, from more mainstream groups like the Transition Integrity Project to Antifa. A candidate being declared the projected victor—what was once a completely normal tradition of America’s election night drama—has been transmogrified, through intense hatred of the president and indulgence in projection, into an authoritarian scheme justifying extraordinary measures.

It’s unsurprising, then, that groups like Shut Down DC plan demonstrations beginning on Election Day. It proposes an initial occupation of Black Lives Matter Square in Washington on the evening of the election, November 3. Shut Down DC plans multiple disruption operations from November 4-7, aimed at preventing the Trump campaign from declaring an election day victory. From November 8-11, the focus shifts to Capitol Hill, as Congress is expected to return for the lame-duck session.

Timeline to a Meltdown

The days and weeks leading up to the election are crucial, too. In an October 8 update on planning operations, Shut Down DC offered a timeline urging affinity groups to begin scouting targets, and making preparations—beginning this week. Local, state, and federal law enforcement tasked with responding to upcoming unrest should be particularly aware of individuals conducting surveillance and reconnaissance of likely targets within the next 7-14 days. The project has been soliciting and recruiting affinity groups seeking to participate. The online registration form coyly warns participants not to include any “incriminating” information about their plans. 

As recently as last year, Shut Down DC’s directors were Liz Butler and Patrick Young, both veteran professional organizers with decades of experience between them. As environmental activist group Friends of the Earth’s Vice President of Organizing and Strategic Alliances, Butler played a role in Inauguration Day protests against President George W. Bush in 2001. She also assisted in organizing IMF protests a year later, leading to over 600 arrests, as protesters targeted multiple locations throughout the city, and threw rocks and smoke bombs at police. Washington, D.C. was subsequently sued for its aggressive (though largely effective) crowd dispersal tactics in a long-running case that was finally settled in 2016. 

Shut Down DC’s other director, Patrick Young, markets himself as a professional direct-action organizer for hire, offering “training, action support, strategic research, and digital campaign support.” After a stint at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), America’s second-largest labor union, Young is currently employed by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. On his LinkedIn page, he touts his volunteer experience with the Continental Collective of Rising Tide North America, an environmental direct-action group. 

On his website, Young writes about “Where and How” election chaos will play out. He ends the piece by warning, 

those of us who are committed to seeing Donald Trump removed from office should start organizing now to fight back against the Trump administration’s systematic efforts at voter suppression, hit the streets in key states where election outcomes are likely to be contested, and be ready to take bold direct action to bring Washington, DC to a standstill if Trump refuses to concede. 

The language is identical to that which appears in Shut Down DC’s “Timeline to a Meltdown,” highlighting the perceived need to “take to the streets” in response to an apparent Trump victory on election night. It is not clear whether Young or his group envision any scenario in which President Trump is reelected fairly—or whether such a victory would influence his commitment to seeing him removed from office. 

Meanwhile, the group boasts of an October 20 training session by veteran anarchist organizer Lisa Fithian. She previously played a role with Disrupt J20, the effort to interrupt the Trump Inauguration Day ceremony, and became infamous for her roles in the 2008 Republican National Convention, Occupy Wall Street and the Black Lives Matter protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

The Shut Down DC document cites another document on the effort to influence the post-election situation, entitled, “Hold The Line: A Guide to Defending Democracy,” authored by Hardy Merriman, Ankur Asthana, Marium Navid, and Kifah Shah. The group built around the guide, Hold the Line, is advertising a series of two-day training seminars conducted on Zoom, over the course of the next two weeks.

“Hold the Line” mirrors Shut Down DC in its timeline and scenarios in some ways but differs in style and some substance. While Shut Down DC is clearly aimed at bringing hardcore anarchist and Antifa affinity groups into the streets, “Hold the Line” appears to be aimed at a slightly less radical audience; unlike the Disruption Project document, it urges its readers to avoid property damage. Unlike most other Antifa and Resistance tracts, the document at least pays lip service to the integrity of the voter’s choice in the election, conceding the possibility that Trump could win legitimately, and that victory should be accepted. 

