COVID Crimes Against Humanity

For once, I agree with MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes.

In an October 5 tweet, Hayes suggested the need for “some kind of truth and reconciliation commission” to hold accountable the politicians and experts who mishandled the coronavirus pandemic. 

Hayes, no doubt, had in mind the president and Republican governors such as Florida’s Ron DeSantis and South Dakota’s Kristi Noem, who have bucked the credentialed class’ ever-changing diktats on the never-ending crisis.

Hayes is right—just not for the reasons he imagines. 

As the dust settles on one of the most destructive man-made events in history—it’s hard to think of an appropriate comparison aside from war—the grim reality of what a handful of people inflicted on the world is coming into clear view. And there is no question that the perpetrators of this catastrophe should bear responsibility.

While cable news fixates on the numbers of deaths and reported cases, other heartbreaking statistics go largely unnoticed by pundits and journalists who now think mask-shaming amounts to hard core reporting on the crisis. It’s been 216 days since Americans were asked to make extreme and unprecedented sacrifices to “flatten the curve” of the expected COVID-19 caseload. This two-week suspension of daily activities, which included going to school and operating businesses, was intended to protect frontline health care workers. “We’re all in this together,” we were assured. Horrifying scenes from China and Italy acted as powerful warnings of what could happen if we did not submit.

Seven months later, life is nowhere near back to normal. And as the human wreckage of their untested advice mounts, some of the earliest advocates of the pseudoscientific concept of “social distancing” that morphed into full blown house arrest are having second thoughts. 

The World Health Organization, an early promoter of national lockdown policies, in April detailed a preposterous list of benchmarks that countries would have to achieve before they could reopen. The protocol included “control” of COVID-19 transmission, isolation, contact tracing, and stringent protective measures in workplaces and schools; only the most prosperous countries would be able to afford implementing WHOs costly, burdensome list.

But even WHO is now beginning to recognize the downstream impact of its inhumane policies on the world’s most vulnerable. 

In a recent interview, Dr. David Nabarro, WHO’s special envoy on COVID-19, said the organization doesn’t advocate lockdowns “as the primary means of control of this virus.” Nabarro cited the crushing effect on tourism in the Caribbean and on smallholder farmers who can’t take their goods to market; he predicted that global poverty rates and child hunger would double by next year. 

“This is a terrible, ghastly global catastrophe,” Nabarro told a British reporter on October 9. “Remember, lockdowns have one consequence that we must never ever belittle and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer.”

Sadly, that’s only part of the tragic future. Lockdown orders could reverse 25 years of progress on ending child marriages in southeast Asia and India, where one out of three child marriages occurs. 

“But a harsh, long lockdown, which was implemented with just a few hours’ notice, left millions of daily labourers and migrant workers without any work, pushing millions more into poverty,” concluded a new study in The Lancet. “India’s economy contracted by almost 24% last quarter and schools remain closed across the country as tens of thousands of new COVID-19 cases continue to be recorded daily. Millions of families have been forced to consider child marriage to alleviate poverty.” One million more young girls are expected to get pregnant this year; childbirth is the leading cause of death for girls aged 15-19 in developing countries, the authors report.

Save the Children estimates 1.5 billion children are out of school with no access to remote learning. The crisis is causing a global mental health crisis as jobs, families, and the routine of daily life have been abruptly—and unnecessarily—upended with no relief in sight.

Dr. Scott Atlas, the newest member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, told me last week that a “lockdown is a luxury of the rich.” How true. The hardest hit, both here and abroad, are the working class and the poor.

Nearly 100,000 U.S. businesses that were open in March will close permanently, according to a survey by Yelp. Workers in the restaurant and retail industries have endured the greatest job losses; it’s hard to see a full rebound any time soon as inane, unproven fears about potential spread in bars and restaurants continue to justify prolonged closures in several states.

No one has been immune to the cruelty of coronavirus “mitigation” measures. 

College students are treated with less dignity than criminals held in solitary confinement. A painful article in the New York Times last week featured stories of lonely, depressed college freshmen adjusting to quarantine rules on campus. One first-year student at Temple University said he looks forward to the elevator ride to his 13th floor dorm room because “it’s the only time I get to talk to people.” A resident assistant at the University of Illinois was fired for refusing to go into a quarantine unit after the school notified him he had been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. (He tested negative.)

