The Gaslight Election Won’t Work

I recently chatted with a veteran political observer who asked my opinion on a matter confounding him. Apparently, this observer had conversed with an equally politically savvy person, and the pair had shared a puzzlement over the dearth of audiences at former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign appearances. They were further befuddled by the media treating this as if it were perfectly normal. Ultimately, both deemed the 2020 presidential election the oddest not only in their lifetimes, but in all of American history. They felt something was missing, but couldn’t divine what.

I opined that the Democrats are running a “gaslight election.” What was missing from the Democratic Party was a real candidate and issues. In the past, these have been requisite for waging a campaign for the White House. Today, though, the Democrats, quite deliberately, have turned the 2020 presidential election from a contest into a referendum.

This explains the Democratic Party power brokers’ selection of Biden to serve as a “safe” face for the party, one that needs to do little more than read platitudes from his teleprompter. 

Biden is not driving and has not driven the campaign. He and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), are both along for the opaque windowed limousine ride. Biden-Harris are nothing but a Democratic generic ballot: “Who would you vote for today, President Trump or a Democrat?”

Yet, the American electorate is still accustomed to being respected enough that a party is expected to provide a real candidate and positions on issues. 

Consequently, in conjunction with their elitist left-wing pillars of support—namely the media, academia, tech, and other corporate titans—Democrats are gaslighting voters. Their goal is to conceal the Democrats’ absence of a real candidate and issues; confuse the majority of voters who believe they are better off than they were four years ago—you know, when Biden was vice president—to the point that they question their conclusions. 

The Democrats want to incite voters to hate Donald Trump’s personality; and, in a referendum election, they believe this will convince these voters to vote against their own interests. 

Of course, to keep this election a referendum, the Democrats can’t let Biden or issues affect your vote. Offering little more than free stuff, fear, and hate, the Democrats want you to vote based upon the president’s personality, not his policies—let alone his proven accomplishments. Hiding both their candidate and their issues from the voters ought to be disqualifying among self-respecting voters. 

Enter the Democrats’ fellow travelers and Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers, such as the elitist media. There is a reason the first presidential debate moderator Chris Wallace’s covering for Biden resonated with so many viewers. So too, the media’s refusal to press Biden for an answer on court packing and, worse, the AP’s Orwellian redefinition of “court packing.” 

Such media bias that abets the Left is emblematic of the gaslight election. They want you to think this is perfectly normal. The voter who inquires about the Democrats’ platform or the candidate’s “lid” is immediately deemed deplorable and “part of the problem.” 

After over four years of the Democrats’ and the media’s investing their inexhaustible hatred and incessant lying about President Trump and Republicans, their strategy remains: “The only thing on the ballot is President Trump—whether you like it or not.” And if you like President Trump, you know what the Left brands you.

Other than the general threat the gaslight election poses to the health of the body politic, there is a specific threat to the Democrats’ electoral chances. “Nonsense,” some might be tempted to say. The vast majority of the polls all show Biden with a large—and we are told, insurmountable—lead. But never, ever judge the Democrats by what they say; judge them by what they do, and protect yourself accordingly.

Why are the Democrats trying to extend the deadline for absentee and mail-in ballots to be considered valid after election day? Indeed, why is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) fiddling about with the 25th Amendment

Whatever they claim, one electoral maxim is beginning to bite the Democrats in their proverbial nether regions: voters want to vote for something

This something can be a candidate; this something can be an issue; but this something cannot be nothing. This is especially true for independents, who can’t stand either party. Hence Biden’s ads where he recites vacuous platitudes, as if he’s running to be America’s life coach. 

But voters see through this; and, unable to suspend their disbelief during the Democrats’ Gaslight Election, voters cast a pox upon both political houses by not voting—including Democrats. Ergo, the Democrats’ attempts to prolong the election; and Pelosi’s 2020 version of Peter Strzok’s “insurance policy.” As even Democrats are being turned off by their party’s gaslight election, the Left needs more time to drag them to the polls one way or another.

In a healthy sign for the republic, while TDS Democrats argue all you need is hate and a gaslight election, the rest of America expects a hell of a lot more in a presidential contest—starting with a presidential candidate who is draining the swamp; has proven accomplishments; and will keep America’s comeback on track.

And we will vote accordingly.