Yet the authors of “Hold the Line”—identifying themselves as, “researchers, organizers, and activists who’ve seen how people-powered movements have protected freedom and democracy around the world”—propose several future scenarios calling for “civil resistance,” including in the event that Trump attempts to declare victory on election night. The document quotes from the Transition Integrity Project as part of its justification for “civil resistance.” 

Like Shut Down DC and countless other left-wing organizing groups, the authors of “Hold the Line” are veteran professionals in what they do. The document’s chapter on “civil resistance” was authored by Hardy Merriman, the president and CEO of the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC).

Professional Revolutionaries

One might say that helping to train activists to overthrow governments is quite literally Merriman’s profession. Founded by Peter Ackerman, an investment banker who Business Insider called “notoriously secretive,” ICNC is an international nonprofit that specializes in training activists to overthrow governments—including playing a key role in training activists responsible for ousting U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak in the 2011 Arab Spring revolution in Egypt. Merriman transferred to ICNC from the Albert Einstein Institute, another activist training operation founded by Ackerman and the “Machiavelli of non-violence” Gene Sharp known for his role in theories promoting “Color Revolutions.” 

Meanwhile, authors Marium Navid and Ankur Asthana are both employees of M+R Strategic Services, one of a constellation of progressive public relations firms focusing on supporting progressive non-profit organizations. M+R appears to be providing some level of media support for the “Hold the Line” project, given that it held a roundtable promoting the guide. Like Shutdown DC’s Patrick Young, Navid worked at SEIU prior to working with M+R, as a digital organizer. She got her start in the organizing field as the Communication Coordinator for the Los Angeles chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations. Finally, Kifah Shah is currently the senior campaign manager for Mpower Change. Its executive director is notorious Islamist activist and former Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour, known for anti-Semitism and calling for a “jihad” against President Trump. 

The two groups are curious in their similarities and differences. While the Shutdown DC group appears to be made up of environmental anarchists—and sponsored by a self-described Antifa group—its organizers are seasoned and professionally-trained, and at least one is a union organizer. “Hold the Line” is more academic in appearance; it draws its organizers from the non-profit advocacy and digital tech worlds. Because of its focus on nonviolent street action and mobilization, this document appears to be targeting liberals closer to the mainstream. 

These two approaches—tailored to two specific types of audiences along the radicalization path—work together in what left-wing organizers have long called, “diversity of tactics.” Without using the term, the authors of “Stopping the Coup: The 2020 Guide” addressed this point.

It’s important to locate strategic thinking, and offer strategic tools at the grassroots level. If our different organizations, crews, and affinity groups have a shared understanding of the strategy involved we can accommodate different tactics, different groups taking lead on actions at different times, and trust that individual participants and organizers can move with confidence that they are furthering movement goals. This doesn’t mean that every group you try to organize with immediately will be the right fit for the fight. It’s ok to set an agenda and invite participation and allow groups to choose. (Emphasis added.)

An Elaborate Show

Participants in nonviolent efforts must not be made to directly condemn the violent direct-actions of others in the coalition. Rather than a moral or ethical objection to violence, this is a strategy that allows both violent and non-violent approaches to exist on a continuum. While politicians, law enforcement, and even some conservative commentators may criticize Antifa and other violent direct-action anarchists, all are publicly insisting that Antifa are merely unwanted agitators in the midst of legitimate protests. 

But this is wrong. In any given protest, the “agitators” and the “legitimate protestors” are, instead, two products of the same industry which exist in a symbiotic relationship, and may even share overt memorandums regarding agreement on tactics. While Antifa relies upon the mass protest in order to hide among the crowd, the public destruction committed by Antifa draws attention and adds urgency to the political demands of the larger movement. 

At their roots, both expressions of what could be called the Antifa industry are staffed with professionals preparing to engage in profoundly illegitimate revolutionary street politics. Their radicalization long precedes the politics of 2020; at the leadership level, maybe all have considered the American system “fascist” for decades before the candidacy of Donald Trump. They are veterans of countless far-left radical causes, protest events, and political warfare communications efforts. And they’re good at what they do.

