The Pathetic End Point of Racial Sensitivity Training

President Trump was grilled during his first debate with Joe Biden over his war against critical race theory training. Moderator Chris Wallace framed it as “racial sensitivity training” when he asked Trump why he banned the left-wing indoctrination in federal agencies.

Trump rightly called the training racist, un-American, and a “radical revolution.” He did, however, fail to specify who the training is racist towards. (Pssst… it’s white people.) “We have to go back to the core values of this country. They were teaching people that our country is a horrible place, it’s a racist place, and they were teaching people to hate our country, and I’m not gonna allow that,” Trump said.

Former Vice President Joe Biden replied “no one is doing that” and then proceeded to call Trump a “racist.” He also bizarrely claimed the president looks down on “Irish Catholics like me.” In his old age, Biden must’ve mistaken Trump for Bill the Butcher—the president is far from a Know-Nothing.

The media, of course, reacted with outrage at Trump’s response. One Washington Post op-ed argued that the president’s efforts against critical race theory are “operationalize[d] white supremacy.” Other commentators followed Wallace’s framing and assumed the training just teaches co-workers to not use racial slurs. 

Christoper Rufo, who’s done incredible work exposing CRT training, does a good job of explaining the basics of this pernicious phenomenon and why Americans should care about it. “To any fair-minded observer, these are not ‘racial sensitivity trainings,’ as Mr. Wallace described them at the debate,” he writes in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed. “They are political indoctrination sessions. While this misrepresentation is a disappointment, it isn’t a surprise. Progressive activists and their media enablers routinely manipulate words to conceal the truth: Violent riots have become ‘mostly peaceful protests’ and ‘defund the police’ has become ‘reimagine public safety.’”

CRT is not a minor issue. It’s not just a boring training session workers sit through and forget about afterward. It infects corporate HR departments and dominates college campuses. To see it in its full hideous state, one should look at the insane story of a college professor forced to apologize for wanting football to return.

“I am sorry for the hurt, sadness, frustration, fatigue, exhaustion and pain this article has caused anyone, but specifically Black students in the higher education community and beyond,” wrote Ohio State professor Matthew Mayhew in his groveling apology published last month. Mayhew composed the most pathetic apology in human history in response to his op-ed making anodyne arguments for the return of college football. He said the sport can restore America’s morale and show the country is returning to normal. 

According to his detractors, however, that argument is extremely racist and gravely harms the black community. Mayhew capitulated to his detractors, a strong indicator of how much sway radical race theories have over college campuses.

Mayhew’s apology, by the way, gets worse the longer it goes on.

“I am just beginning to understand how I have harmed communities of color with my words,” he writes cringingly. “I am learning that my words—my uninformed, careless words—often express an ideology wrought in whiteness and privilege. I am learning that my commitment to diversity has been performative, ignoring the pain the Black community and other communities of color have endured in this country. I am learning that I am not as knowledgeable as I thought I was, not as antiracist as I thought I was, not as careful as I thought I was. For all of these, I sincerely apologize.”

He also talked about all the tears he shed for saying college football is good: “I know it’s not anyone’s job to forgive me, but I ask for it—another burden of a white person haunted by his ignorance. To consider the possible hurt I have played a role in, the scores of others whose pain I didn’t fully see, aches inside me—a feeling different and deeper than the tears and emotions I’ve experienced being caught in an ignorant racist moment.”

Don’t read the whole thing. It’s not good to witness a man’s public humiliation to appease bad people. The Inquisition would have blanched at such capitulation. The main takeaway is Mayhew agreed to do more to “unlearn” racism and listen to people lecture him about his evil whiteness and systemic racism. 

The apology letter is the logical and pathetic endpoint for critical race theory training. White people cannot express basic opinions without the fear of being labeled racist. Any opinion of theirs can be counted as “harmful” to people of color and may require this kind of complete groveling if they want to keep their jobs, their public respectability, or even access to their bank accounts. Thanks to these insane ideas, Professor Mayhew must accept he’s an inferior being and must mentally geld himself just because he’s white.

That sounds awfully like how Trump described this heinous practice. 

Unfortunately, college campuses are now fiercely engaged in multiplying efforts to enforce this sick mentality. Just this week, Central Michigan University President Bob Davies announced he would work to implement the radical ideology of Ibram X. Kendi’s How to Be an Antiracist book at his institution. Random state universities will now teach their students to hate themselves if they’re white and hate the “white supremacist” country in which they live. 

Trump is right to go to war against this poison. He is also right to offer a patriotic alternative for our schools with his 1776 Commission.

We cannot allow our educators, government workers, and corporate executives to turn into poor Matthew Mayhewfor expressing any opinion a protected class member finds offensive. This is America—we have the right to speak freely and live without ancestral racial guilt. 

