Pence Regains the Initiative, But Trump Must Finish the Job

The vice presidential debate was a refreshing upgrade on the cacophonous fiasco last week between the presidential nominees.

The incumbent, Mike Pence, was an easy winner on substantive points and general demeanor. The only question he did not really answer was how the administration is going to protect people with pre-existing medical problems if it succeeds in a judicial rejection of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). He effectively replied to the customary Democratic falsehoods about the failures of this administration’s management of COVID-19. More importantly, as the evening wore on, the Democratic vice presidential nominee, Senator Kamala Harris, was more and more frequently reduced to the default page of the Democratic campaign: defamatory mudslinging against the president. 

Senator Harris accused Trump of “the greatest presidential failure in history,” and said she would not take a vaccine on Trump’s recommendation. She repeated the lies that he only paid $750 in income taxes in 2017, that the current recession is as serious as the Great Depression, that he is a security risk because he owes $400 million, “that he doesn’t believe in science,” considers American war dead to be “suckers and losers,” that he never raised with Russian president Putin the matter of Russian bounties on American soldiers, that he described Mexicans in general as “rapists and criminals,” that he declared his support for Nazis at Charlottesville in 2017, that he has never condemned white supremacy, and that in questioning the security of mass mailed-out balloting, he is trying to prevent the nation from voting and suppressing democracy.

In fact, during the Great Depression, the unemployment rate reached 30 percent and there was no direct relief for the jobless. The indebtedness on some of Trump’s properties is covered by approximately $5 billion of assets and if any of his loans were called, every bank in the world would be happy to refinance them (on their merits, not because of his position).

The falsehood about denigrating American war dead has been revealed as a smear job by The Atlantic (which currently publishes little else).

There is not one scrap of evidence in his entire conscient life to support the argument that Donald Trump is a racist.

There is not much that can be done about the Trump-hating media giving credence to these scurrilous allegations, but when the Democratic vice presidential nominee is reduced to mouthing them as non-responses to the questions put to her, it amounts, at last, to a confession of substantive bankruptcy in the Biden campaign. 

Pence referred with suitable disdain and outrage to the fraudulent Trump-Russia canard, but left Biden’s family’s questionable financial derring-do alone. He worked in the rioting and vandalism of the summer “peaceful protesters” but didn’t link the urban guerrillas to the Democrats.

Pence finally effectively rebutted the second leg of the Democratic campaign—that the administration has botched the pandemic. Unfortunately, he did not mention the antiquarian public health crisis response system bequeathed to this administration by Obama and Biden, but he did emphasize the lives saved by shutting down direct flights from China at the end of January, over noisy Democratic protestations, and the administration’s success in mass-producing medical supplies and accelerating the pursuit of a vaccine.

He did not take the president’s new post-hospitalization war cry calling for the United States to emancipate itself from the regime of panic and fretfulness that has been inflicted on it by the Democrats and their media, but he did point out that the so-called Biden plan is outright plagiarism from the administration (“an activity with which Joe Biden is familiar.”) 

Pence scored well when Harris echoed her leader and professed not to support the Green New Deal by reminding her that she had been its co-sponsor in the Senate, and he put her claim that Trump had endangered world peace when he “walked away from the Iran” nuclear deal to the shredder by reminding her of the $150 billion that Obama had given the ayatollahs as part of an arrangement that would enable Iran to deploy nuclear weapons four years from now. 

Pence had a steady fire of damaging lines: Biden had been “cheerleading for Communist China for 30 years,” and opposed the killing of Osama bin Laden. He reminded us that both Democratic nominees upheld the charge that the United States is “systemically racist,” and he accused Harris of having done absolutely nothing for African-Americans or race relations in general and of having over-prosecuted African-Americans when she was a district attorney and attorney general in California. He caught her wobbling on the issue of abolishing fracking, debunked the gap between Biden’s promise to repeal Trump’s tax cuts and their more recent promise not to raise taxes on anyone earning less than $400,000 a year. Probably most tellingly of all, Pence caught Harris flat-footed when she repeatedly declined to indicate whether a Biden Administration would attempt to pack the Supreme Court if the current nominee to fill the vacancy on the court, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, is confirmed. 