About Thaddeus G. McCotter

An American Greatness contributor, the Hon. Thaddeus G. McCotter (M.C., Ret.) represented Michigan’s 11th Congressional district from 2003 to 2012 and served as Chair of the Republican House Policy Committee. Not a lobbyist, he is a frequent public speaker and moderator for public policy seminars, and a Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Show" among sundry media appearances.

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18 responses to “The Gaslight Election Won’t Work”

  1. So “voters want to vote for SOMETHING” is something that is supposed to be an argument _against_ Joe Biden? Um, why?

    Unlike the Republicans, the Democrats actually have a fairly detailed party platform (a compromise hammered out by Biden and Bernie Sanders after the latter conceded the primaries) and Biden has announced a detailed list of what he would do including a so-called “public option” with the existing Affordable Clear Act, a long term green energy and so on. Now, conservatives may strongly dislike those ideas, as is their prerogative.

    As for the GOP, I leave the noted Leftist at NATIONAL REVIEW to state my case :-)
    The NRO Editors criticized the fact that their party essentially stands for nothing except supporting Donald J Trump. ‘the Democrats churned out both a 92-page formal party platform and a 110-page statement of recommendations issued by the Biden–Sanders unity task force. There is little doubt that the Democrats have a very long list of things they wish to do with power, and the will to make them happen. By contrast, in lieu of a party-wide Republican statement, the Trump–Pence campaign released “President Trump’s Second Term Agenda.” It is better understood as a series of aspirations, with little sense of how the powers of government might plausibly be used to achieve any of these goals. Thus, we are told, a reelected Trump would “Create 10 Million New Jobs in 10 Months,” “Return to Normal in 2021,” “Cut Prescription Drug Prices,” “Protect Social Security and Medicare,” “Wipe Out Global Terrorists Who Threaten to Harm Americans,” and “Partner with Other Nations to Clean Up our Planet’s Oceans.” How are voters supposed to evaluate a fuzzy and stilted pledge such as “Drain the Globalist Swamp by Taking on International Organizations That Hurt American Citizens”?’

    • After your well written leaning to the left post, my conclusion is TRUMP2020. I have pages of Trump’s accomplishments in 3 1/2 years As for Biden, I cannot find anything and cannot take the chance of him as president since he hasn’t done anything (with the exception of corruption within his family) in 47 years and do not feel he has the mental and physical ability to lead the USA.

      • Yes, we agree that Democrats have a detailed platform. Can you tell me about how Democrats have EVER complied with their platform? Examples, please. You know, like how President Obama believed that marriage was between “one man and one woman” yet all of a sudden refused to let the Federal government support the arguments on this in the Defense of Marriage Act? Or not incrrase taxes on “the middle class” while people making as low as $90,000 saw increases in their taxes and virtually ALL taxpayers saw increases in their gains taxes?

        Democrat platforms are on toilet tissue. They have shown that. Contrast that to PDJT who has largely hewed to what he said he would do on the court, in cutting regulations, and even moving the embassy.

        Joe Biden is a corrupt nothingburger, representing an oligarchy rather than being a candidate with his own mind.

    • No! Actually democrats have nothing but a phony front, using two people who will not rule in any actual form from the Oval Office. other than in a very superficial way. Instead we will be ruled by a group of radical leftists in conjunction with big Tech. Money and power and how much of both can be funneled their way, will be the underlying theme. Not for the people, but for those in power. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution will be torn up and ignored! Justice will rely not on an independent group of judges, but on what those in power say it will be. We will be RULED as subjects of a King or a dictator would be ruled.

    • “the Democrats churned out both a 92-page formal party platform and a 110-page statement of recommendations issued by the Biden–Sanders unity task force.” This is essentially their communist manifesto.

      By supporting President Donald J. Trump, we’re supporting traditional, common sense America, so we’ll continue supporting him, and it looks like he’ll win in November.

    • The National Review reflecting anything close to the new MAGA Republican Party? Please….

    • So the Biden-Harris platform is Bernie? That’s hilarious!

    • Progressives, like yourself, love the lie, and love to believe the lie. It’s part of your ideology. Biden lies consistently to deny the very Sanders Socialist Manifesto you are talking about. Sure he agreed to it, and placed it on his website, but he keeps saying publicly that he doesn’t- this is the very definition of gaslighting. Voters for Trump have a clear understanding about their platform. He says what he is for, and then delivers. Biden, on the other hand, has a 47 year record of inflating his importance and ability, and being wrong on every issue.

