Trump Is the Integrity Candidate

The election campaign, now finally approaching its climax, will long be studied because of the paradoxical reactions of American public opinion to an astonishing series of events and revelations. It is now clear from intelligence declassifications—now temporarily taking the place of indictments by the special counsel on the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation—that the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, knew that she was transmitting reports compiled by Russian intelligence agents and transmitted via former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. These were presented to the U.S. intelligence and justice communities and ultimately to the public through the media as hard intelligence evidence of treasonable conduct by her opponent Donald Trump. The solid evidence of these facts is now in the public domain. 

Yet the Trump-hating media dismiss it all as an insane conspiracy theory. The special prosecutor, John Durham, was supposed to enable the voters to make an informed decision this autumn.Instead, he is dawdling along at his own pace—enhancing the possibility of the election of a regime that will as a first priority try to sweep the whole ghastly outrage under the rug yet again.

This administration was hobbled for the first 60 percent of its term with an investigation that should never have taken place, and which was conducted with the chief purpose of provoking its innocent target into acts that, with the help of a national press corps amounting to little more than a bloodless presidential assassination squad, could be translated into grounds for an impeachment trial for obstruction of justice. No such impeachment could succeed, any more than the spurious attempt that did occur, but it might at least turn the page and the attention of American voters, leaving the crimes of the Democrats largely unsuspected. That was its purpose.

The current Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, obviously was aware of and effectively approved large commercial payoffs to his son by a corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company and a state-connected Chinese investment operation, yet President Trump was submitted to the absurd indignity of an unfounded impeachment trial in the Senate for an unexceptionable telephone call to the Ukrainian president. He was accused of acts which were not in fact impeachable or illegal, and which in any case, he was not linked to by any probative evidence that was adduced.

This nonsense was scarcely over when the coronavirus was unleashed upon the world by the People’s Republic of China (deliberately or otherwise). Nobody knew anything about this virus and testing for it had to be done by appointment in hospitals and the tests sent to Atlanta, Georgia for analysis. There were chronic shortages of every category of medical equipment from facemasks to ventilators. Many state governors were calling for emergency assistance of every kind including more hospital beds to cope with what was quickly declared to be a pandemic. The president utilized war and emergency powers legislation to produce within a few weeks a world-leading production capability for ventilators and other equipment and a testing system that in volume and speed exceeds the entire world. Trump accepted almost unanimous scientific advice when he largely shut down the economy to break the momentum of the virus, but he promised a quick reopening.

About 60 percent of those who lost their jobs because of the virus shutdowns have now regained them and the others have been generously compensated. We now know that over 90 percent of people in all age brackets who contract the virus suffer minimal or no symptoms. We know that of those with sound immune systems and generally all those beneath the age of 70, 99.997 percent of those afflicted survive, and that of those above 70, 94.6 percent of those afflicted survive, now including the president himself who is 74 and is nastily described by leading Democrats as “obscenely obese.” 

He was overoptimistic at the onset of the virus, and allowed his daily press meetings—during which he shouldered aside the vice president to deal with the press—to degenerate into bear-baiting sessions with a mockery of the respect ordinarily due to the holder of his great office. The Democrats demanded a total and prolonged shutdown from the start, for the obvious purpose of hanging around the president’s neck the albatross of a Great Depression, (although in the real Great Depression the level of unemployment reached 30 percent and there was no direct relief for them). 

Even now, Biden says he will shut things down if the “scientists” (who are far from united in their views), advise him to do so. The president came through the illness in four days and has made the point that while fatalities have been reduced by 70 percent, the incidence of infection has indeed increased with reopening of the economy and increased testing. Yet for every hundred new coronavirus cases, there are 99 new cures and substantially immunized people. The “scientists” told us at the start that a vaccine would take 18 to 24 months and it is now, by the president’s efforts, likely to be available this year. Yet polls indicate that the majority of Americans think Biden, who severely criticized the suspension of direct flights from China at the end of January, would handle the coronavirus better than Trump has done.                           

Trump eliminated oil imports and 90 percent of illegal immigration; the porous southern border beloved of Democrats who want the votes of the illegal immigrants even though they aren’t citizens, and of Republican employers addicted to cheap labor, is one of the greatest scandals of bipartisan government failure and cowardice in American history. Trump reduced the taxes of 83 percent of taxpayers, and created full employment where the lowest 20 percent of income earners were gaining proportionately more quickly than the top 10 percent. 

