Welcome to the World of the Nauseous Canary

The Nauseous Canary will offer visual commentary on our socio-political world and the inherent lunacy that passes for leadership these days, especially from the left side of the political spectrum. 

As with all art, the Nauseous Canary is subjective, taking a point of view and expressing it, which is the hallmark of free speech. While my hope is that you enjoy the work, the main goal of the Nauseous Canary is to demonstrate that creativity and freedom of expression also exist, indeed now primarily exist, on the right side of the aisle.

The Canary’s approach is unique from what is normally presented on most websites. The online world rages hourly with ever-changing news cycles, instant video, and quickly digested memes. Most readers or viewers only get to through the headline of an article. The Nauseous Canary endeavors to slow the viewer down, if just for a moment, to appreciate detailed visual commentary. 

The illustrations will be done with care, inviting the viewer to take his time to make connections, consider an opinion, and maybe crack a smile. The format harkens back to illuminated manuscripts from centuries past, where image and text worked together to inform the faithful. Or, we can look to the more recent past of vinyl album covers, where the artwork invited exploration as the music was being enjoyed.

As to the name “Nauseous Canary,” coal miners would use canaries to detect the presence of toxic gases in a mine. If the bird died, the miners would know to flee immediately. In my opinion, the Western World isn’t dead yet but our canary is definitely queasy.

The Nauseous Canary is my effort, in its own silly way, to help turn the tide. I welcome your comments.

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