Come November 3, we are likely to see the full force of this industry at work. The media will show the streets appear to creak with both Antifa agitators and protestors, possibly with claimed numbers in the millions. It will be said they are normal, patriotic Americans outraged about the election, furious at Donald Trump. Conservatives must be prepared to recognize what they are seeing as a form of theater—the product of decades of infrastructure, tens of millions of dollars in funding, and the work of tens of thousands of direct-action tacticians, public relations flaks, and professional organizers. 

An elaborate stage show is being choreographed right now to play out on America’s streets designed to convince both regular citizens and opinion-makers that a scary authoritarian regime has just seized power and extraordinary measures are justified in removing it. We cannot fall for it. 


About David Reaboi and Kyle Shideler

David Reaboi is a strategic communications consultant and national security and political warfare expert. He has written extensively on the Middle East, the Arabian Gulf, and Sunni Islamist movements. Follow him on Twitter @davereaboi Kyle Shideler is the director and senior analyst for homeland security and counterterrorism at the Center for Security Policy. Follow him on Twitter @ShidelerK

Photo: Kainoa Little/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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50 responses to “The Antifa Industry at Work”

  1. Fucking Marxist scum leeching off us whilst plotting our overthrow. There’s a cure for this. Called a well armed militia.

  2. When Trump wins re-election the gloves will come off. An American Tiananmen Square moment is in the offing. When the tanks roll in or half a dozen antifa/blm heads explode in the same second, the leftist crowds will go running back to their basements.

  3. The community has been organized. The “peaceful protesters” are nothing but camouflage for the burn, loot and murder rioters. Thanks Obama.

  4. Leftists want to dismantle America.
    They want to displace USA’s founding people.
    They want to burn down Western Civilization.
    They are Maoist Cultural Revolutionaries.
    They want to ConquerDC & LootUSA.

  5. We seem to know a great deal about these organized-crime rings to be doing so little right now to stop them.

    Sedition is a Federal crime. It consists of conspiracy to overthrow the government, and evidence of that conspiracy therefore crime is in plain digital sight. So, if a web site or a Google doc appears which advocates this, arrest the persons who created it and all those who contributed to it – and do not release them. Likewise move decisively against the Antifa rioters: arrest them on Federal charges and do not release them. Arrest any governor, mayor, councilman or DA whose actions are enabling violence to continue and grow, and do not release them. The criminals are deliberate and organized in their activities. The US Department of Homeland Security must be just as deliberate and organized as they.

    • It seems to me that the activity so far has been an attempt to goad Trump into a hard response that could then be used to argue that he’s a tyrant. He’s wisely not taking the bait, which means he’s on to these people. Presumably, the administration is also onto what’s being laid out here and has a plan to respond that is wisely not being publicized.

      • I believe an aggressive response to ANTIFA/Radical Left violence and civil disruption will only be forthcoming if Trump wins the election. “Sending in the troops” prior to the election would likely have been political suicide for the President. While millions of us would support it and cheer that these little snowflake Bolsheviks would finally be deservedly reaping what they had so richly sown, a larger number of “Americans” would be horrified by the carnage in the streets and express their revulsion at the ballot box. Should Trump be re-elected (from my keyboard to G-d’s Celestial Monitor), expected that this Leftist nonsense will rapidly come to a screeching halt as he and the Federal Government (and all of it’s law enforcement and military assets) will no longer tolerate what can only be described as a rebellion and insurrection fomented by seditious traitors. If Bobo-Biden and Harris are elected, expect more of the same as the country descends further into anarchy, chaos, economic collapse/depression, and, ultimately, likely frank civil war.