Biden would assault the oil and automobile industries in his Green New Deal enthusiasm, and would increase the taxes of millions of people. And while he waffles about it, he probably would attack frackers, gun owners, and middle-class taxpayers with the same scattershot enthusiasm. He was decisively rejected by his own party in the early primaries and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), fumbled away a promising level of popularity at the opening and did not even make it to the primaries.

The burning question that historians will pose is why this president who has achieved so much and has been so unjustly assaulted by perversions of the justice system and unprofessional press biases is now in what appears to be an uphill struggle for reelection. The foibles of his often overly bombastic and even self adulatory personality do not alone explain this. 

In running against the system that he said had substantially broken down, Donald Trump has revealed just how badly it has broken down; the FBI and the intelligence agencies were politically corrupted for the first time in the history of the country. The media has reduced itself to an almost subterranean level of dishonesty. The public is clearly having difficulty seeing the issues distinctly. It is not just high office but the right of Americans to be confident the system works as it should and as it was intended to do that are at stake. 

Improbable as it often seems, and whatever his failings, in this election Donald Trump is the candidate of honesty, competence, and legality. A Biden victory would be a crushing defeat for all of these traditional American ideals.

About Conrad Black

Conrad Black has been one of Canada’s most prominent financiers for 40 years, and was one of the leading newspaper publishers in the world as owner of the British telegraph newspapers, the Fairfax newspapers in Australia, the Jerusalem Post, Chicago Sun-Times and scores of smaller newspapers in the U.S., and most of the daily newspapers in Canada. He is the author of authoritative biographies of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, one-volume histories of the United States and Canada, and most recently of Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other. He is a member of the British House of Lords as Lord Black of Crossharbour.

Photo: Samuel Corum/Getty Images

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59 responses to “Trump Is the Integrity Candidate”

  1. ” the FBI and the intelligence agencies were politically corrupted for the first time in the history of the country.”

    First time? Not really. Remember J. Edgar Hoover?
    As for the CIA, they were implicated in the JFK’s assassination. Plenty of evidence for that.

  2. Mr. Black, I can’t for the life of me figure out why a smart guy like you would believe the polls right now… especially this year of all years. Or why you wouldn’t at least be very apprehensive of the polling. All the other indicators outside the polls (and even some contradictory indicators within the polls, buried deep under the top-line conclusions) favor Trump in a huge way. I think the polls are primed to be more wrong this year than ever before. And I’m not convinced it’s not intentional. Plus I think there’s a sizeable hidden Trump vote. Factors outside the polls would indicate a Trump landslide (historic support from Latino and black voters, 56 percent believe they are better off now than 4 years ago… a better showing than Obama or Bush 43 — even Reagan ’84 by like 10 points. Also the enthusiasm gap. Plus the lockdowns and the riots, and defections of Dem voters)

  3. “Improbable as it often seems, and whatever his failings, in this election Donald Trump is the candidate of honesty, competence, and legality.”

    A bit early for April Fool’s jokes.

    • Do you think Biden is competent? Perhaps he is in his 47 years of self-dealing to enrich himself and his family at America’s expense.

    • Then you should probably not write, Begemot. Your kind, had it been in London in 1940, would have cheered the swastika flying over Whitehall and Buckingham Palace.

    • What? Trump wins in a major landslide. He’ll keep the senate and take the house too.

      • Speaking of integrity, let’s be honest. Trump has already lost the election. We are just going to find out how badly he lost. So, be on the alert for whatever games he comes up with to continue his family grift and cover his tracks out of town. Meanwhile, Mitch & Co are hoping to survive the election and come up with new angles to play. If you can’t see this, you are very naive. Sad.

      • This is a really bizarre take on how things are about to go. Leave your internet bubble for 5 minutes – it’ll be shocking, but enlightening.

    • I about choked on my food when I red “candidate of honesty, competence and legality”. Describing a person who lies constantly, screwed up the coronovirius response and breaks every precedent of presidential conduct.

    • We all need humor. The last ~4 years has been one continuos, cruel AF joke. How’s this any different?

  4. Vote in person and vote straight Republican ticket. Do not give the leftist totalitarian democrats any power.

    • Hilarious. You should maybe check a dictionary for the definition of Totalitarian Kirk. That old republican chestnut of accusing the democrats of which republicans are guilty of I’m guessing? Along with false equivalency, whataboutism and racist abstraction.