The Democrats and their talking media robots have been strutting across our television screens all week like roosters pretending the campaign is over and the confirmation of their victory is a mere formality. It is likely that Mike Pence has succeeded in arresting the apparent erosion of the Republican campaign.

But it now remains to the president to transform his new theme of the country ceasing to be “dominated” by COVID-19, and recognizing that it is only a mortal threat to less than 1 percent of Americans and that 99 percent of those who contract it survive and are at least partially immunized thereafter. The average age of a person who dies with the coronavirus—and almost always has other ailments as well—is 78, which is the average life expectancy of the entire population. The Democrats recognize that Trump, after successfully shaking off the virus, is now finally attacking the Democratic campaign of panic and hysteria and is offering in its place a defiant battle cry of resistance, even drawing, a bit implausibly, on the inspirational rhetoric of Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt.   

The Democrats are naturally mocking Trump and their media jackals are comparing him to Mussolini (because he stood briefly on the White House balcony, as has every president since John Adams) and the last days of the Romanoffs, but the president is correct. He has come late to this argument and wore his caution uneasily, but his bout with the illness has emboldened him to denounce the Democratic attempt to portray the coronavirus as a mortal threat to every person in the country or a reenacted medieval bubonic plague as the fear-mongering it is. 

This will work, because it is true, but only if the president presses it hard and believably. His vice president has done all he could to regain the initiative for the administration. It is up to Trump to raise his game, hammer home his argument, and sweep Biden aside in the last two debates. Another shouting and slanging match like his first debate could produce the unimaginable calamity of a Biden presidency.

Photo: (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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60 responses to “Pence Regains the Initiative, But Trump Must Finish the Job”

  1. Pence tried to be a Mini-me smaller Trump. More calm, but still talking overtime, still interrupting, still lying, not dealing with the facts, not acknowledging the total fail of his Covid Task Force, presenting total false piety, repeatedly engaging in (false) flag waving, avoiding questions, trying to be dismissive, violating the debate rules, riding roughshod over the moderator (who had a conflict of interest). Other than that perfect performance.

    • Accusing others of being dismissive, flag waving and lying while every single comment you made is being dismissive, flag waving and lying. Quite ironic. It’s the Democrat mantra these days. Just accuse others of what you are doing and hope everyone is too stupid or scared to challenge it.

    • Why are you not reading the slate, vox, and other left publications, you should not torture yourself with the “Lies” of America greatness, why are you even here??

    • “Hollywood” is an appropriate moniker for such an unhinged response. You have it exactly backwards! Pence ate her lunch on the merits and on the facts. Her smug, lying arrogance and habitual prevarication were on full display – as is yours. But have a nice day!

    • If you recall, Dr. Birx said that according to the best case models, even if everything goes as it could, the US is still looking at 200k deaths; otherwise, the death toll will be much higher. So based on Dr. Birx’s models, Trump is on target for the best case scenario.

      Further, the federal government does not regulate restaurants, bars, nursing homes, mask wearing, etc…; these are State and local functions. There is no federal police to enforce a federal law (for example) closing restaurants.

      So based on all the facts, there is not much more the federal government could have done absent having a time-machine to have predicted this virus.

      • The problem with the number of deaths is that it is an inflated number. By how much???
        I know of 2 people whose deaths certificates said covid, but died from other causes. How many more?

        Why? Because the feds pay hospitals $39,000 per death to write Covid on the death certificate.

      • Set a tired of this auto-response, “Trump lies…Pence lies” —when the Democratic Party is nothing but a band of liars and a thicket of lies. “If you like your healthcare, you can keep it..” “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black.” “People will die!”

    • What facts did Harris offer? As Lord black pointed out Harris was reduced to name calling, falsification of critical data, and hubris. Intellectual honesty escapes people like you.

    • Your ignorance is explained by your username. Dems hire you to troll?

    • Remember when Biden called Trump a Xenophobe for cutting off travel with China at the end of January? I ‘member. Most ‘member.

    • The question is not whether the Trump Administration did a less than perfect job with the Chinese virus, it’s whether a Biden Administration would have done better. Why don’t you ever say what specifically Biden would have done DIFFERENTLY especially when he opposed the stopping of Chinese and European flights.