    • A compromise ….that’s hilarious…the platform is the Communist manifesto, its every hairbrained giveaway, America destroying scam the left has been dreaming about for 50 years. But I’m guessing by the tone of your comment you know that and approve. As for what Trump is and has offered Americans…you lie…theres no way around that. No other president has ever kept as many promises or delivered as much for Americans as Trump. Democrats have done and accomplished nothing but set us down the road of destruction and ruin.
      That plan you are oohing over is this destruction with a jet rocket attached. It’s far left of what Bernie was peddling. Joe is too far gone cognitively to know and maybe he doesn’t even care at this point.

  2. I see where our American skid mark, Donald, has threatened to move out of our country if he loses.

  3. This election is going to be a closer analogy to 1972 than any election since. While Democrats are touting the polls and how much early turnout is for Democrats, the polls are flawed. I know, some would say I’m whistling by the graveyard, but Democrats confuse virtue signalling for their side with people who are actually affected by their policies.
    Defund the police? The people most hurt by this idiotic idea are the ones who are poor and in high crime areas. What about Trump specifically? Sure, he’s rude crude and his methods of communicating are certainly not smooth or glib. But he has been the victim of an unrelenting and unthinking assault by all the supposed “betters” and people who just wanted to be left alone by politics are more likely to recognize him as one of them than anyone the Dems are putting forward.
    45% of the public believe that Trump was only elected because of the assistance of Russia, even though that has been completely debunked. Is he really presiding over a horrible economy? Well it was doing fine until the Corona virus forced everyone to shut down, but was it his fault? If you aren’t a Democrat, you have the sense to see that it was good before, and it will be good again if he is allowed to continue.
    Pollsters are missing the most important element is all of this, and it shows in Trump rallies. The one in Florida had 26% Democrats and 14% people who hadn’t voted in the last four elections. Those people will never be found by pollsters, but they are going to be more energized than the Democrats who are holding their nose and voting against Trump by voting for Biden.
    This is really an election between those who believe in the basic goodness and opportunity of this country and those who believe it is horribly racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.. We will always prevail over those who hate this country because we know how good it can be. Democrats are going to be sorely disappointed after November 3rd, and there won’t be enough stolen votes to change the outcome.

  4. I am voting for Trump, I knew I was 4 years ago but I’m concerned about Kamala. Her performance last year in the California primary was very formidable.

  5. China Joe is regularly denying his party’s 2020 platform, which will not fly. Why is he going to PA so often? Because he destroyed his candidacy with PA voters when he repeatedly and emphatically said he would eliminate fracking, and thus destroy an entire industry in the Keystone State. He now thinks he can put the genie back in the bottle, but he won’t succeed. By the end of next week the Hunter Biden revelations will sink China Joe once and for all.

  6. So, the “leftists” (autocrats) have taken control of the Democratic Party and they are making a real mess of things. They’re like the dog who finally caught the car. Now what do I do?

  7. A Biden administration would actually be a Soviet style committee of the current leftist power structure. The committee would consist of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, Harvey Weinstein or somebody like him representing Hollywood, Mark Zuckerburg for the tech industry or somebody like him, Cornell West for academia, or somebody like him, all sitting around a huge table passing motions by unanimous vote. Congress would be sidelined, and all future elections to be on hold until further notice. Then the show trials will commence.

  8. It seems obvious to me that the Marxist Dems gave up on the Presidential race a long time ago. The result is they are running two candidates as cannon fodder for the Red Trumpslide that both party’s internal polling is showing to be inevitable. One a doddering old dementia ridden corrupt fool and the other one of the most unlikeable politicians in Washington DC who polled 3rd in her own state and dropped out before the first primary vote was cast. The best the Marxist Dems can hope for is to maybe hold the House and try to take the Senate but SanFranNan is doing her best to become the first House Speaker to lose her gavel twice by holding additional virus stimulus hostage to a Blue State bailout and the last time the Marxist Dems tried to dunk on a Supreme Court nominee they lost enough seats to lose the Senate.

  9. Oh, my…
    “And we will vote accordingly.”
    If “we”=”you and I,” Mr McCotter, no problem. I worry about a large number of useful idiots who lurk amongst Those People(tm).