Seven Potential Biden Cabinet Picks That Spell Trouble for America

Who will be in charge if Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump? Biden has made it clear that the American people don’t need or deserve to know the plans for a potential Biden Administration. He’s been described as the “Trojan Horse” candidate. His disunited supporters dare not look beyond their shared goal of deposing the incumbent president lest the socialists learn now that Democrat billionaires will snatch the real power. 

Biden has promised to leave much of the governing to the bureaucrats themselves. He promised that the Justice Department would be “totally independent” of him. He would defer to the experts on questions of quarantine and public health. Biden promises something called “strategic empathy” on foreign policy. Biden will be the bureaucrat’s president, ceding policymaking to the career professionals who span changes in administration but almost invariably lean Left—those who, like the furniture at the White House, come along with the place. 

So weeks away from the election, it’s critical to think about who Biden might place as the heads of these various agencies in order to conceive of the shape and direction of government. 

Although Biden has said little about his future cabinet picks, I have my own guesses based upon observations and rumors. It’s time to look inside the Trojan horse candidate. The people who are really in charge of Biden’s future administration appear poised to usher in a new period of breathtaking political and financial corruption.

1) Frank Kendall III: Secretary of Defense, Architect of Waste

The Harris campaign, excuse me, the Biden campaign, has already built “a team of 1,000 national security experts working in . . . 20 working groups.” Frank Kendall leads the defense working group making him a possible candidate for secretary of defense. Currently an “executive in residence,” for a defense contractor consulting firm, he once served as the under-secretary of defense for the Obama Administration.

At a time when military bureaucrats were on track to outnumber the war fighters they serve, Kendall spearheaded a successful effort to suppress a study that recommended modest changes to stem the loss of warfighting dollars to inefficiency and bloat. Kendall quite literally described efforts to trim Pentagon waste as an attack that must be defeated at all costs. He is the champion of the wasted Pentagon dollar who will protect the kind of loose spending that enriches politically connected defense contractors at the expense of readiness.

2) Cyrus Vance: Attorney General, Master of Political Prosecution

Biden will not make Trump’s mistake of appointing a weak figure like Jeff Sessions to the critical position of attorney general. Biden already has significant exposure to one or more potential special counsel appointments to investigate his family’s financial ties to China, the investigation into his demand to have a Ukrainian prosecutor removed, and a fishy $1.5 million payment to his son, Hunter. Thus, it’s important to avoid the “recusal” trap that left the special counsel appointment to Rod Rosenstein. 

Cyrus Vance is an experienced prosecutor with enough gravitas to easily crush the type of coup that bureaucrats attempted against Trump. Vance also looked the other way on the Harvey Weinstein abuse reports after receiving a $10,000 donation from Weinstein’s attorney.

Vance is a man who knows how to protect his friends and persecute his political enemies. Vance used his position as the Manhattan district attorney to dog President Trump. He is proceeding on the dubious theory that it’s a crime to argue for low property valuation for tax purposes if the owner presented a higher value to a lender considering a loan. Under Vance’s theory, ambitious prosecutors could shake down millions of private and commercial property owners who routinely seek to minimize their tax burdens. It’s a ridiculous theory which makes him the perfect choice to carry out Senator Harris’ promise to prosecute the former president Trump

3) Elizabeth Warren: Consumer Financial Protection Board, Future Director of Financial Sector Shakedowns

Senator Warren has already been mentioned as a possible candidate to head the Treasury Department. She’s a better fit for the powerful but little-known Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). 

Warren’s website still trumpets her role as the person who “came up with the idea for the CFPB before the [2008 financial] crisis even began.” The bureau has staggering power over financial institutions and Warren would know best how to wield that power to benefit her political agenda. Indeed, it has already shaken down financial institutions for billions. Under Warren, the CFPB could expand these schemes.

4) Susan Rice: Secretary of State, Making Clinton-Style Corruption at the State Department Great Again

Politico has already made the case that Biden is inclined to appoint the former Obama confidant as his secretary of state. This seems like a logical prediction. 