    • Let me try that.
      Harris tried to be a mini-me, more articulate, Biden. More calm but still talking overtime, still interrupting, still lying, not dealing with the facts, not acknowledging the total fail of the Democrats proposed response to the Virus Crisis, presenting total false piety, repeatedly engaging in (false) flag waving, avoiding questions, trying to be dismissive, violating the debate rules, riding roughshod over the moderator (who had a conflict of interest). Other than that perfect performance.

      Hmmmm. Sounds familiar, I’d bet. And equally ‘accurate’.

      C’mon man (as Sleepy Joe himself might say)… you simply echo the party line.

      Debate rules are ALWAYS violated. Debate questions are ALWAYS ignored. Every candidate’s set-piece answers address only the issues they care to address. The ‘moderator’ (albeit a better one than Wallace) is simply there to toss the ping-pong ball back and forth, and hand the microphone to the ‘Other Guy’ to say whatever the hell it is they want to say, every few minutes or so.

      When you say they’re not ‘dealing the facts’, you have to specify which particular set of facts. Kamala’s DA performance? the Democratic support of the Green New Deal? the plan to pack the Supreme Court? Trump’s judicial appointments? the ‘right’ strategy for WuhanV? the impact of tax cuts? the strength of the pre-pandemic economy? What? And even if answered, the answer doesn’t matter. Not really.

      A true, provable, demonstrable FACT is not debatable.
      The 210K dead is not a debatable number. Certainly one can debate the variable and dubious mechanisms used to build that count….and we can debate the difference between dying WITH WuhanV vs. FROM WuhanV (which leads us into the CDC 6%/94% estimate of ‘pure’ viral deaths vs. deaths ‘pushed’ by WuhanV). But the fact that THAT is the number published is not debatable. What is debatable…and what is important to debate….is the policies which would or would not be pursued by each potential administration, given that fact. Will Trump push OPENING? Will Biden push CLOSING AND MANDATORY MASKING? What is the model…what is the forecast….each uses as they plan for a post-election future. And Harris told us nothing of that.

      You say — as per Kamala — that Trump, et al, ‘failed’ in their Covid Task Force. Why? How do you measure such failure? Yes, the fact is, we’ve tallied 210K dead. But is that failure? Compared to the 2M which were predicted? Compared to the Impossible Zero which we’d all prefer? What number of dead is a success?How do you calculate such a ‘good’ death count?

      Certainly what Cuomo did with the Nursing Homes in NY killed tens of thousands. THAT was clearly an avoidable failure as infected people were deliberately inserted into highly vulnerable populations. But Trump did not do that.

      Certainly the CDC failed miserably at the single most important job they have. And though the buck stops with Trump, the failure actually was the CDC’s (and the way that organization has been built and staffed over the last 20 years)….compounded by the previous Administration’s decisions to empty and not-replenish pandemic stockpiles (or, in the cse of California, Emergency Preparedness Systems).

      Yes, the fact is, a booming economy WAS hamstrung by a lockdown heavily pushed by Progressives (at the CDC, in Congress, in the media). Is that failure? Compared to what might have been a total and continuing lockdown which would have plunged us into a Depression? Trump has been pushing to re-open…and is resisted across the board (at both the federal and state & local levels)…which of these facts is failure? And what on earth does Biden/Harris want to do instead?

      More importantly, the question each candidate must wrestle…. which is worse? More deaths from the virus? or an economy more destroyed (more lives ruined)? We obviously can’t pursue policies which minimize viral risk and maximize economic performance/national health. Those two goals pull us in entirely different and conflicting directions? Which is best for the country? And how best do we avoid the other? Simply pointing at the other guy and saying FAILURE while asserting that you, yourself, would SUCCEED tells us nothing.

      As for piety and flag-waving and the 8th Grade Kumbaya at the end. Heck, it’s TV; they’re politicians; it’s what they do. And whether it was ‘false’ or not — how on earth would any of us know.

      • Woodward has Trump on tape on February 7 saying he knew the virus was serious and airborne. All he did was shutdown travel from China after the airlines had already done so. Then, he allowed 40,000 more to come from China with no testing, no tracing, no quarantining. And he allowed thousands more from Europe. Again no testing etc. He never developed a national plan. He threw away the playbook Obama had left him. He never encouraged face masks. He mocked it. He never encouraged social distancing. He held packed rallies in enclosed spaces. Sorry, Herman Cain. Tens of thousands of Americans have died unnecessarily. Tens of thousands more will continue to die unnecessarily due to his failure to follow the science and lead on this issue. He is a negligent, incompetent failure.