      It’s not working anymore. Act accordingly when it becomes clear in November when once again modern American republicanism is repudiated by the American majority.

      I’m sure Conrad will be pulling his Bentley up to the White House on January 19th to stuff his trunk full of all the evidence of trumps criminal corruption. Has to pay transactional trump back for the pardon after all.

  5. Well stated, Mr. Black. The simple explanation is that the public has been carpet bombed with anti-Trump vituperation from the moment of his famous descent down the escalator. Propaganda works, else it wouldn’t be used. And it’s a true grief to reflect on it, but a population that cannot see through the propaganda will find it impossible to remain free.

  6. Observing that Barr has accomplished exactly nothing in 3 years (Democrats don’t even bother to criticize him anymore), and that he was a solid supporter of the Ruby Ridge massacre, it should not be surprising that he has totally squandered his years as AG – as far as prosecuting evil in government. He has been pretty helpful to the Dems.

    • 3 Years? Your “observing” is as myopic as your support for Trump.

  7. Excellent column, Conrad, despite some minor inaccuracies and exaggerations here and there. The virus was not unleashed when the impeachment farce was over, but during it, making the behavior of the Democrats in Congress, the health bureaucracy (including Fauci, Birx, and the CDC leadership), and the media even worse. It was only when the impeachment farce ended that the Democrats and the media started taking it seriously and then, while pretending that they had never minimized the danger (e.g., Nancy Pelosi and Bill deBlasio inviting everyone to Chinatown in February), they both overreacted (lockdowns) and botched their response (sending sick patients back to nursing homes).
    Also, this is certainly not the first time the FBI or the Intel Community have been politicized. They always were, like all government agencies. It was the FBI, for example, that investigated MLK, and there was reason its founding Director, J. Edgar Hoover, always got anything he wanted from Congress during his entire, long tenure. He had a dossier on everyone in Washington. LBJ wiretapped Goldwater’s campaign and got away with it. Even before Obama, the Intel Community sabotaged Bush’s attempt to get tough with Iran with an ‘national intelligence assessment’ that artfully misled the public into thinking that the Ayatollahs had stopped trying to make nuclear bombs. One could dig up many more examples, if one had the time.

  8. I also used to ponder what the historians would think of the unending attacks and complete hatred being show to one of the most effective Presidents in our history. After almost four years of their pure hatred, and discovering the depths the tendrils of leftism have crept into the various STATE & LOCAL governments, and seeing the indoctrination happening to our kids, despite the parents stated wishes, I’ve stopped wondering. The historians, academics of course, will see it as regal resistance, and support the woke narrative. Unless the Reformation takes place in some, hopefully not too far off, future time. By Reformation I mean just that, re-forming of the nation as the Founding Father’s vision intended, not the bloated beast into which the government mutated. They want mob rule, so they insist we are a democracy, when that very concept was anathema to our Founding Fathers.
    We long ago lost the best tool in our belt against this indoctrination, the 30 Very Important Words Every American Should Know and SAY ALOUD DAILY; I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, ONE nation, under GOD, with Liberty and Justice FOR ALL.
    We need this back in schools again, or the long game played by them will win out.

  9. This is what happens when you don’t hang every bastard involved in the coup immediately.

    • Biden is not going to do anything. He’s empty. It will be Obama and his commie cronies working the strings.

  10. This article made me laugh so hard. No Kool-Aid is there left to drink. The FBI did not say they were investigating Trump – they ANNOUNCED they were investigating Hillary. WikiLeaks and the Russian Intelligence operation did not set out to help Hillary, they set out to help Trump – and yet it was all a big coup? As Ozzie Osbourne would say… “poisoning their brainwashed minds… Oh Lord yeah!”

  11. Thanks for a very perceptive and, in my opinion accurate, analysis. I still think Trump has a fairly good chance of winning, but agree that if he is defeated it may well mean the long term decline of our country is not reversible. We desperately need a solid victory so “all hands on deck”.

  12. Trump and honesty should never be used in the same sentence. His dishonesty will be remembered for generations.

  13. There was a time when Conrad Black had intellectual integrity. He was a type of conservative, of course, but his writing was thoughtful, potentially fair, and capable of insight. Trump as the “integrity candidate” reveals his now laughable political bias. Indeed, Trump has exposed much in a broken political system the same way Herr Adolf exposed the Weimar Republic. Both dangerous men, but the new orange version is merely bumbling, bragging and tweeting his way to the end of his historic opportunity, leaving nothing lasting in his wake but a couple of Supreme Court appointments, the thanks of the tax-free top 2%, and an absolute governance train-wreck. The US is diminished, but it will survive. Conrad Black’s credibility, I fear, will not.

