San Diego School Districts Abolish Grades to Combat Racism

In an effort to combat racial discrimination the San Diego Unified School District last week announced plans to abolish the traditional grading system, Fox News reports.

According to the data, black students received D or F grades 20 percent of the time and hispanic students received them 23 percent of the time, while white students received them 7 percent of the time and asian students received them 6 percent of the time from the first semester of the last school year, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Under the district’s new system, students will not be penalized for failing to complete assignments and factors like classroom behavior will not be counted toward their overall academic grade. A student’s citizenship grade will replace their academic grade.

SDUSD Vice President Richard Barrera said the overhaul represents the district’s “honest reckoning.”

“If we’re actually going to be an anti-racist school district, we have to confront practices like this that have gone on for years and years,” Barrera said. “I think this reflects a reality that students have described to us and it’s a change that’s a long time coming.”

The new system, which affects mostly middle school and high school students, will be implemented over this year and next.

According to NBC San Diego, student School Board Member Zachary Patterson, who is also a junior at University City High School said feedback from his peers is positive.

“I know students all across the school district are really happy with the idea that these other accountability measures are no longer going to be defining their understanding of knowledge,” said Patterson.

In the future students may not be penalized for cheating, as the board will be reviewing “potential student disparities” stemming from its existing zero-tolerance disciplinary policy on cheating in the coming weeks.


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13 responses to “San Diego School Districts Abolish Grades to Combat Racism”

  1. Did the student show up in at least one class for at least 70% of all school days?
    Great! It passes!
    If not, it still passes!

  2. What an excellent way to destroy the educational system.

  3. Racism my azz. Lazy, incompetent commie teachers and their unions are behind this. Now, aside from only working 5.5 months per year, they don’t have to teach because they won’t have to grade.

    ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY. So, why pay a teacher full salary for doing virtually nothing? Stop paying the school tax. Deprive those kok suckers of money.

    California. What a shhitthole.

  4. Are these peple taking crazy pills???? This is the same tripe about black incarceration in prison, they commit a higher percentage of crimes, so they will have higher arrest rates, DUH! That is direct result of black students not paying attention, not studying, skipping school to live the gangsta lifestyle, so yes, their grades are what they deserve. Stupidity is not racist…

  5. I taught in SDUSD for almost 25 years. It was always leftist Democratic when I was teaching. I got so bad that in December of one school I literally walked into the principal’s office and handed in my resignation. I gave him two weeks notice before the start of the Christmas vacation.
    Public schools need to be abolished. Public colleges need to be abolished, too.

  6. Absolutely nuts! Cheating is ok, failing is ok, bad behavior is ok? Might as well go back to segregated schools. Whoever, in education, supports these ideas should lose their teaching credentials. As a former educator I find this an appalling, ridiculous, brazen racist attack on American education…education which has been the backbone of American success. Stupidity will rule the day as all students will suffer diminished learning. Consequently all of their lives will be damaged regardless of race.

  7. Now students trying to learn in classrooms will be terrorized by other’s who are free to act up as they please. When these students graduate you will not be able to tell who can read or write because they all have the same diploma. I guess test scores for college will also be abandoned. The colleges will admit people based on their gender and color to keep things fair. The dumber they are the more chance they will vote democrat.

  8. All education, any education is worth only the effort but into it. An employer worth working for will know.

  9. So if any of these proponents of this idea ever need (for example) surgery, then perhaps they should get a surgeon who passed medical school because that school too had no grades and passed everyone.

    But no, when it comes to their own medical care, they demand the best. But when it comes to good citizenship, they demand the worst.

  10. This is like abolishing keeping score in the NFL because it discriminates against poorly-coached teams.

    • Would Lebron James agree that all teams and players get the Championship Trophy annually so to remove the stigma of failure? Of course not. This rule only applies to others.

  11. Policies such as this will create a workforce that can’t really do anything to compete with other countries, leading to more-accelerating offshoring of companies looking for a more-skilled pool of labor. Terrific idea, if the goal is to ruin opportunity for the young, and ruin the country for all. The unintended consequence would likely be a decline in immigration, as opportunity declines in the U.S., and it no longer becomes a destination for those energetic enough to seek a better life.