Remote learning is a joke, as any parent will attest, but that isn’t stopping teachers’ unions and gutless governors from sacrificing the well-being of America’s children even though research confirms what most knew a few months ago; schools are not super spreaders. Meanwhile, kids in disadvantaged homes and communities suffer the most.

After failing to protect vulnerable seniors in nursing homes, authorities continue to make their lives miserable by refusing to allow family and friends to visit. Residents in a long-term care facility in Colorado, many in wheelchairs, protested draconian rules for visitors, which prohibits any physical contact. Heartbreakingly, some held signs that read, “Rather die from COVID than loneliness.”

The stories of personal agony never end; we’re only now grasping the totality of what’s been done under the guise of science and the common good.

So, now that we know lockdowns have prompted an international tragedy comparable only to miseries suffered in times of war, and that almost none of it was warranted, who pays?

Will the unrepentant taskmasters of “social distancing” be forced to defend this disastrous Stone Age-era approach to a world in despair? How can small business owners in states demolished by capricious decrees imposed by power-hungry governors seek recompense?

Who will ask Anthony Fauci or Deborah Birx to step away from the media spotlight long enough to witness first-hand the dystopian climate their guidance has created on desperate college campuses or the empty hallways in high schools or vacant kindergarten classrooms? Fauci, after all, again this week bragged that he advised the president back in March to “shut the country down.” His only regret is that the country wasn’t shut down “completely.”

But Fauci isn’t living with the repercussions of his wrongheaded advice. To the contrary, he still receives fawning media coverage and now is embroiled in a battle with Team Trump over the use of his comments in a campaign ad. Ironically, as the Wall Street Journal pointed out in an editorial on Tuesday, Trump might lose the election because the president “listened to Dr. Fauci too much on lockdowns.”

Birx just warned that holiday family gatherings might be iced as she pondered aloud “how to bring that safety into the household.”

The “science!” and the experts we heeded in a moment of crisis turned out to be dead wrong; the world will suffer the aftermath for years to come. And their legions of victims deserve answers and accountability or, at the very least, an apology.

So, if Chris Hayes and the Democrats want some sort of coronavirus tribunal for crimes against humanity, I say, bring it on.

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32 responses to “COVID Crimes Against Humanity”

  1. Great article. Thank you Julie for your ongoing mission to get the truth out on this horrific crime.

    On the other hand, I wish AG would find a different comment section. I miss the discussion from smart readers.

    • I am very glad that AG no longer forces you to make comments through the technocrat rulers (Twitter,Facebook,Google). These “platforms” have become a cancer in our culture, to our freedom, and to the very existence of our country, and they need to be treated ASAP.

      • All well and good to turn away from the technocrats… but clearly they need something better than this ‘smoke signal’ equivalent.

    • Yes, God bless Julie Kelly for her chronicle of historic (or Chinese, interesting) times!

      With his thundering victory over his own encounter with COVID-19, President Trump illuminated America’s catastrophic, century old encounter with Woodrow Wilsonian Progressivism: the rule of American society by experts who in reality are lavishly paid, incompetent bureaucrats.

      American Greatness being a conservative group of self-appointment experts, has no use for commentary from the hoi polloi. I believe that’s why they gutted their comment section. But in so doing, they probably also gutted their readership.

    • This scornful, dissembling polemic is pure hateful , angry Trumpster Rubbish. The Base will love it !!!

      • “dissembling polemic?” ; “angry Trumpster Rubbish?”

        Come on now DeLuca, who’s really the angry one? Truth hurts huh.

  2. If they can force you to wear a mask “for your own safety and that of others”, then what can’t they do under the guise of “the public welfare”? What if we are forced into getting chip implants that monitor our daily activities and fine us for smoking too many cigarettes or drinking too much beer or eating too many hamburgers? All of this would be done under the exact same excuse they are using today: “It’s for the good of everyone.”

    • Because wearing a paper mask is just like surgically implanting devices that don’t even exist. Vive la résistance du stupide!

    • Yeah – you wouldn’t think in a country founded on “liberty” that it would come to this! Mind boggling how many are “compliant”! The local radio station here with the strongest signal unquestioningly parrots the covid pronouncements every hour. (…and they think they are professional newscasters!)