    • Hollywood is the perfect name for you-devoid of facts and logic along with a heartfelt contempt for our beautiful country.

    • Unfortunately the new format doesn’t allow a direct reply to your reply. So I’ll try replying here, instead. (Much more cumbersome)
      So the’ facts’ you’re referencing have nothing to do with the debate….and everything to do with WuhanV…. your reading of surrounding material (like the Woodward book)….all of that heavily weighted by your hatred of Trump. Those are all separate issues.

      Certainly we could debate how the pandemic was handled….by China, by Europe, by Sweden, by us….but that’s not really the point of this article or this particular forum. And certainly we could waste even more time by debating what Trump knew, what he was speculating about, and what he said to whom when. But none of that really matters.

      The truth is .. no one was locking-down much of anything (least of all China) when the virus first began to emerge. Fauci, et al, reassured everyone (including the President) that it really wasn’t worth much attention. Superbowls were played in February….parades were held….mass gatherings continued….until the realization dawned in March that the sky was falling….and everything we were being told about the inconsequential nature of Covid by pretty much everyone …was wrong.

      Could different actions have been taken at the Federal level? Sure. No question; by several different administrations. Different actions could also have been taken at the State and Local levels…and at the institutional level as the CDC failed abysmally at the its single most important task. Cuomo and company could have NOT proceeded to re-inject infected and sick seniors back into senior living centers — which really truly DID kill tens of thousands.

      But social distancing and face masks? C’mon — they’re very reasonably mocked….particularly since all indications now are that the infection proceeds from aerosolized viral particles which are maintained in closed air environments (like nursing homes) with poor circulation. It’s not distance or masking which is critical …. it’s the extent to which one is exposed to the aerosolized virons for an extended period of time (last I heard they estimate 15-20 minutes plus).

      Standing 6 ft from me while we both cruise through the canned goods aisle for 60 seconds is as unimportant as the mask you may wear while doing that. Neither makes any real difference. Far more important is whether or not you’re gonna spend an hour or two in a closed environment breathing stale, infected air.

      You say tens of thousands have died unnecessarily… What the heck is a necessary death? How many of the 210K would you classify as such?

      You say tens of thousands more will die because you believe Trump has failed to “follow the science”. What science? Which science? The science which says masks don’t work? Or the science that says they might? The science that says social distancing and lockdowns are unnecessary (see the Great Barrington Declaration,…. or the science that says they’re critical? The ‘science’ here is far from settled….though far too many like to pretend it is.

      And do you truly believe that the answer to the national challenge presented by the Pandemic/Lockdown is purely a question of science? Something to be decided by Guys in White Lab Coats?

      Of course it’s not.
      Certainly that are scientific issues which must be addressed. And scientific inconsistencies which must be resolved. But the bigger question — what should we do to both preserve human life and the life of the nation is a question for us, and our elected leaders. We must look at both sides of the equation while fully recognizing and accepting the cold, hard fact that NO, even one death is distinctly NOT one death too many

    • You must be a paid troll or incapable of understanding facts. Trump’s economy was the best in 50 years and the Biden /Obama economy produced a jobless recovery and gutted US manufacturing. Joe got $1.5 b for his son from the same regime that gutted US workers. The US COVID rate, based on population is lower than many other European countries. Biden thought shutting down flights was xenophobic. The CDC, loved and admired by libs, did not have testing ready and overestimated deaths by a factor of 10x. Trump got Newsom and Cuomo ventilators, hospital ships and temporary hospitals. They didn‘t use them but Cuomo did manage to move sick people into nursing homes and kill seniors. The Democrat Party has not condemned the riots or BLM, which is a self-admitted Marxist organization .Trump is bringing home troops and brought about two major peace agreements. Joe has dementia and was fully wired for the last debate. Democrats adopted Commie Bernie’s platform and are now lying about not supporting it. You may not like Trump’s personality. What don’t you like about Trump’s policies and what do you like about Biden’s ?

    • Why is Kamala Harris using a pseudonym (hollywood?) to reply to articles on this site? So bizarre that she has time for this. But also not surprising.