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28 responses to “The Pathetic End Point of Racial Sensitivity Training”

  1. It isn’t enough to call out CRT as wrong. Those who are promoting it are not mistaken, they are evil. They don’t need to be merely stopped, but destroyed.

    • I was taking a class on molecular biology recently and I heard the professor excoriate a student for being racist when the student used the term “flesh color” to describe the appearance of a protein purification sample.

      Critical race theory demands that a person twist his mind into a pretzel and then force to it remember all the banded vocabulary. The entire biotech industry of full of do-gooders like that professor for whom woke thinking is a sexual fetish and dark obsession and who profess to love mankind but treat their subordinates like slaves.

      I’ve always wondered why there still is no cure for cancer after all these decades. That’s why.

    • Racial equality is a myth created by the left , here never was and never will be such a thing. Inequality is the reality of life everywhere; anything else is fiction. The creation of forced integration was formally instituted in the ’60s to suite the voting demographics of the liberal left with more nonwhite participants. Diversity, acceptance,inclusion, and tolerance were later included to facilitate anyone who cared to join in the free spectacle of justification without effort, cause or knowledge.

  2. It was NEVER about “equality”. IT has always been about REVERSING the roles …. White Privilege, like the Scofield “bible”and christian.zionism/rapture, is a carefully engineered and designed psychological attack on White Christianity. The inventors of both are deviously evil. Those who believe these things are unquestioning idiots.
    “White privilege” is CHILD ABUSE ….. it is a deliberate, carefully designed, racist attack on the self esteem of White children.
    “White privilege” is classic Racist Bullying …… tearing down others rather than lifting yourself up.

  3. Anyone familiar with Chairman Mao’s “struggle sessions” will recognize the similarity with Critical Race Theory. It is appalling that anything like Mao’s cruel and evil methods of political indoctrination can gain a foothold in America.

    • Your comparison of CRT to Mao’s struggle sessions is apt. I don’t believe the similarity is an accident; I think the Left used Mao’s techniques as their model.

  4. Hoping and praying for Trump’s reelection, then CRT is banned from all universities or federal funds are cut. This crap is crippling our nation and has given us BLM and ANTIFA.

    The 1776 Commission is an outstanding project and I highly recommend people check it out at the Woodson Center. Bob Woodson a real civil rights legend that has done great work in helping blacks in poverty get better educations and find jobs. Bob Woodson is a real patriot.

    As to Professor Matthew Mayhew I have one question; “What are you a man or a mouse? Squeak up.”

    • We’re ALL be Matthew Mayhew at some point. That IS the point.
      We all have something we don’t want to loose or someone we don’t want to see hurt or burdened, in some way, by our fall from respectability. Don’t judge Matthew Mayhew.

      • Impossible not to. Every person that willingly humiliates himself puts that much pressure and more on the next person to do the same. In contrast, every person who say they support the Constitution (freedom of speech) is making it easier for the next person to do the same.

        It is necessary to judge when “good people” give in to evil in order to attain some end and thereby damage the country at large, not to mention individual rights and yes, unity, too.

        This was not a Christian in Nigeria defending his family, denying his faith so they won’t be mutilated; this was a well-paid and respected member of the community deciding his position was more important that what he and his country supposedly stand for. You don’t just sell out American values like that.

        The founders are rolling in their graves. They did NOT apologize for defending their right to govern themselves. Neither should we. And esp not this way — this was not a desultory, I wanna-keep-my-job thing, this was “I will sell out myself and other Americans and call myself evil when I (we) are not — while ignoring — worse, bowing down to and pseudo-worshipping — those who are)”

      • Charles LeClerc races in F1 for Ferrari-he refuses to take a knee (as most drivers do-the F1 champion pushes BLM) and fights back when he (inevitably) is accused of being a racist-this is the example we need to see more of…

  5. Critical Race Theory is bogus because it does not address the root of why the human animal is racist. Blacks only make up about 13% of our American population and no amount of CRT Sensitivity Training will change how human tribes protect themselves from those perceived to be not like them.

    The human animal operates under the assumption of self righteousness that their tribe is sacrosanct and to keep their genetics pure they believe they must control who engages with the tribe.

    The quickest way to recognize a supposed enemy is by the color of their skin because we relegate most of our perceptions to vision. Obviously Blacks are not of the White tribe and visa-versa, but just like in the wild the larger group sets the priorities and the agenda. To come together both tribes wold have to find an advantage in the engagement. If there is none then the lesser will suffer under the rule of the greater, whether it be by strength, or intellectualism.

    When such a small segment of our population rises up to create havoc, dumb down whites choose to believe the rhetoric being spewed by the lesser because they have had their reasoning powers stripped from them by our failing education system, which is where CRT and that idiocy of Sensitivity Training comes in. Blacks have learned that by using the word “Racism” they can control those dumb down whites wanting us to feel sorry for them and the lie that it is Whites who hold them down.


    Not all of us are so dumb down that we have lost our ability to thing critically !!!