    • Nobody can FORCE you to wear a mask. A mask that hinders what we all need to stay alive. I dont wear one. I have not one time been confronted. If I would happen to be, I would simply walk out of the establishment. You have you Free Agency and no one can take that from you unless you allow them to.

  3. Excellent Article-Ms Julie Kelly wish you could take some of the key excerpts and put them on Twitter- and YouTube there simply isn’t enough straightforward information like this getting to the masses. The other key deficiency that the lockdowns also brought was the inability to worship together, which is where we as people no matter what country could have focused on faith over fear- yet the lockdowns the masks the ridiculous social distancing separations just fuel the fear and separatism that is hurting the young people most.

  4. Thank you Julie for your continued focus on this disastrous epidemic of stateism. I keep thinking, that if there actually are Americans, who are undecided about whether or not socialism/communism is a good idea, the past 7 months should cure them. However, the brain-dead media cheerleaders aside, it is also proof positive that America, and our American way of life is what we need more of, not less. It is clear, and you have detailed this in your articles, that control, obedience and wealth redistribution, are the goals of ruling class. Not to mention pain and misery. They have turned us into the Dissident Majority. Keep up the fight, PLEASE!

  5. There’s another dimension to the “no visitors” rule: Hospitals have invoked it and the results have been devastating. My Granddaughter just died after 56 days at a major hospital and the only visits we were allowed were when it was too late and her death was a certainty. THEN the “Covid Command Center” person capped it off by telling my Granddaughter that she would not be allowed any more visits. She died 2 days later. Most cruel and heartless action I have seen in my entire 71 years. Seems hospitals have found a convenient way to eliminate Patient Advocates.

    • That is horrible. I’m sorry for your loss… I can’t imagine.

    • No words. I lost my son. He was 30yrs, 6mon, 14dys old. No one to morn,his loss. State of fl wouldnt allow it. Im holding them accountable. Its all I have besides pain

  6. Julie claims that the “‘science!'” was dead wrong, but presents no evidence for that. The article’s sole focus was the economic impact of the lockdowns. What is not considered is the economic fallout of the alternative she advocates.
    The science (no scare quotes needed) of the infectiousness and deadliness of SARS-CoV-2 is a brute fact. In the absence of social distancing and masks, infections and deaths would be exponentially worse. Healthcare systems across the globe, including here in the USA, would have collapsed. We would be looking at millions of deaths here at home. People like Julie would not have the luxury of bemoaning the economic ills as if they are separate from the human ills. Julie would be venting her anger that the government’s inaction caused her parents or other loved ones to die. That is, if she lived through it herself.

    • Reality is a brute fact. Science is just an informed guess, maybe, sometimes, if we’re lucky.
      In the case of the ‘scientific’ models assembled in the Spring — the one’s used by most Western governments to craft national virus policy — their ‘informed scientific guesses’ were terribly wrong.

      No, my friend, we distinctly do not KNOW what some alternative reality might have been. We’d like to think we keep the wolverines away by planting all these radishes (old Hudson & Landry routine)…and sure enough we see no wolverines. But honestly, I’m not sure it was the radishes.

      Nor do we know — in any kind of real way — that generally mediocre masking and intermittent, sloppy 6 ft. distancing has actually saved much of anyone (let alone an exponential explosion of innocent deaths). Nor do we know that our healthcare systems would have collapsed without the mask and distance.

      Those are all half-assed guesses based on a series of variable assumptions fed into a dubious model. I’m sure we could make another series of half-assed guesses with different assumptions and feed all that into a different model and reach entirely different conclusions. Neither effort actually proves much of anything.

      What we do know — at least as far as ‘scientific’ study goes — mask wearing is generally ineffective….especially against aerosolized virons whose infectiousness seems to depend upon extended exposure to the poorly circulated air within which they hang). What we also know is that the median age of the victims is 80+ and that they average 2.4 comorbidities each.