  2. They Dems have all kinds of plans to destroy US as we know it. They talked about it during the primary, and most of the summer, but deny it now, because they know polling in midwestern swing states is tight. All they have is Trump’s aggressive and volatile personality, and 100 % support from media that never questions their lies and obfuscations. If Obama/ Biden/Harris were in charge during COVID 19, our hospitals would have been overrun, we would have 2 million dead than 200,000, still be totally locked down and be WORSE off than the Great Depression. It is sad that most of our populace get their misinformation ( news) from MSM, Facebook and Google. If Biden wins, my Grandchildren would have to learn Mandarin as second language instead of Spanish.

  3. I love Mr. Black. I don’t think nor worry that Biden will EVER become president. Presidents usually do poorly in their first debate. I honestly believe that God has Trumps back and he’ll hit a home run in the next debate.

    • Trump ducked the next debate. That’s part of his plan to say he was cheated when he loses.

  4. Harris represents well the Tyrrany of the Feminine. Masculine and feminine need to exist in harmony, but feminists want to separate from the masculine. When the suffragettes were fighting for the vote they were also advocating for ‘temperance.’ Though temperance means moderation, the movement was all about abolishing alcohol. This is the tyranny of the feminine–not addressing those individuals with a drinking problem, but outlawing alcohol. It is the same with bullying. Rather than teaching their boys how to handle bullies, the feminine reaction is to eliminate bullying. With COVID, it is not understanding how to coexist with a new virus that is now part of our lives, but to lockdown until there is a cure. While an excess of the masculine results in lethal competition in the form of war, feminine in the extreme leads to a need to control to get the desired outcome.

  5. I loved the Trump-Biden debate. It was the only presidential debate I ever watched, as a matter of fact.

    Aloof out of touch elites need to understand that President Trump is the spirit of America in human form. It is atavistic and at present extremely angry. Joe Biden, after all, was part of the crew that planned and executed the coup d’etat that nearly ruined Donald Trump’s presidency.

    And another thing the out of touch elites need to understand is that inside every American is a Donald Trump just waiting to get out. And we enjoyed no end, the brawling mauling President Trump administered to Joe Biden and his debate partner Chris Wallace (who was disguised as the debate moderator).

    • exactly right.
      I wish the debates would focus on policy differences. The Dems plus moderator are more interested in making Trump the issue, not policy. It is vital that Trump repeats his accomplishments after quickly correcting the lies. Independents still need to hear these facts.

    • Atavistic! Great word. I totally agree.
      The only problem was the lack of the haymaker-punch….the unforgettable, unanswerable declaration/challenge. “Are you going to pack the Supreme Court, Joe” came close….but it should have been joined by any number of others: ‘Mobs or Jobs?” “Why are you bailing out criminals?” “Do you condemn AntiFa and the violence promoted by BLM, et al?” “Do you condemn the destruction in Kenosha? Portland? Seattle? NYork? Do you condemn the violence against police?

      So many opportunities? Too few leveraged.

      • These questions should have been included in one or both of the debates. Moderator bias is baked into their choice of questions. I really enjoyed the 1st debate. Trump did what he needed to do: spit nails; not take any cr-ap from Biden or Wallace; push back against the bullying he has been subjected to since his election; and make clear to us that he can still fight and will do so. He is our champion. Biden did what he had to do, too: show his supporters that he isn’t dead…at least not yet.

  6. Events have overtaken Black’s thesis. Democrats and their helpers have changed the rules for 2020 presidential debates so as to make Trump back out.

    • Black seems to be of the school that prefers politeness, presidential bearing etc. He has stated he thinks Pence would win in a landslide if Trump ceded nomination. With early voting in most states, debates have less impact. All Trump can do is try and get policy answers from Biden since media won’t. Not sure I understand Lord Black’s hostility to Trump except to view it as a misplaced moral superiority. Nice guys finish ladt. Do we still think losing with honor is preferable? I sure dont.

    • The Debate Committee, whoever they are, have decided to change the pattern of the debate scheduled for next week without consulting President Trump or his administration. Somehow you think the President has backed out of the debate when this stupidity ocurres? The physical nature and the floorplan can be arranged to accommodate the cowardly Biden and the debate can proceed as scheduled….it’s Biden that by setting moronic requirements that has backed out.

    • The Democrats did not change the rules. The Commission on Presidential Debates changed from live to virtual. Trump got scared.

