Morning Greatness: Democrats Go Off the Rails in ACB Confirmation Hearing

Good Wednesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president delivers remarks to the Economic Clubs of New York; Florida; Washington, D.C.; Chicago; Pittsburgh; and Sheboygan
  • President Trump delivers remarks at a Make America Great Again Rally in Des Moines, Iowa


Listen to me talk about the Senate Judiciary circus on Derek Hunter’s podcast.

Two minutes of hate:

Tuesday was the first day of questioning for ACB. It was as you would expect: a massive trolling operation. The purpose of the hearings is to determine whether the president’s nominee is qualified to be a justice on the Supreme Court. The purpose of the Democrats hearing is to terrify the voters that Trump’s nominee will declare Trump the winner of the election, will overturn Roe so their precious abortions will be illegal, will take away health care from sick people and will give guns to violent felons.

The Democrats know that ACB can’t disclose how she would would rule on cases that might come before the court because the parties in the cases would not get a fair hearing if the justices had already made up their mind. Also, the courts don’t rule on issues like “should people get subsidized health care” or “should votes be counted 3 months after election day” but rather they evaluate specific legal arguments involved in the cases. The SCOTUS doesn’t decide if government should or should not force insurance companies to cover pre-exisiting conditions, it decides if the government can forcibly confiscate money from citizens to pay for a health care program and call it a tax. As I’ve written before, if the left doesn’t want the court to overturn their crappy laws, stop making unconstitutional crappy laws.

ACB is very impressive. She’s quick, knowledgeable, sharp and very polite. Why would the Democrats hate an attractive, smart woman who manages a large family, a respectable job and does crossfit every morning at 5am? You tell me, we know the answer.

Wolf Blitzer who may have had some sort of mental break in order to do this, called Speaker Nancy Pelosi on her smack talk when he asked her why the House won’t accept the president’s $1.8T coronavirus aid package. Pelosi said Wolf was “always” an apologist for the GOP. LOL. Pelosi was losing her sh!t in the interview because Blitzer is holding her to account, probably for the first time in her life. Now Wolf wasn’t vicious as he should have been, he was trying so hard to be obsequious while forcing her to explain her position which is to ask why Americans hurt by the virus should suffer so that President Trump is not given a victory.


SCOTUS hearing:

Whitehouse Cites Group Funded by Dark Money to Attack Dark Money

Notre Dame faculty in open letter ask Barrett to ‘halt’ nomination process

Sen. Dick Durbin Blames Indiana, Mississippi For Chicago’s Gun Violence

Chris Cuomo: Amy Coney Barrett’s People Of Praise Affiliation ‘Makes Her Different Than Most Catholics’

Barrett apologizes for calling sexual orientation a ‘preference’

Kamala Harris stumps for Obamacare during Barrett questioning

Democratic senator asks Amy Coney Barrett if she has ever sexually assaulted someone

Amy Coney Barrett distances herself from Trump tweets, says she won’t be anyone’s ‘pawn’

Harris tells Barrett that Ginsburg was ‘far more forthcoming’ about abortion views


Election news:

Texas county says more than 95 percent of eligible voters are registered for this election

Trump urges California GOP to ‘fight on’ with unofficial ballot boxes despite prosecution threat

Bags of undelivered mail found outside home of US Postal Service worker

Trump plans a rally in Des Moines for 10,000 – despite White House task force advice to limit gatherings to 25

Michelle Obama, LeBron James team to help boost early voting

Determined voters endure long lines to cast early ballots in historic election

Cut cable shuts down Virginia voter portal; lawsuit filed


Protests/riots/Black Lives Matter/crime:

Senator Accused Of Photoshopping Virginia State Police Logo Off His Jacket

FBI: Groups discussed kidnapping Virginia governor

MS-13 gang members linked to 4 random killings in Virginia last year

Kyle Rittenhouse won’t face charges for gun offense in Illinois

Vegas cops blame crime spike on cheap hotel rates attracting tourists: reports


Coronavirus update:

Fauci: Trump campaign ‘harassing me’ by including clip praising coronavirus response in ad

Pelosi Calls CNN ‘Apologists’ For Republicans In Heated Interview With Wolf Blitzer

Eli Lilly antibody trial paused over safety concerns

Eugene Scalia’s wife tests positive for coronavirus

McConnell schedules revote on Republican COVID relief bill next week

One client in one spin studio that followed all the rules triggers a coronavirus outbreak with at least 61 cases

Long Island venue fined for ‘super-spreader’ Sweet 16 party linked to nearly 40 cases


Other morsels:

U.S. Slams U.N. for Electing China, Russia, Cuba to Human Rights Council

Dem groups fund $1M ad buy attacking Ernst on Social Security

Former ‘throuple’ pol Katie Hill finalizes divorce from estranged hubby: report

Nikki Haley gives Arizona Sen. Martha McSally boost in tight race with Mark Kelly

21-year-old cat brothers receive hundreds of adoption applications in UK

Ex-Facebook honcho Tim Kendall says Big Tech is a ‘threat to democracy,’ calls for social media reform

SHAMEFUL: Washington Post: Barr’s ‘unmasking’ investigation concludes without charges

Facebook bans anti-vaccination ads but not antivax posts

Supreme Court grants Trump administration request to end census count


And that’s all I’ve got, now beat back the angry mob!

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8 responses to “Morning Greatness: Democrats Go Off the Rails in ACB Confirmation Hearing”

  1. My wife and I enjoy watching mysteries and detective stories on Britbox, the BBC and ITV streaming service. The one thing I have noticed about much of the British upper class and America’s democrat leaders, is the Brit’s, by and large, have “some class” and “intellect.” The ACB hearings, again, have proven democrat leaders have …. neither class nor intellect.

    • It was most enjoyable to watch Senator Harris giving spontaneous remarks while reading from a pre-prepared script likely written by a 3rd party, whilst Judge Barrett went 11 hours of grilling with no notes.
      She is brilliant.

      If only Presidential candidates (and Congressional candidates as well) had to go thru an 11 hour q&a session so they can give real answers (instead of a debate format in which they are given 2 minutes per question to solve the nation’s problems with punchlines).

      • And did you notice maizie horono had to read all her remarks — obviously written by a staffer — and she read them haltingly?

  2. Let’s stop calling politicians our “Leaders”. They aren’t. They are just agents that we hire to manage stuff that we don’t have the bandwidth for. Like an accountant or an real estate agent. Calling them Leaders just contributes to their sense of entitlement and superiority.
    While we’re at it, let’s stop calling them “Public Servants” as well. That’s just a sick, ironic joke.

    • It is appropriate to call them “elitists” (in the pejorative sense), though. They believe that only they are qualified and capable of determining what is best for everyone else. One synonym for elitist is “pompous ass.” Never forget that the antonym is “lower class”. That’s us, folks.

  3. America and Real Americans win and disgusting demoncraps continue to go batt sheet crazy and lose again!!

  4. You are now printing Des Moines Register stories about covid and rallies? Unbelievable. Had to check–thought I was on wrong site!

    What has happened to American Greatness? If this is the new platform (along with removing Discus), it won’t be worth coming to anymore.

  5. Of late, there has been no finer example of an American citizen, be damn proud ACB.