      We suspect that the Infection Fatality Rate is down around .1% (more if you’re aged and infirm, carrying those 2.4 comorbidities)…. less if you’re young and healthy. But that’ just a guess based upon the 10X multiplier assumptions provided by the CDC (Stanford originally estimated that the multiplier — infections to cases — might be 50X but that is undoubtedly too high. The reality is probably somewhere in-between). Applying that multiplier to the recognized. 7.9M cases we calculate 79M infections against the 217K deaths. That gives us an IFR of .3%. But that includes 1) the massive death surge encountered in March/April when our therapeutics were poor and unproven…. 2) the decimation of the Nursing Homes when governors like Cuomo re-inserted the infected…. and 3) a lot of Kentucky windage applied to ’cause of death’ (especially given the Federal funding provided for every WuhanV death tally). We also are guessing when it comes to figuring out exactly how many of these 217K are a part of the normal 3M annual death harvest….how many are pushed early (meaning a 2020 bump and and 2021 valley)….and how many are truly incremental, over and above the 3M. (We won’t know that for a year or two)

      What we also know is that the lockdown has shattered tens of millions of lives…..will undoubtedly trigger mass starvation events in 3rd world countries….added trillions of dollars in debt…..and retarded the normal educational development of all children whose nations decided to ‘hold them back’.

      If you yourself prefer to mask and quarantine….please feel free; that is your right. But grant the rest of the us the equivalent right to stop hiding and restart living. We’re all gonna die; it’s a question of how we choose to live before that terminus arrives.

      • If you internalized the fact of your mortality, you might spend less time writing comments. I didn’t say “science is a brute fact” but the science of the coronavirus is. Whatever. Standing by for evidence of the mass starvation that “undoubtedly” will occur.

      • If you internalized the fact of your mortality, you might spend less time writing comments. I didn’t say “science is a brute fact” but the science of the coronavirus is. Whatever. Standing by for evidence of the mass starvation that “undoubtedly” will occur.

  7. We must all call our representatives and demand an immediate government shutdown. All “non-essential” government workers (as determined by my plumber and the guy who cleans out my gutters) must be furloughed without pay, starting immediately. The money saved on salary and benefits must be distributed to the people who have lost their businesses to the colossal mistakes of our non-essential government workers.

  8. Thank you Julie for another great article!

    The old adage “If you go looking for trouble it will find you” seems appropriate here. Looking back, Trump handles a new virus about as well as anyone could at the time, while being lied to by China and WHO, harassed by Democrats who were encouraging folks to go out to movies/restaurants (Warren Wilhelm Jr AKA Bill DeBlasio) and to come to Chinatown, precautions have been taken (Nancy Pelosi.) Will they ever be held accountable?

    For better or worse he did follow the advice of Drs. Fauci & Birx, and Fauci especially has flip flopped many times on masks and other issues. Trump did engage the private sector to ramp up PPE production and other companies to manufacture ventilators that ultimately were not needed on a large scale. He sent Navy Medical ships to LA and NYC, and they were sadly underutilized. NY Governor Cuomo became the Angel of Death IMHO when he mandated that elderly patients w Covid-19 be sent back to the nursing homes they came from, infecting hundreds of others and a death body count that still is largely unknown. To compound things, he then denied he ever issued that mandate, only to have copies flood the internet proving he lied to try to duck responsibility, and yet the media still fawns over him. The field hospital at the Javitz center was also underutilized, could’ve been used for those nursing home patients.

    The simple answer is , we hold them accountable on 11/3/20. Nancy Pelosi is holding a relief package hostage to try to get billions of taxpayer dollars to bail out Dem cities/states that have mismanaged money for decades. Trump requested she send him a single bill with money to refresh the Paycheck Protection Program and she refused to do it, no doubt while gorging on ice cream from her $24,000 freezer. Biden has criticized Trump’s management of Covid-19, called him a racist/xenophobe for restricting travel from China but he hasn’t stated publicly what he’d have done differently.
    Vote Dems out 11/3, for the first time in 43 years of voting, I’m voting straight Republican. If they keep the Senate & Presidency, flip the House we’ll see some great progress over the next 4 years. Happy Hump day to all!

    • Well, I do believe you’ve covered every thought I had on the same subject and I thank you. Well done!
      Good Day! MAGA\KAG 2020

  9. Ms. Kelly
    If there is going to be some sort of tribunal on how the so-called Coronavirus Emergency is able to usurp the Constitution, I would think the place to start of how the World Health Organization (WHO) was able to get each state in the US to rely on their totalitarian Influenza Pandemic Plan without ever having to get the authorization of state legislatures and governors? As best as I have been able to track it down, it was the Homeland Security Agency under Pres. Obama that took the WHO Pandemic Plan and sent it to the Department of Public Health in every state for implementation during an epidemic. For example, I sent a public information request to the California DPH asking them to provide when the legislature adopted the WHO Pandemic Plan? They could not provide that documentation. I believe that there needs to be legal deposition of when, and if, the WHO Pandemic Plan was authorized by each state.

