Morning Greatness: Debate Commission Plans to Mute Trump During Debate

Good Tuesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president participates in a Sinclair Town Hall event
  • President Trump delivers remarks at a Make America Great Again Rally, Erie PA


Two minutes of hate

The media and big tech are covering for Hunter Biden.  Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) hit the road, pimping his tired old RUSSIA disinformation narrative to cover for the corrupt Biden family’s foreign funding escapades. John Ratcliffe, the Director of National Intelligence had enough of the clap trap and called Schiff on his lies.

Let me be clear: The intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that. We have shared no intelligence with chairman Adam Schiff or any other member of Congress that Hunter Biden’s laptop is part of some Russian disinformation campaign.

In what can only be a joke, the derp state intelligence brigade came out with a letter, claiming the emails, photos, videos on Hunter’s laptop are RUSSIAN disinformation. “More than 50 former intelligence officials signed a letter casting doubt on the provenance of a New York Post story on the former vice president’s son,” Politico tells us. Hilarious. These jokers do not work in the government any longer, so how would they know? They don’t have access to any current intelligence and let’s be honest, does this crowd have any credibility? They’ve been crying RUSSIAN wolf for almost five years without a shred of proof.

Not even the Biden campaign is playing the RUSSIA card. The Biden campaign has not claimed the files, emails, pictures and videos on Hunter’s laptop are fake. It would be so simple to put this to rest, just come out and tell the public all the information from the computer is fake.

In other news, there is a presidential debate this week, run by yet another Democrat party hack. The Presidential Debate Commission has a new rule, where they will mute one candidate (Trump) while the other (Biden) is yammering. The commission has also changed the subject matter of the debate away from foreign policy topics. I wonder why?

Our media betters: CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Suspended From New Yorker For Showing Penis During Zoom Call

Election news:

Biden Ad Portrays Wealthy Tech Investor as Struggling Small Business Owner

Trump narrows Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania: poll

Advocacy Group Wants To Pay Churches To Get Out The Vote

Final tally: Group says 67,000 felons registered in Florida after Amendment 4

Florida shatters opening day record for early voting

Twitter, Facebook have censored Trump 65 times compared to zero for Biden, study says

Supreme Court turns away PA GOP effort to block extended period for turning in ballots

Why the FBI is planning for possible Election Day violence


Protests/riots/Black Live Matter/crime:

Self-Identified BLM Demonstrator Hanging From Rope On Trump Tower In Chicago Threatens To Jump If He Doesn’t Talk To The President

Opposing Boston protest groups go head-to-head, with some burning flags

Woman claims Facebook took down her account after posting about her assault at pro-Trump rally in DC

Denver TV station security guard charged with murder


Coronavirus update:

Listen to leaked call of Trump bashing Fauci to his staff

Fauci quotes ‘The Godfather’ in response to latest Trump attacks

Family Restaurant Hit With Thousands In Fines For Reopening Against Governor’s Orders Found Not Guilty

Rising Covid case totals could hinder plans for New Jersey’s economic reopening

Texas woman in her 30s died from COVID-19 while on flight

Florida school quarantines student for having her period

Polish gym declares itself a church to avoid coronavirus restrictions

The rich really are different: They’re buying more jewelry during Covid


Other morsels:

Senate Republicans offer constitutional amendment to block Supreme Court packing

GOP blocks Schumer effort to adjourn Senate until after election

‘I Won’t Be Intimidated’: Lindsey Graham Ambushed By Two Women As He Arrived In DC

The Senate’s path to confirming Amy Coney Barrett

Texas social workers drop nondiscrimination rules for LGBTQ, disabilities

‘We Stand For Equality, Inclusion’: Ad Agency Tells Woman As They Discontinue Her Contract Over Pro-Trump Instagram Post

Seven charged in alleged Florida flying squirrel trafficking ring

Cancer-stricken Rush Limbaugh says he can no longer deny he’s ‘under a death sentence’

Oh I agree, just not for the same reasons. ‘Burn it down and start over’: Ex-Republican strategist sounds off on party

UK accuses Russian intelligence agency of hacking 2020 Olympics

Appeals court rules Ghislaine Maxwell’s 2016 deposition transcript will be unsealed

Right. DOJ announces charges against 6 Russian military officers allegedly involved in hacking, malware operations


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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4 responses to “Morning Greatness: Debate Commission Plans to Mute Trump During Debate”

  1. The completely worthless DOJ and FBI have spent months (years?) investigating Russian military intel people and indicting them so they can continue to promote the “Russian election interference” baloney. President Trump needs to disband both of these corrupt agencies and start over!

  2. Liz Sheld sez: “… the FBI is planning for possible Election day violence.”

    Are you sure they’re just planning for it, not to do it themselves?

  3. Trump should make up Sign cards that say “Hunter Biden’s Laptop is trending” “10 % for the Big Guy”
    “Biden’s Laptop is worse that Wiener’s” . Then just hold them up during the muted mic parts.