    • Well said, I agree that these people need to be arrested on charges of sedition. They have to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. President Trump hopefully will take decisive measures against the liberal politicians who allow these thugs to occupy their cities and terrorize their citizens. Prison is to good for them. President Trump is correct in that most of these activists are nothing more than privileged white kids with to much time on their hands. They are weak minded and easily molded. I do believe that in President Trumps second term he will put a real damper on the activities of these animals. We can all thank obama for what is happening in our liberal cities I for one am well armed and I suggest patriots everywhere arm up as well. This will get uglier before it gets better. Be prepared to defend yourselves and our beautiful republic. People need to realize that you only vote socialism in one time. As soon as they gain power they will strip away our rights and this amazing country will go the way of Venezuela and other previously wealthy and successful nations. Socialism is a cancer, liberalism is a disease, find a cure.
      Trump 2020 ????????????????????????

    • You are correct, but you may have forgotten that the Department of Justice, FBI, and all other Executive Branch three-letter Federal agencies are filled to the brim with Obama and Clinton appointees and Affirmative Action hires who hate Trump, hate the Republican Party, hate Whitey, hate the Constitution, and hate America. We call them the Deep State. They have been engaged in an open and overt attempt to overthrow the results of the 2016 elections by any means necessary since before President Trump was sworn in. Even before the elections they were shilling for Hillary, smirking to the cameras that “no reasonable prosecutor” would take any case against the Clinton Crime Family. They protect their own. Probably a third of the membership of these seditious open conspiracies are government employees, and not just teachers and mailmen–elected officials and members of Federal law enforcement agencies too.

      Anyway, we all know the FBI is much too busy scratching their heads at Bubba Wallace’s garage door pull–that took an eighteen-man team to look at, if you will recall–to investigate the terrorists burning down our cities and setting forest fires out west.

      The Deep State protects its own. If you say that this is the sort of thing you expect to see in a Third World banana republic, you’re not wrong. We call it “Clown World.” Honk honk, fren.

  6. Since this is clearly a known operation, the question is: what are our elected officials planning to do about it? Perhaps I’m naive, but I thought sedition, arson, vandalism, destruction of property, assault and murder were illegal. Why are those planning for these things still walking free, after months of Latin-America-style unrest and while they’re planning for more?

    We are literally powerless against all this. Nobody is looking out for us. And for those who grunt about stocking up with guns and showing these b***ards what the 2nd Amendment is all about, one act of self-defense, however justified in this context, would suddenly bring the whole legal system down on them and ruin their lives forever. Like it’s happening to anyone who dared confront Antifa or BLM, even without pulling the trigger.

    We are no longer in a civil society when unrest of this scale is treated like an inevitable natural disaster with nobody held responsible for its planning. I have absolutely no faith in this getting rectified, even with Trump at the helm. Too many crimes have gone unpunished.

    • We woke up sometime this year and discovered that all our institutions served at the behest of the Red Chinese. Our entire society, in fact, marches to the tune of the Wuhan virus. And with the discovery of Hunter’s laptop, we now understand that Joe Biden the Democrat candidate for President, is owned and operated by Red China.

      That’s why the riots continue and people like Kyle Rittenhouse who defended himself from certain death is in jail on murder charges. And the McCloskey’s of Saint Louis who defended themselves from a threatening mob, are now charged with felonies.

      America is gone no matter how the election turns out. If President Trump wins, those of us who still remember America will have some time to consider our options.

    • I think @uradoc above is correct: Trump needs to bide his time until the election is over.

  7. Absolutely correct, with no exaggeration. As the most famous of these rabid anarchists, Obama is a long time trained, skilled, and well funded activist. When he was gifted the presidency without any vetting of who he was and his radical, islamo-communist background kept largely well hidden, it should have been a clue. But he was shielded by PC and media because he claimed his black half of his DNA to his advantage. He told the masses, even as a candidate what he planned – his transformation of America. He had many leftist organizations surrounding and protecting him. He and these leftist organizations used hollywood tv and movie techniques to create scripts of their goals. They acted and sold these goals out to the masses, and then acted as if they achieved those goals, even if they didn’t. That’s why Leftists refused to accept Trump as POTUS to this day and will not when he wins again next month. They stay with the outcome they demand and dare anyone to defy them. The extreme hatred they have created and nourished against Trump, America and Americans know no bounds.