  14. So what you’re saying is, all of these former Trump staffers are wrong, and you’re right..
    1) Rex Tillerson: “He’s an effing moron.”
    2) Mick Mulvaney: “Do I like Donald Trump? No, he’s a terrible human being.”
    3) John Kelly: “He’s an idiot.”
    4) Gary Cohn: “He’s a professional liar.”
    5) Andrew McCabe: “If you hooked Trump up to a lie detector, he’d break the machine.”
    6) John Bolton: “He’s not fit for the office… doesn’t have the competence to carry out the job.”
    7) Anthony Scaramucci: “He’s a congenital liar.”
    8) James Mattis: “He acted like, and had the understanding of, a fifth or sixth grader.”
    9) James Comey: “Trump is morally unfit to be president.”
    And just for fun, I’ll throw in a couple of quotes from non-staffers…
    10) Ted Cruz: “Donald Trump is a pathological liar. He doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies. He lies practically every word out of his mouth.”
    11) Judge Barry (Trump’s sister): “He’s a liar, he has ZERO principles, and he CAN’T BE TRUSTED.”

    So tell me again, your royal sycophant, about his integrity.

  15. Yes, Trump is the integrity candidate, the candidate you vote against if you want to see honesty return to our national government. Conman Black is a lying sack.

    • It’s humorous that you think “Democrat” and “integrity” aren’t oxymoron.

  16. You’re out of your mind. He’s a corrupt hedonistic pig with no redeeming value.

  17. Wow. I was voting for Biden before I read this article. After reading, I’m still voting for Biden.

  18. This red herring is, in fact, a dead herring. Even toady Bill Barr and an empaneled Senate Star Chamber couldn’t deliver the goods on this fiction. If sycophantic bootlicking DoJ and the creaky McConnell GOP publicly concluded there’s no there there—before the election!—that’s proof positive of how insane the wild goose chase was in the first place. So there’s your deep state, your “spying” and your treason. But hey, we’re talking about it, right? Maybe Trump’s a genius after all. Or maybe he’s so despairing that he’s trying to run against Hillary in 2020 like a junky chasing that dragon. Ask me, that guy’s off his nut. You decide, America!

  19. obvious to anyone who applies the most basic measure of reason and common sense. There has never been a more buffoonish, cartoonish fraud in high office than Donald Trump. The American people aren’t falling for this nonstop clown show anymore and are thankfully abandoning him.

  20. Calling Donald Trump an integrity candidate is like calling Jabba the Hutt a fitness expert. Is this piece satire? Because it’s hard to imagine anyone writing something so blatantly absurd and expect to be taken seriously. Trump has been a conman and a fraud for decades and his multitude of daily lies are obvious to anyone who applies the most basic measure of reason and common sense. There has never been a more buffoonish, cartoonish fraud in high office than Donald Trump. The American people aren’t falling for this nonstop clown show anymore and are thankfully abandoning him.

  21. The type of mentality represented by Hollywood and Jackson Grady (above) is either ignorant or uninterested in facts. If Trump loses, America (and the world) deserves the decline and devastation that will result.

  22. Unbelievable that someone like Black who used to enjoy a decent reputation can write such garbage, drivel propaganda.

  23. So the Integrity Candidate has lied about his taxes and financial records; lied by taking a Fauci quote completely out of context; lied about climate change; lied about coal jobs; lied about infrastructure; lied about manufacturing jobs; lied about his tariffs; lied about VA benefits; lied about his nonexistent health care plan; lied about coverage for pre-existing conditions; lied about the pandemic and his ineffectual response to it; lied about his health, refusing to release his records; lied about the Proud Boys, Boogaloo Bois and White supremacists; lied about his self-dealing and emoluments grifting; lied about Russia and Putin; lied about MBS; lied about Iran; lied about his dealings with Kim Jung Un; lied about his views of the military; in short he has lied about everything of any importance.

    • Not a word of your diatribe even remotely resembles truth or reality. You would not be able to produce one shred of evidence in support of your contentions. You did miss one though…Trump hates orphaned children…saw it on CNN just now (duly repeated by CBC).