Rice was deeply involved in the Russia Collusion hoax and could be relied upon to reprise her politicization of U.S. foreign policy to smear, harass, and spy upon domestic political opponents. As the American Prospect notes, she is also a master of monetizing political power. She skirted financial disclosure requirements while wielding massive power under Obama. Fans of the Clinton pay-for-play operation in the State Department may have a lot to look forward to if Rice assumes the role. 

5) Roger Altman: Secretary of the Treasury, Bailout Pioneer, Friend of the Chinese Communist Party

In recent decades, the Treasury Department’s top position has usually gone to a person with strong ties to investment banking. Had Lawrence Summers not ruled out accepting this job, he likely would have been Harris-Biden’s top choice. 

Roger Altman is a loyal Biden supporter and contributor but also an investment banker with strong ties to Goldman Sachs. He’s a veteran of the controversial General Motors’ bailout that fleeced American taxpayers. Altman is a member of the internationalist Council on Foreign Relations and a proponent of “strategic cooperation” with China. It’s guys like Altman who efficiently shepherd “stimulus” money into already-wealthy pockets.

6) Beto O’Rourke: Gun Control Policy Czar, “Hell Yes, We’re Going to Take Your AR-15”

Although not a cabinet position, Biden has already publicly announced that he would appoint former U.S. Representative Beto O’Rourke to lead the administration’s efforts to “buy back” (i.e., confiscate) privately owned weapons. Mind you, there will be no “buy back” of the weapons private security firms use to protect elite Democrats. Those weapons are just fine.

7) Sally Yates: FBI Director, Defender of the Politicized Criminal Process

For a very short period, Sally Yates acted as attorney general under President Trump. She used the tenure to encourage the Justice Department to resist the incoming administration. Countless lawyers heeded her call to use their positions within the Justice Department to do just that. 

Yates and Kamala Harris fought together against Trump’s travel restrictions against countries with a history of exporting terrorists. Yates criticized the Justice Department’s decision to drop the highly politicized prosecution of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, which strongly suggests she will play ball to set-up political enemies as needed to protect her former vice-president.

Biden cannot trust the current FBI director, Christopher Wray, nor can he trust the FBI generally. Only a fool would interpret the FBI’s attacks on the peaceful transfer of power to Trump as being something perpetrated to demonstrate their devotion to the Democrat’s side. Former Director James Comey used the FBI in an attempt to gain leverage over both Clinton and Trump in the 2016 election cycle and both candidates rightly doubted his professionalism. 

Wray is arguably worse than Comey in his utter contempt for the constitutional checks on the FBI’s power. Wray’s priority is to protect and expand the power of the FBI and he would likely continue to undermine any elected officials (and appointed judges) regardless of party if they don’t share that priority. Biden should be wary of hiring an FBI director from within the bureau as he would likely end up with another Comey/Wray clone. If the FBI is going to use its awesome power to frame and entrap people, Yates would yoke this power to the Biden-Harris political agenda.

Voters have a right to look past Biden’s crooked grin and the “orange man bad” propaganda to really consider what life will be like under a Biden Administration. While Biden can’t seem to remember which office he’s running for, the stealthy players propping him up are quietly drawing up plans to use the vast resources of the federal government to enrich and entrench narrow interests. 

In the four years since 2016, politics has become the kind of bloodsport one usually associates with third-world countries. The passengers hiding in the hollow Biden campaign have big plans for Troy.

About Adam Mill

Adam Mill is a pen name. He is an adjunct fellow of the Center for American Greatness and works in Kansas City, Missouri as an attorney specializing in labor and employment and public administration law. He graduated from the University of Kansas and has been admitted to practice in Kansas and Missouri. Mill has contributed to The Federalist, American Greatness, and The Daily Caller.

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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19 responses to “Seven Potential Biden Cabinet Picks That Spell Trouble for America”

  1. Mr. Mill, I shudder in fear at a leftist Biden presidency. Your hypothetical picks make it even scarier.
    The left is open in it’s lust for power.
    So vote in person and vote straight Republican ticket.
    Your Liberty depends on it.