  8. These kindergarten revolutionaries are not going to do very well against the Third Infantry Regiment.
    This is going to be so much fun to watch.

  9. Absolutely correct, with no exaggeration. As the most famous of these rabid anarchists, Obama is a long time trained, skilled, and well funded activist. When he was gifted the presidency without any vetting of who he was and his radical, islamo-communist background kept largely well hidden, it should have been a clue. But he was shielded by PC and media because he claimed his black half of his DNA to his advantage. He told the masses, even as a candidate what he planned – his transformation of America. He had many leftist organizations surrounding and protecting him. He and these leftist organizations used hollywood tv and movie techniques to create scripts of their goals. They acted and sold these goals out to the masses, and then acted as if they achieved those goals, even if they didn’t. That’s why Leftists refused to accept Trump as POTUS to this day and will not when he wins again next month. They stay with the outcome they demand and dare anyone to defy them. The extreme hatred they have created and nourished against Trump, America and Americans knows no bounds.

    • Agree . . . I later commented the same thing . . . “under review”

    • I would rather see the heavy hand of well-armed police star cracking heads and save the legal issues and stiff sentences for the leadership. The footsoldiers are more likely the smores eaters in mommy’s basement, who are bored and unemployed, and deserve a good spanking but not ten years in the hoosegow. we don’t need to punish most of them severely, just send a message that this activity will no longer be tolerated. On the other hand, any public official involved should be indicted for federal insurrection, which includes selected attorneys-generals of the states, a few mayors and governors. Make an example of them.

      • I disagree, slapping them on the wrist isn’t going to correct this problem. I’ve heard it said that you’ll need to publicly dirt nap a few of these people. By doing so will send a very loud, and clear message, that no matter how young, or how stupid you are, you’ll pay a heavy price for your actions.

      • I disagree. What has become increasingly clear (as was true on BOTH sides in the street violence in Weimar Germany) is that the Antifa “footsoldiers” aren’t relative innocents; but tend to have long criminal records unassociated with “political activity”. All three of the Kenosha attackers were repeat offenders; two of whom shouldn’t have even been walking the streets. It’s hardly a surprise that the unchecked street violence and opportunistic looting would attract the participation of the violent criminal class. Their own personal histories prove it’s “what they do”.. The “protests” merely provide cover/”safety in numbers”. Almost without exception their previous encounters with the judicial system has been at the local or state level where sentences are rarely completed and 3-5 usually means 12-18 months of light confinement if that. Federal sentencing and incarceration is a different animal altogether and their leadership damn well know it. Just witness the wailing and gnashing of teeth at the almost certain fate of the two attorneys in NY (?) who firebombed the police car. I guarantee that the minute the BLM and Antifa tactical street leadership in Portland and Seattle became aware Federal LEOs were actively making arrests.. They immediately found somewhere/anywhere else to be. If these organizations are insane enough to “pull a Portland” in the FEDERAL DC post-election.. They’ll get an object lesson in “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” .. They’ll pay for the rest of their lives.

  10. Barack Obama is MOSTLY Caucasian. Antifa is MOSTLY Caucasian. Being bamboozled by the mischaracterizations of racial content has BLINDED weak minded people. Antifa is going to cause trouble NO MATTER WHO WINS. People with POWER “use” that power and are loathe to give it up. They won’t stop as long as ‘you’ live. That’s the facts of the matter…

  11. It seems like leftism gets stronger the further a person can remove themselves from actually working for a living. They want someone else to fund their lives because doing it themselves would interfere with pontification time. Or maybe reduce their credibility.

    I can appreciate the desire not to work. I did a couple of multi-year stints backpacking around the world and North America. It was a lot of fun and I met some interesting people. To do that, I worked in a professional job and lived poor to save up the money. I can’t tell you how many backpackers would go all the way to Xian, but not pay the fee to see the Terra Cotta Warriors because it was too expensive.