    • Of course, ‘Hollywood’, when you live on the other side of the looking glass then of course you see all truth as ‘lies’.

    • Agree wholeheartedly with above from Hollywood. Let me just add that in May 2019, U.S. President Donald Trump granted “Sir” Conrad Black a full pardon. Let me connect the dots for those still blind to the innumerable lies, transgressions and and corrupt acts of IMPOTUS…
      Black’s slavish defense and fawning adoration of IMPOTUS is a quid pro quo. Everything that Black writes about IMPOTUS should come with the warning label, “This opinion was bought and paid for by President Donald J Trump”

  24. I thought this was a joke based on the headline.

    I can understand why you would like this to be true, but your ability to understand reality must surely be in question.

  25. Reminds me of the joke about a “lie clock” in Heaven.

    Guy goes to Heaven and is met by St. Peter at the Pearly Gates who has a little mantle clock next to him. Guy asks St. Pete what that little clock is for

    “This is your “lie clock” he tells him. Every time you told a lie in life, the clock hands moved forward.

    Everybody has one and it keeps track of how much honesty and integrity they had in life.
    Guy then peers over St. Peter’s shoulders and sees billions of clocks of all shapes and sizes stretching to the horizon.

    Guy then notices that St. Peter is standing in front of a huge clock who’s hands are spinning furiously. “Who’s clock is that the Guy asks?

    “Oh, that’s Donald Trump’s. We use it as a fan on warm days like today”.

  26. Singing: In opposite-world, where up is down, and down is up, where everything is possible!

    -It takes a special kind of “journalist” apologist to defend the actions of Trump so completely. No surprise there, having previously stated about Nixon that his best move in the Watergate scandal would have been to surreptitiously delete damaging parts of the tapes and then make up a cover story “whatever he wanted.”

    So no changes, there.

  27. Agree — To say this this incompetent corrupt narcissist has anything to do with honesty and integrity is totally irresponsible. You can say you like some of his policies but the character of the man is indisputable!

  28. “Improbable as it often seems, and whatever his failings, in this election Donald Trump is the candidate of honesty, competence, and legality.” – OK. Let’s see what I can do: Although charcoal absorbs most of the light shone upon it and is often used to stand out on linen by painters when they sketch a set-up, charcoal is in fact one of the most bright shades of white, much lighter in color than for instance yoghurt, snow or the bed sheets of Her Majesty the Queen.

  29. Come on dude. Wtf. The guy got half his staff infected with the virus he’s supposed to protect his country from, tried to hide it, went to the hospital, almost died and then still minimalized it, endangering more people. This is without talking about him getting rich off taxpayer’s money by booking 30 rooms in his own golf resort every two weeks, and having a horde of actual criminals in his direct administration. Integrity! Are you actually kidding me?

  30. And this is exactly why they are hiding Biden and Harris–if one even begins to look closer at them, they are mired in corruption.

  31. So…

    “… It is now clear from intelligence declassifications—now temporarily taking the place of indictments by the special counsel on the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation…”

    No indictments, just “declassified” snippets of memos that are both cherry-picked and out-of-context. Gee, it’s almost as if the right-wing conspiracy factory has failed yet again.

  32. Trump is the integrity candidate! You are truly writing for the choir — otherwise, a candidate who lies at a rate of rate of 3 lies a minute, who asks his juniors to break federal law because he will pardon them, who prompted the first-ever national conversation about having a fact-checker during the presidential debates — would hardly be called an integrity candidate!

    “The special prosecutor, John Durham, was supposed to enable the voters to make an informed decision this autumn.Instead, he is dawdling along at his own pace…” Obviously, you fail to understand the reasons for the dawdling! He and Barr went into the investigation believing there was corruption in the Russian collusion — and have been surprised that there was no corruption! Hence the dawdling. In other corrupt regimes like Trump’s, this investigation should have been allowed to die in silence (the embarrassment of having started it in the first place is too much!), but Trump, who wanted wanted the justice department to clear his own crimes, and conservatives, who inexplicably don’t see the corruption in Trump and his administration, would not shut up. The thing to remember about Durham and Barr is that if there indeed was corruption in the FBI’s investigation, they would have been the first to report it. Barr, after all, sees himself as first and foremost, and almost always, the attorney of Donald Trump, and only secondarily, if at all, as the attorney general of the United States.

