‘Bull-Crap’: Kansas City Mayor Blasts Activist Lawyer’s Excuses After Threats to Police

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas on Monday blasted a local attorney/activist who recently threatened police officers and their families, calling her comments “uncalled for.” Both Mayor Lucas, a Democrat, and KC Fraternal Order of Police president Brad Lemon called local rabble-rouser Stacy Shaw’s lame excuse for making the inflammatory comments “bullcrap.”

As American Greatness reported on Sunday,  Shaw threatened to use her allies in the Kansas City school district to turn the children of police officers against their parents during a rant that was caught on tape Friday evening.

Shaw is leading an occupation of City Hall in KCMO to protest the September 30 arrest of a pregnant black woman. The occupiers are demanding the firing of Police Chief Richard Smith and are calling for the city to “redistribute 50 percent of the department’s budget to social services to help the Black community.”

“We are going to start showing things with your children’s teachers,” the attorney ranted. “You don’t think that we have extensive researchers? You don’t think that we know where y’all live? You don’t think we don’t know where your children go to school?!” she bellowed through a bullhorn.  “Who the f—ck do you think we are?!”

“What we’re going to do is we’re going to use your character against you. You will have no one who loves you after we get done with this next campaign,” Shaw added menacingly.

Sunday night, KCTV5 News asked Shaw about the comments she made on Friday.

“Having an information campaign is not a threat,” Shaw answered perkily, stressing that she did not plan to use the opposition research against the officers in a violent manner.

“We have that information. We’ve never used it against them. We have discouraged doxing, specifically discouraged doxing. When people wanted L.A. style justice, they were organizers like myself and other people out there in this town that said absolutely not, we want all of their officers to go home to their babies,” Shaw said.

According to KCTV, “she planned to reach out to officers’ families and close friends to tell them why her group believes the officers should be held accountable.”

Mayor Lucas wasn’t buying it.

“That is one of the biggest bull crap statements I’ve ever heard in my entire life,” he told KCTV.” You do not say I’m going to threaten your spouse and your children simply because you want them to understand the nature of someone’s job. That’s ridiculous and preposterous. Her statements were uncalled for and she knows better. She’s a lawyer, a member of the bar. We are trained not to make statements like that,”  Lucas added.

Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police President Brad Lemon wasn’t impressed either.

“That’s bull crap. You watched the video, everybody else watched that video. We didn’t edit the video. There were no cuts in that video. She said what she said and she’s trying to backtrack it now. The reality is she has threatened the families of police officers,” Lemon said.

During a press conference Monday afternoon, Shaw stirred the pot some more, saying she will be praying for the officers’ families because she will no longer be encouraging “the community” to protest non-violently.  “It is not my place to tell people how to protest,” Shaw said.

About Debra Heine

Debra Heine is a conservative Catholic mom of six and longtime political pundit. She has written for several conservative news websites over the years, including Breitbart and PJ Media.

Photo: Image courtesy of KCTV.

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6 responses to “‘Bull-Crap’: Kansas City Mayor Blasts Activist Lawyer’s Excuses After Threats to Police”

  1. This woman has now made threats against a city, their police department and their families. Did she lean this from the mafia or the street gangs that intimidate witnesses? Once something of this magnitude happens the perpetrator must be dealt with severely or it will become commonplace. The time to act is now and cities and agencies across America are watching to see what happens.

  2. Looks like Soros’ BLM and Antifa want to stir up violence in KC. This will be a true test of our mayor who has already caved to the Left. First when he mandated masks. Second, when he cut police funding 11% , almost 400 officers.

  3. I watched the entire video of the pregnant woman be arrested. She was out late at night loitering and harassing patrons of a gas station. The owner called the police to disburse the unruly mob. One man was told to leave for trespassing. He kept coming back, so the police moved into arrest him and this very pregnant lady put herself in the way, and interfered with the arrest. The police were continuously warning the mob that if they didn’t disburse they would be arrested. The police were careful with the pregnant woman. This was another set up for the police. It’s just another hoax.

  4. “Having an information campaign is not a threat,” Shaw answered perkily, stressing that she did not plan to use the opposition research against the officers in a violent manner.”

    She could fertilize at least a section (640 acres) with that amount of manure

  5. “Ridiculous, preposterous, and uncalled for”….as a member of the Bar “she’s trained not to make statements like that!”


    The very visible leader of an ongoing, anti-police protest publicly & loudly threatens the families of police officers…. “You don’t think we don’t know where your children go to school?! Who the f—ck do you think we are?!”… and the response by the Mayor is a scolding about how ‘uncalled for’ such remarks were?? A slap on the wrist admonishment, “She’s trained not to make statements like that.”

    My God it’s a credible threat of organized violence against the families of the individuals charged with the safety of the city….and the BEST the city can do in response is saying such threats are uncalled for and inappropriate??!!!

    ‘Uncalled for and inappropriate’ is a streaker at the Mayor’s next political rally. ‘Uncalled for and inappropriate’ is the Chief’s perspective when a fan wears an Indian Headdress at the next Chiefs game. Threatening the wives and children of police officers if the city doesn’t pony-up $135M for so-called “Black Social Services” is extortion backed by credible threats of bloody violence.

    The slavering Stacy Shaw should be hounded from the public square….disbarred….charged with assault. Whatever minor standing she might have had in the community — for reasons totally unapparent — she has, herself, destroyed. Her obscene threats to commit violence against cop’s families are ‘ridiculous’ and ‘uncalled for’ only in NambyPamby Land. In the real world they merit only the harshest of condemnations and an absolute commitment to the safety and well-being of those so threatened (along with a refusal to grant a single penny to the causes she pretends to champion).

    Who have we become that we answer such hateful poisonous brutality with a ‘Gosh, you really shouldn’t say stuff like that?’