    It is not surprising that all this organization is done on the left. They have literally nothing better to do, and organizing, or at least talking about it doesn’t cost anything. Even better if you can get “paid” (by who exactly – but they are too young and dumb to see this). The funny thing now is they are actively mobilizing to fight Trump on behalf of the Establishment (TM).

  12. An “idea” is like a puff of smoke, if you try to grab a hold of it it will disappear. Alternatively, burning buildings and looting stores is not an “idea” in the real world. It is only an “idea” for those taking the perspective that nothing is real, instead everything is an illusion or a dream; thus the burning building is only part of our imagination.

  13. Let them riot. Burning cities are good TV.
    What has been left out of this equation is the Great Wall of Suburbia.
    A successful revolution requires the capture of the means of production. The only things cities produce now are more suburbanites.

  14. Behind it all, the filthy tribe swill who yearn for the good old days of their Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin – who they helped murder FIFTY MILLION across Russia and Eastern Europe. But those do not count since they were mostly only Goyim!!!

  15. In case you havent figured it out yet:
    – big tech has decided that China is the future, and they want access to that market so they are doing Chinese Communist Partrys bidding

    – CCP knows that socialism and leftism will quickly lead to the permanent demise of the US and permanent global domination by CCP

    – China and big tech were on a glide path and were patiently waiting for the decline of the US to be irreversible, and that would have happened under a president hillary clinton.

    – But Donald Trump started to reverse the decline, and cemented a 2nd term with an unbeatable economy that improved the lives of the average american better than any previous president.

    – And China and big tech lost their patience.

    – So China unleashed Covid 19 to undermine the Trump economy, and big tech unleashed 1984 style fanatical mental enslavement, censorship, thoughtcrime, 2 minutes of hate, newspeak, and reeducation camps to trick useful idiots into voting for socialism in the guise of democracy.

    If socialists take over the US, get ready for total slavery.

  16. Invoke the Insurrection Act and deal with the Leftist cancer permanently. We are at this point precisely because no in power has had the stones to stand up to these anti-American turds for decades


  18. Trump needs to send federal forces everywhere on November 4. Please. We pay federal taxes so have the right of protection from the feds. Especially unfortunate of us in states where governors issue stand down orders for police during burning and looting like in June.

  19. Thanks for the excellent truthful article. Just one correction, it is the Midwest Academy, Chicago instead of the Northwest Academy mentioned in the third paragraph, unless there is more than one of them.

  20. The day after the election and Trump declares victory, he might as well send in the full 82nd Airborne and as many VA/MD/PA National Guard light and mechanized infantry units that will fit into the streets of DC.

    Stuff every street corner with armed troops, backed up with Bradley APCs and Stryker units. And there are tens of thousands of us in the mid-Atlantic states who would proud to serve in ad hoc state militia units called to duty in Washington by President Trump.

    Arrest everything that moves and charge them all with criminal behavior, starting with sedition. Bus the detainees to Ft. A.P. Hill in Virginia–there are thousands of acres there fit to hold this kind of scum for years. Try them, and deliver the fate insurrections justify. (See the end of the 1871 Paris Commune for a picture-perfect model of how to permanently crush attempted Communist coups.)

  21. Poshboy has it right. States should be given 24 hours to finish counting and the election should be declared. At that point all options should be available to clear out the streets of major cities.

  22. To think that President Trump gets re-elected and these evil people think all their false claims are going unpunished is the real joke. Many of us will be out hunting ANTIFA the day after the election looking for ANTIFA radicals on the street. Their life expectancy is measured in hours not years. We will drive into their rallies and kill all 100 – 200 in attendance. The kill ratio will wake them up to not all voters back them. They will get exactly what they deserve. WAKE UP EVERYONE!!!

  23. Howzabout we just hold one YUUUGE Trump rally on Election Day and take over Black Communist Plaza ourselves? Force the DC police to take sides. Trump doesn’t have to be there, but we don’t care. We can just party and take out their own home ground.

