Democrats Are Done with Democracy

After a century of progressives hollowing out our constitutional republic from within through their administrative state governing philosophy, their patience has finally run out.

In spite of controlling nearly every major institution in this country, in spite of the massive and sprawling bureaucracy they’ve created to enforce their will, the ignorant masses still do not understand what’s best for them—and in 2016 dared even to elect the Big Bad Orange Man. So progressives have decided enough is enough: now the peasants must submit. They must force us to be “free.” This messy democracy and our constitutional republic are wildly inconvenient and Democrats are done pretending to abide it. 

Democrats have decided that the time for one-party rule is upon us in this country. If you were to look at one overarching theme of 2020, the most important issue at stake on November 3 is: Will our constitutional republic and our democratic process continue, and will the American people still have a voice in deciding where this country goes after Election Day? 

Because Democrats fully intend to take that right away.

Let’s look at the court-packing scheme. Since 1869, we have had nine justices sitting on the Supreme Court. That’s over 150 years of our nation’s relatively short history. We have come to an understanding that it is not proper to attempt to manipulate that number for political gain—that it would interfere with the integrity and independence of the judiciary and transform it into a super-legislature.

Franklin Roosevelt tried to do that arrangement in 1937 and he failed miserably, even at the height of his popularity, because the people did not want to see the Supreme Court so degraded. Yet Democrats fully intend for that to happen now. They want to take it from nine to 11, or nine to 15. 

But that’s not all they have in mind. Look at what they intend to do in regards to “packing” the U.S. Senate: they want to give Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico statehood.

Why? Because they believe it will give them four more votes in the Senate. With four more solid Democratic votes, the Left can do whatever it wants in the upper chamber, especially if they remove the legislative filibuster, which leftists are also intent on doing.

Essentially, this would make the Senate just another majoritarian legislative body, like the House of Representatives. There would be no possibility of slowing down the legislative process for deliberation and review. Remove the filibuster and you turn the minority party into nothing more than U.N. observers sitting there watching democracy die by suicide.  

Add to that the fact that Democrats also want to demolish the Electoral College. The Electoral College is fundamental to the agreement we made in the Constitution to provide equal representation to smaller states and larger states, ensuring fair representation for their diverging interests. Marilyn Vos Savant has compared it imagining what would happen if there was a United Countries of Earth. Would you want all the world’s decisions to be made by the most populous countries like China and India? Of course not. They would drown out the voices of any smaller countries. The Electoral College works in the same way by ensuring that each American state has an equal voice.

Add to this Kamala Harris and other Democrats who want to decriminalize illegal border crossings, which is a de facto policy of open borders. Why? They want rapid demographic change.

They want to see more immigrants coming in because they understand that it would create a target-rich environment for them to recruit more Democrats. We already know that there are 7-8 million more immigrants coming in through chain migration in the next 20 years. Statistics show they vote for Democrats at a margin of 2-1 because they want more social welfare programs. Imagine that number doubling or tripling, because Joe Biden absolutely wants to increase chain migration. 

If this happens, Republicans will never again win a national election. Throw in universal mail-in ballots, which you know Democrats would do for all 50 states, and free and fair elections are absolutely, irrevocably, over.

Democrats would destroy every democratic norm if doing so would give them more control. Their lust for power is insatiable. So if Americans of any political leaning actually want to have a voice in the way they are governed, it is imperative that President Trump be reelected and Republicans keep the Senate. It’s as simple as that. 

One needn’t like Donald Trump. One needn’t be a fan of his tweets. One may certainly be frustrated by some of the things he says. Fine. But seriously? When we are staring at the end of freedom there is no time to be worried about a few mean tweets. Our role as citizens is to take seriously our duty to preserve the American people’s right to vote for their leaders and influence policy. The legitimacy of our government as one based on the consent of the governed is on the line. Our freedom is on the line. Our prosperity is on the line. 

Many people have fought and died and risked everything to give us these rights and freedoms: it’s time to act worthy of ourselves and vote to keep those freedoms on November 3. 

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About Ned Ryun

Ned Ryun is a former presidential writer for George W. Bush and the founder and CEO of American Majority. You can find him on Twitter @nedryun.

Photo: Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images