  10. You were warned seven months ago that this wouldn’t end in 15 days. Tyrants never willingly give up their power. The only recourse is armed revolt, and as evidenced by the horrified superpatriots last week in the Whitmer case, the Right lacks the stones to do it. The fact is far fewer people would have died, and the economy wouldn’t have been wrecked, if we had hanged every bastard demanding we give up our rights in a blind panic. That goes from Fauci and Birx to Whitmer and Northam and all of the legacy media. Seven months from now, we’ll still be sitting here griping and waiting for someone else to do something.

  11. Great article Julie. Let’s see if this comment gets through to the dreadful new comments section

    • The problem with Disqus was twofold: first, it was slowing down the site; second, they were serving ads from which we derived exactly nothing. I don’t love WordPress comments, since they require more moderation than before and, frankly, I have enough on my plate here as it is. But I’ve had to approve fewer comments as time goes on because more regular commenters are whitelisted. Stick with us. Thanks.

  12. Anytime there is a disaster in the world we will find someone from Harvard, Yale or other elite college graduate at the center of it.

  13. Great recap, Ms. Kelly. Unless the left gets to write the history of this time, it will be shown to be a lesson in politicized overreach based on “expert” guidance that common sense would have upended and ultimately aimed primarily to trash the president on every front – at great human cost. Another gory example of the “ends justifies the means” coming from the American left.

    That said, Chris Hayes is an intolerable, hand-wringing, pearl-clutching D-bag.

  14. I have to disagree. The left would staff its tribunal with the usual gang of fascists, criminals, liar and hacks who’s sole purpose is to punish their enemies. No, the Chris Hayes have to be put down like rabid animals. Which is more or less what they are.

  15. ““We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” Plato

    We are the hollow men
    We are the stuffed men
    Leaning together
    Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
    Our dried voices, when
    We whisper together
    Are quiet and meaningless
    As wind in dry grass
    or rats’ feet over broken glass
    In our dry cellar

    Shape without form, shade without colour,
    Paralysed force, gesture without motion

    Masked and gloved we scurry and huddle. So afraid of dying — that fractional, incremental chance of death — that we’ve forgotten how to live, or worse, are now scared of life.

    We are not made for this.
    We are not made for such an empty, haunted loneliness and isolation.
    Having committed no crime, convicted by no judge, we meekly turn away, lock our cells, self-quarantine, and wait, and wait some more. “Is it safe?”, we whisper. “Is it safe, yet?” We ask. Will it ever be again what just yesterday it was?

    Not yet.

    This is the dead land
    This is cactus land
    Here the stone images
    Are raised, here they receive
    The supplication of a dead man’s hand
    Under the twinkle of a fading star.

    Is it like this
    In death’s other kingdom
    Waking alone
    At the hour when we are
    Trembling with tenderness
    Lips that would kiss
    Form prayers to broken stone.

    All things collapse — save what the State tells us is essential: our bread, our water, and Amazon. The Netflix umbilical, pumping nightly moving pictures of the unmasked doing unmasked things. I remember all that, do you? And do you miss it?

    Between the idea
    And the reality
    Between the motion
    And the act
    Falls the Shadow

    And in that grey place we are, too many of us, content. We embrace our fear and wait. Perhaps tomorrow or next month, or by the Holidays, surely Spring or maybe Summer….we hesitate: is it safe? Not yet, not yet.

    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
    Shhhh, quiet now, we all must wait.

    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but with a whimper.

  16. It is a horrible situation, however, everyone is learning about the virus one step at a time. No one would have guessed how it would turn out. We cannot go back and apply the knowledge we have now and second guess what was done early on. Some things do not require an investigation, some things do not have to have fault assigned.

  17. No words. I lost my son. He was 30yrs, 6mon, 14dys old. No one to morn,his loss. State of fl wouldnt allow it. Im holding them accountable. Its all I have besides pain