  24. I believe when President Trump is re-elected and announced that he will be President for another 4 years, utter chaos will break out. However, in order to save the Republic, The Insurrection Act will be signed into Law and Federal Troops will be dispatched Nationwide. All these instigators, Insurgents, Antifa and BLM domestic terrorists will be declared “Enemy Combatants” there by eliminating any responsibilities for their deaths. This will number in the Thousands, however the Insurrection will be crushed harshly. Those that were party to the rebellion whether Government Officials, Social Media Giants, Publishers and everyone in that category should be arrested and tried by Military Tribunals. Those found guilty should be punished with long, long prison sentences. The Criminals in charge of the Insurrection should and will face the Death Penalty. Either by Hanging or Firing squad of 12 members. The Republic MUST be saved for future generations of citizens. And all those responsible of partaking in the Insurrection shall meet their Fate one way or another.

  25. Pres. Trump needs to engage Eric Prince and his military group for protectionj!

  26. Personally, I’d put snipers on the roof’s and simply shoot anyone who seems to be giving orders. .50BMG does wonders to eliminate threats. If, as I suspect, the insurrection goes hot, it will definitely be times to start shooting people. On the 1st night, rubber bullets, IF there’s a second night? FMJ’s all the way. Napoleon B.’s rise to power started by suppressing a Paris riot by “giving them a whiff of the grape”…90% of these Antifa clowns are LARPing and have no idea of that which they seek to release. They seek to loose the dogs of war, ok, let’s do it, it’ll be on their head.

  27. Why doesn’t someone break the fingers of these website developers who can’t leave Good alone? This uses up most of my screen displaying the Posts/News/…/Winston84 box, making it sufficiently difficult to read this website that I don’t bother. I only get five lines across, at the bottom. If you want your website read, make it readable, instead of letting them use every fancy bell and whistle they have ever heard about.
    Might have been an interesting article. The quote that lead me here was – but it was readable; this is not.

  28. The election results will drag on but no matter, nobody else votes after November 3 and Trump is Commander in Chief until January 20 which means he can retaliate bigly against the anarchists and seditionists without hesitation. The plotters and their minions will yell and scream, “Authoritarian!”, but the people will support Trump and in time he will have the votes needed to resume office for another term.

  29. Come on, man!! Antifa ain’t a thing. This is just a couple of guys tossing around ideas!! [he said sarcastically]

  30. Shoot the fat cows, with the blue hair first. I’m sure the rest will just stand there, filming, and crying “oh my Gawd” Then after a couple head explodings, the might get the idea

  31. Behind it all, the filthy tribe swill who are funding and planning this terrorism as they yearn for the “good old days” of their Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin – who they helped murder FIFTY MILLION across Russia and Eastern Europe. But those do not count since they were mostly only Goyim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I live across the river. Pentagon City. On the one Monday when the St. Johns was compromised & we did have to bring in support resources (read: Feds) me and friend, a former Ranger (now a PM for a GovCon) watched the Blackhawks fly over us and into DC. Probably flew in from Ft. Belvoir.

    My local CBP friends who are on assignment are on alert and could be deployed as I was told. No one will come over here…even the Pentagon Force Protection has their own swat team and all of us active or retired former .mil and are armed.

    If you’ve seen Michael Walker’s posts…I agree.

    The perimeter around the White House need be expanded aggressively.

    I’ve seen enough of my secret service friends take on projectiles (concrete filled tennis balls ect\molds) and get hurt….shut the bridges down, block access everywhere and severely marginalize access to BLM plaza….a disaster that has destroyed local business in\around the block.

    Nobody sane wants to put up with this bullshit anymore. I hope the Feds bypass the incompetent mayor via every legal means next week.

  33. “While this report is suggestive rather than conclusive, these data hint that insurgent behavior, stochastic terror and even attacks on vital infrastructure may be fomenting, and even indicate the possibility of a mass-casualty event. The need for regular, reliable and responsible reporting with methods such as those used in this briefing with similar computational techniques is now imperative.”