      • BTW, AG, this comment system STINKS. It’s like a time-machine to, oh, 1998. There has to be a better way.

      • We’re aware and we’re looking into options. To reiterate, we dropped Disqus because it was slowing load times on pages and their ads were earning us nothing and we had no control over them. I don’t exactly love having to do more comment moderation, either, but that’s where we are right now. Please be patient. Thanks for reading.

  6. The underlying motivations for “Critical Race Theory”, “White Fragility”, “The 1619 Project”, etc… are not anything unique in light of past historical occurrences in demonizing an entire group of people due to their DNA. If anything, they are just re-writes of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, which proved to be very effective in what the Russian Czarist sought out to do. Never mind the after effects of the Protocols having inspired the Holocaust, such consequences for vilifying a group of people who are gravely harmed is of no concern to those proponents to CRT, WF, and 1619 Project.

    So yes, such theories cannot be merely dismissed as some fringe ideas, as there is a willing audience ready. willing, and able to act on this. (Just like there was in Russia/Soviet Union and Germany with their anti-semitism and pro-collectivism).

    • Thank you for saying that so well. And while I am waiting to see if my comment “passed moderation approval,” may I say that, if it does show up, it originally had paragraphs, so I’m not sure why the sample showed it as a dense block of print.

      Bring back discus.

  7. The Stalin show trial quality of Matthew Mayhew’s “apology” is chilling.
    Maybe we’d take the real purpose, and effectiveness of this CRT training more seriously if we imagined ourselves suddenly threatened with being unable to provide for our families.

    The first step in preventing that from happening is to get real about how easily it can happen—-how easily it has happened throughout history—-to recognize, in different historical examples of it, the same brutal intimidation under the fine and noble sounding reasons given for intimidating people into this compliance.

  8. Professor Mayhew is a gonadless sniveling idiot, lacking in both integrity, character and knowledge of history. There’s a lot of that going around these days…

  9. Always remember that “mostly peaceful” also means “substantially violent”.

  10. Just fire all the white people from all forms of employment. There. Problem solved.

  11. Multiple slave owners in my family tree and I have zero, nada, zilch guilt.

  12. Why not call it “racial sensitivity training” then?
    A country foisting something overbearing-sounding on its own wider society such as Critical Race Theory sounds like a country determined to scorn the arts and entertainments. If all the time and effort put into disseminating CRT was put into creating music appreciation and lessons, the self-esteem and self-belief of millions would be raised. People would see each other eye to eye — not with a critical eye. (Nor with a Critical critical eye). Black and white made music together or in the midst of each other. They have done so for a hundred years now, in America. Where else? To such a degree? Is CRT that legacy’s lot now? How diabolical! How tedious! What a drag! Pathetic!
    CRT back in the analogue days meant cathode ray tube. Large mechanical things, a shorthand expression among engineers and technicians for a television or camera I guess, and made by human hands probably. In the digital age, young people need to ditch their smart phones and make or do things with their hands. Like pick up a paint brush or learn a musical instrument. Or sculpt something. Perhaps all those statues were pulled down in part because of a resentment today borne by millions of young Americans that people in bygone times (sculptors) could immerse themselves in creating merely with their hands a work of art, a sculpture, that leaves a legacy in theory for all time. So the sculptures and sculptors are destroyed, removed, cancelled, deleted, as if digitally. As if this vandalism is a way to make up for the young’s obsession with their ridiculously tiny, tyrannical screens. The longer these ridiculous little bricks take up our lives, the more miserable and angry people become.

  13. …. “but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the
    Person attainted.” (US Constitution, Article III, section 3)

    ‘Corruption of Blood’ is the idea of ancestral guilt that passes from parent to child and down through generations. ‘Attainting’ is a punishment that strips the guilty party of all rights or humanity.

    This is exactly what CRT promotes. But then again, the people behind CRT want to abolish the rest of the Constitution also.

  14. I don’t understand the link between Mayhew’s apology and racial sensitivity training. Is there one? Arguing against diversity and inclusion trainings at large is a sad, sad place to be. They are innocuous and usually serve as good reminders of how to speak up when a member of a minority or marginalized group is on the receiving end of hurtful actions or words that others don’t appreciate or understand because they aren’t part of the marginalized group themselves and aren’t forced to reckon with hurtful actions. If you are scared of growing your capacity to empathize with others unlike yourself, Trump’s demands are for you!

  15. CRT is a Monster; its Parents are Hate and Envy; two of the Worst of Human Failings
    Nothing good can ever come of it, as its only effect is to Indoctrinate people to Despise their Country, Despise themselves and Despise each other.
    Who’s life is to be Improved, what is to be made Better, by THAT?

  16. The solution is simple, I believe in reparations beyond just a financial benefit. Rather than money, let’s take them back to when they where NOT considered slaves. Yep, send them back to their home-Africa!!