Biden Campaign Surrogate on Hunter Biden Emails: Nobody ‘Is Saying They Are Inauthentic’

A Biden campaign surrogate on Sunday did not deny the authenticity of the alleged Hunter Biden emails and texts that were published in the New York Post last week.

“I don’t think anybody is saying they are inauthentic,” Biden campaigner Jenna Arnold admitted on Fox News after repeatedly trying to steer the conversation to other topics.

Arnold is a national organizer for the Women’s March on Washington, and author of the book, Raising Our Hands, which calls for white women to be “more engaged as citizens.”

Earlier in the interview, ’ Fox News’ weekend anchor Leland Vittert had tried repeatedly to get the Biden surrogate to answer a simple yes or no question.

“Are you saying—is the campaign saying that these emails aren’t his?” Vitter asked.

“It’s unclear,” Arnold answered, getting a little flustered. “What’s so important right now for both the American citizen and the media—including you Leland—is to continue to ask clarifying questions about this.” The surrogate urged reporters to dig into why “the FBI is investigating.” She didn’t specify what she believes the FBI is investigating , but was probably referring to unverified reports over the weekend that the Bureau investigated, or are investigating how the emails are somehow linked to Russian disinformation.

“It’s imperative to know,” she insisted, adding that the NSA had supposedly indicated that Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani was “being played by these emails.”

Vitter stopped Arnold from going any further with her talking points.

“Jenna!” The Fox anchor interjected. “The easiest thing in the world to do—stop with all the obfuscation. The easiest thing in the world to do would be to say, ‘these aren’t Hunter Biden’s emails.'”

As Vitter pointed out, neither Hunter Biden nor the Biden campaign have disavowed the emails.

He went on to play a clip of Joe Biden reacting angrily after a CBS reporter had asked about them.

“I knew you’d ask it. I have no response. It’s another smear campaign, Biden had barked at the reporter. “Right up your alley, those are the kinds of questions you always ask.”

Leland asked Arnold why Biden had responded so uncivilly when “demonizing the media” is supposedly “a threat to our democracy” when Republicans do it.

Arnold denied that Biden had “attacked anyone,” and accused Vitter’s prior guest of launching an unfair attack against Biden when he compared the Biden clan’s collaboration with Communist China to collaboration with the nazis.

“Compare apples to apples for me on that!” she demanded.

“Okay,” Vitter replied gamely. “The Chinese Communist Party has concentration camps and it was Joe Biden over there trying to do business with the Chinese, and he brought Hunter along with him to introduce him around, and there’s video of that!”

Arnold responded by exclaiming that the United States “just lost 200,000 Americans because of a pandemic that was poorly controlled—so if you want to talk about the loss of life because of bad leadership, let’s have that conversation!”

After Arnold awkward attempt to change the subject, Vitter said, “I’m so confused.”

He added” “What’s interesting is I feel like you still haven’t answered the fundamental question—which is—can anyone say that these emails are inauthentic—and so far I haven’t heard anybody say that.”

“Yeah, I think that’s fair,” Arnold replied. “I don’t think anyone is saying they are inauthentic or not,” she said.

The Biden Campaign has reportedly called a lid until Thursday, meaning there will be no public appearances for Joe— two weeks before the election.

About Debra Heine

Debra Heine is a conservative Catholic mom of six and longtime political pundit. She has written for several conservative news websites over the years, including Breitbart and PJ Media.

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8 responses to “Biden Campaign Surrogate on Hunter Biden Emails: Nobody ‘Is Saying They Are Inauthentic’”

  1. As with Clinton 4 years ago; the FBI is going in to “accidentally” destroy the evidence. And prove Joe did no wrong!

    • Not a chance. The FBI may have gotten the laptop along with the hard drive, but copies of everything are in the hands of third parties, including Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Guilliani.

  2. These people are sick and they think we are stupid. Lying, obfuscation, etc. etc. are “just another day at the office “.

  3. Biden’s go to attitude is belligerence, but that won’t stand this time. He needs answers (which will all be phony of course, but even so he can’t just bluster as normal). He also has to be careful about lying because this could come before a court before long, and he could have perjury charges added on top of everything else if says something that forces him to stand behind those pronouncements later. Right now he’s trying to figure out if he can separate himself from the rest of the family and let them take the fall. It won’t work, but he’ll try!

    • On the contrary – Biden can lie all he wants. In fact, lying by a politician is to be expected – it is protected. None of this political-speak is given under oath and therefore not perjury by definition. But sooner or later, the lies catch up with a politician. The fascist media will not hold him to his lies but the court of public opinion may do so as the truth disemminates through other channels. True, it takes longer, but the drip, drip, drip of the email releases will likely consume the public discourse and overwhelm Biden’s attempts to ignore the reality of the story.

  4. The 200,000 have died canard is a pathetic attempt at changing the subject. The notion that 200K have died from Covid is a statistic that is debatable with true evidence supporting less than 10% have actually died. Meanwhile the evidence against je Biden is rapidly escalating and he should step down as a candidate.

  5. The Biden campaign will not say that these emails are illegitimate. If this is Russian interference than how did they get pictures of Hunter Biden and even sex videos? If the Russians did this, the Biden family is very compromised, even more proof that he should not be elected.

  6. Joe Biden’s obnoxious and overplayed commercials that claim he will help the “American Family” must apply to everyone, but his family and son Hunter. Hunter has had significant moral, ethica, and substance abuse problems for decades and yet his father further abused and enabled him to get involved with Burisma Ukraine, and Covid China.
    An indication of a father’s character is his priorities and how well he supports and protects his kids.
    Joe Biden put his 47yr political career and all it’s ugly money, vote buying, bribes, lies, and flip flopping before his son. Biden has no honor, he’s simply unelectable – his plainly senile condition, factual record, repeated Charlottesville lying and platform prove this – it’s not complicated