  2. As President Trump wisely said; “A Biden presidency means we will all be speaking Chinese in about 3 years”.

    • If Susan Rice is confirmed as Secretary of State, I will move out of the country. Period. Full stop.

  3. This “revelation” was completely unnecessary. Anyone voting for Obiden has less cognitive brain matter than Obiden and therefore didn’t understand a single word in this article. For those that are not voting for Obiden, they already knew this information.

  4. Oh, good God, Adam. I hadn’t thought about some of these picks. But Susan Rice for State and Lizz Warren for Treasury?

    You are probably right on target, which is a terrifying prospect.

  5. The really sad part is that the people inclined to vote for Biden have never heard of American Greatness and wouldn’t read it even if they have heard of it.

  6. This article is a trumpian fever dream.
    At least the premise is true: I don’t have any facts, but let me scare you with some guesses.” Adam says:
    Fear…an imagined AG who was soft on Weinstein (but ignore the actual Trump Cabinet member who let Trump’s friend Epstein go free).
    Fear…Elizabeth Warren as CFPB head (ignore the absurdity that she would down from the Senate for to run an agency, which by the way works for Adam’s readers’ best interests).
    Fear…Hillary! I mean, Rice and the politicization of foreign policy (ignore Trump asking for a favor, though).
    Fear…veteran of the GM bailout, which cost $11B to save 1.5 million jobs (ignore Trump’s 70% increase of the deficit and trillion-dollars-per-year increase in the debt…before Covid!)
    Fear…Beto will take all your guns! (ignore this being claimed of ever democrat for decades, and you still have your guns).
    Fear…Biden using the FBI for its political agenda (ignore that this is literally what Trump has been trying desperately to do – to save his own corrupt, orange-painted skin).

    I can’t wait for “conservatives” to stop wetting themselves with fear and start looking at the world as it is.

  7. First off even if they manage to steal the election Biden won’t survive till January 20. So all the picks will be Harris picks. Her first pick will be to pick Eric Holder as her VP and Keith X Ellison as the AG. The rest will be fewer China cronies and more Iran cronies, Nation of Islam cronies and outright Communists. Heck they’ll bring John Brennan back for another squat at the CIA so he’s a three for one right there. For the who-cares positions like Commerce and HUD Harris will pick illegal aliens. That’s right, non-citizens here illegally. A Democrat takeover of the Senate guarantees they sail through. AOC will be speaker of the House when Nancy is suddenly pushed out and forced to retire from Congress. In fact most of the old geezer democrats in committee chairs will be forced out with mysterious scandals and lawsuits etc. to be replaced be numerous new ‘squad’ members.

    • That all depends on whether he croaks before or after the Electoral College casts its ballots. If before, then presidential electors will have to make an alternate choice–presumably Harris anyway. If after, then there will be a vacancy when the vote results are announced at the opening of Congress in January, and then it will be in the hands of the House.

    • I would bet you a whole 6 pack of bud that no illegal aliens will be picked under the Biden-Kamala administration.

      AOC as speaker of the house? That would be pretty sweet, as unlikely as that is to happen.

  8. These thoughts are troubling. While the article is good, it does not mention that Biden is in China’s pocket. The Chinese paid millions to Hunter’s companies and they will expect a lot in return for this money. If Harris does not off Biden before he gets into office we can expect to see Chinese apologists throughout his administration.

    • Trump is in millions of dollars in debt to overseas entities–likely Russian oligarchs–hence why his tax burden has been hilariously low. Eric even admitted in a 2014 interview that they extensively favor Russian banks for funding.

  9. This is why Biden stealing the election must be met with civil war. It’s the only way to save the country. This list is also a list of people who should have been hanged for trying to overthrow the government. This is what happens when you don’t enforce the law

    • This is why Trump stealing the election must be met with civil war. It’s the only way to save the country. This list is also a list of people who should have been hanged for trying to overthrow the government. This is what happens when you don’t enforce the law

      You see how ridiculous that sounds? C’mon dude.