Morning Greatness: SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing Day Two Will Be Lit

Good Tuesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’ agenda today:

  • The president delivers remarks at a Make America Great Again Rally in Johnstown, PA


Two minutes of hate:

Today is day 2 of ACB’s confirmation hearing and it is going to be nasty. Yesterday was only a fashion show of clownery with the Democrats using their opening statements to show pictures of sick people because everything is political for them. The requirements for SCOTUS is simply that the nominee be qualified. ACB is a law professor she’s plenty qualified. But the Democrats want the pig ignorant public to think that ACB, personally, will take away their health care plans and their ability to get an abortion if she is confirmed. Smarter people understand that the SCOTUS has one job and that job is to make sure that laws of the land are in conformity with the constitution. They don’t “fix” the social ills imagined by progressives but this is how the Democrats view the court, as a means to their political ends. It doesn’t matter if Obamacare is unconstitutional, it only matters that they got their results. Today, the vultures will get to question ACB so buckle up.

Also during the hearing, the media FREAKED OUT because Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) showed up in person. Lee had caught the virus over a week ago but had been given medical clearance by the Senate physician as Lee had quarantined for the appropriate and had no symptoms. No matter, there was a meltdown. Senator Kamala also used her time to complain about how dangerous it was to hold the hearings because of the virus and she boldly testified from her office very close to the hearing room. Does Kamala not understand people go to work every day in this country? Why does she think the Senate is special? What an elitist.


Election News:

Biden Forgets Mitt Romney’s Name

Trump ridicules Biden for saying he’s running ‘for the Senate,’ forgetting Romney’s name

Fox News president warns of calling winner too soon on election night: 2000 still ‘lingers over everyone’

Irony! Biden questions ‘memory’ of voters in poll who say they’re better off now than 4 years ago

Fauci says Trump campaign should take down ad featuring him

LOL. Doctors urge Michigan stations to stop running Trump ad quoting Fauci

‘Hamilton’ cast to reunite for Biden fundraiser

GOP raises over $620M through WinRed in third quarter

Gimme a break. Top general did not give his consent to be used in Trump political ad

Georgia sees record turnout, long lines on first day of early voting

California issues cease-and-desist to GOP, says unofficial ballot drop boxes are illegal

Idiots. Pennsylvania Republicans shelve controversial ‘election integrity’ committee

Get ready. NYPD tells officers to prepare for deployment in expectation of election protests

Black churches mobilizing voters despite virus challenges


SCOTUS circus:

22 Arrested Outside Senate Building Before Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearings


Protests/Riots/Black Lives Matter/crime:

Promoter for Portland’s ‘Day of Rage’ wants to ‘abolish colonial systems,’ report says

Man facing charges after damage to Oregon Historical Society in Portland protests



Nevada man becomes first in US to contract coronavirus twice

1619 Project faces renewed criticism — this time from within The New York Times

Trump’s doctor says the President has tested negative on consecutive days

Amid rising Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations, local US leaders and public health experts worry of a coming surge


Other morsels:

WATCH: Acosta Snaps At Trump Supporters Chanting ‘CNN Sucks!’ During Florida Rally

Princeton to dole out nearly $1M in back pay to female professors

“Ethics” groups. Two ethics groups call on House to begin impeachment inquiry against Barr

College biology quiz refers to Trump as ‘eugenicist’: report

Excellent. Carey Hart faces backlash, defends politics after social media post of his kids shooting guns

Vatican putting 2 priests on trial accused of abuse, coverup


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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