  33. Its not just the pardon — one day it would be useful to explore how far back the relationship between Trump and this fanboy goes. Its not arms length and maybe even not straightforward, financially. Mr. Black lies to present himself as the sobering elder voice of wisdom standing over the rabble of the fourth estate when in actuality he has demeaned himself to the point that he is indistinguishable from any other PR staff member in the current RNC.

  34. As an Irish citizen, I’m amazed at the ad hominem attacks upon your democratically elected president of 2016, judging by the nasty and personal smears upon both him and this writer.
    Trump has not taken a cent from the Treasury coffers, whereas the Democrats have done nothing but.
    Yours is a great country but the vicious blowhards who hate Trump deserve nothing but contempt.
    And no lifeline to move to a Republican state , once Berkeley or Seattle comes burning up their liberal drives..
    Trump is a hero, he’s our President too in Europe. If he loses( or more likely it s cheated out of his win), then the Resistance these last few years will deserve all they’ll get by way of retaliation for all they’ve done to a necessary scapegoat for years of evil and corruption . God Bless the USA.

    • Thank you Alicya. What some don’t realize is that Mr. Black may not necessarily be saying president Trump has a lot of integrity, but that the opposition has so little integrity the president is the integrity president by default. If that is what he was saying, I think they have proved Mr. Black’s point. The president of the U.S. is to be respected – not adored or unquestioned. But if we in the U.S. don’t respect the office of the presidency, no matter who holds it, I think we are bound to become like any other nation, blown by the whims and winds of emotion and greed/self interest. The world will not be better off. Thank you, Alicya, for saying it so well.

  35. I was 23 years old when I defected communist regime from Albania, and for the past 25 year I was registered Democrat. Last year I went to Albania got the chance talking to locals who told me they got paid $50 per person to vote for Albanian PM Edi Rama. Well, that made me to support president Trump more than ever, because year prior I watched on TV Judicial Watch on Fox News saying Obama donated 9 Million US tax dollars to George Soros NGO in Albania. Well, that money was news to overthrow Albanians democracy. Thanks to Obama, and Hillary Albania today is a Socialist country! Al Jazeera called Edi Rama MODURO of Albania. We have seen Soros been interfering in many countries around the world including here in the USA, recently George Soros donated over half a million dollars to Joe Biden’s campaign. Soros is trying to overthrow US democracy the way he did in Albania, and many other countries around the Europe! Jan 2020 I decided to #WalkAway from Democrats since then I become a public speaker Life under communism.

    This is for LIBERALS before you cast your vote, be sure you don’t vote you’re freedom away!
    You must Google
    Fascist Socialist;
    Nazits Socialist;
    Maxits Socialist;
    Democrats Socialist, and see their similarities, ask yourself is this the future you want for yourself, your children, and your family and then VOTE. I don’t I would do anything to defend my freedom, my children and Grandchildrens freedom who are born in the USA. I don’t want them to live the life I defected from because they have nowhere to escape to this is our home!

  36. “Do not lay hands upon [vote for in America’s case] anyone too hastily and thus share responsibility for the sins of others….” (1 Timothy 5:22)

    On one hand Trump’s alleged to be the most pro-life President and on the other the most pro-sodomite and lesbian President!

    The most pro-sodomite and lesbian President according to avowed practicing sodomite Richard Grennel who Trump appointed Ambassador to Germany and to his cabinet as acting Director of National Defense. Trump publicly responded to Grennell by saying he was honored to be so dubbed.

    The very best you can get from the Constitutional Republic’s unbiblical election system is the lesser of two evils. But sometimes you get the worst of the worst and always the evil of two lessers.

    This juxtaposed with the Bible’s One-Vote election system (per Deuteronomy 17:10 & 15, etc.) by which you end up with the best of the best of two or more biblically qualified candidates, every single time.

    Regardless, alleged Christians persist in trying to justify unbiblically voting for biblically unqualified candidates into unbiblical positions of civil leadership who if elected will swear to uphold the biblically seditious Constitution as the of the land, which, in turn, will only help in perpetuating the biblically egregious Constitutional Republic upon our posterity, who will one day curse us in our graves for having done so.

    For more, google blog article “Constitutional Elections: Dining at the ‘Devil’s Table,.'”ls-table/

    See also Chapter 5 “Article 2: Executive Usurpation” of free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.”

    Scroll down to heading “Elections.”