  7. “It is up to Trump to raise his game, hammer home his argument, and sweep Biden aside in the last two debates.”

    Trump appears to differ with that opinion, announcing he will not participate in the next debate after the debate commission changed it to a virtual debate. His position doesn’t reflect Black’s inference that Trump needs a debate win to prevent a Biden presidency.
    In fact, as a general rule, the challenger is the one that stands to benefit the most from debates and should therefore be the one that makes concessions to assure that opportunity. These days however, there seems to be a complete inversion of all of the conventional wisdom and traditional norms .
    By refusing to debate under terms that are so advantageous to Biden’s handlers and the biased moderators, debate commission, and media editors, Trump is showing strength and courage.

      • The President has indicated he’ll not waste his time with a debate format that favors China Joe.

      • Not even remotely. Pres. Trump doesn’t take cr-ap from anybody. He has reset the election. Biden can come along for the ride…if he dares and if Jill lets him.

    • Rasmussen (!), the most reliably Republican favoring pollster in the universe, had Trump down by 12 points today.
      Trump is losing badly and needs a spectacular performance or two in the remaining debates to have any sort of chance.
      Except that there isn’t going to be any more debates because Trump, the dope, has opted out.

  8. When you boil it all down, Pence clearly won the debate and actually knew what he was talking about.
    Harris was a dumpster fire.

  9. Kamala Harris is a lightweight and it came through in the debate. She is from California which has no opposition party and the poor dear has never learned critical thinking or from competition. Willie Brown promoted her and her friendship with Michelle Obama got her this VP gig. The dem voters in the primary did not like her enough to vote for her. Recent face lift aside, Kamala’s inner ugly showed up.
    Abe Lincoln did indeed nominate a Supreme Court Justice in an election year, Trump and Pence have done more to fight this Virus than any dem would do, Congress was voting to impeach Trump as he shut down travel from China and started a task force.
    Democrats are mad for power and have thrown everything, unfairly at Trump. He’s done a great job. I don’t want these haters to win, for they will destroy us.

  10. I love it when pundits give Trump advice on how to be a better and more electable Trump. If the pundit really knew more than Trump, the pundit would be president. Look…Trump Truth is what it is…this is the guy we got and this is the Trump Truth that we will reelect.

    Personally, I love the Trump-Biden caucaphony and fight match and really did not need to hear about policies. After all, the policies and accomplishments of both are very well known. Trump already has his base, has already lost the haters, and so now plays for the middle. Politics is all about the middle and who shows up to vote…if Biden lies and name calling help Trump Truth, Trump will win. If Biden lies and namecalling do not help Trump Truth, election is less certain.

  11. I tried to watch, but found Pence to be such a colossal bore, a real snooze I became impatient and switched channels. Harris regeritated outrages lies that had been debunked in the press literally hundreds of time and all Pence could manage to say was that they were absurd claims.

    Why are there no up and down buttons? Why are you ceeding all the advantageous to Democrats and trolls who work for Democrats? It’s nice that you managed to center your comments section so it no longer runs off the page, but this is hardly satisfying. You just seem hell bent on hurting yourself.

    • Agreed about the comment system. There’s no way to like a post if you don’t have a comment to add. No way to upvote a comment to show support in the same way. No way to block the paid trolls. One step forward, two steps back. I’m optimistic they’ll get it right as they did after the revamp of the site last year, but it’s clearly killed engagement based on the dearth of commenting since the changeover

  12. Why is it the government’s job to take care of anyone? The entire premise is entitled and absurd and strikes at the heart of what’s wrong with American society. As long as this mindset prevails, America is dead.

    • Excellent question. Govt’s primary responsibility is to protect us.

    • Since 1789. We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

  13. Excellent question. Govt’s primary responsibility is to protect us.

  14. There is no way that President Trump will receive fair treatment by the moderator in any future debate. His response to the Committee on Presidential Debates after they unilaterally announced a major change in the debate format was wise and appropriate. During the course of the day following the President’s announcement that he will not participate, the planned moderator’s bias and animus against President Trump has been revealed. Chris Wallace was exposed as a virulently anti-Trump bigot in the first debate by his actions and words. A close analysis of the transcript revealed that Wallace and Biden coordinated their political attacks on President Trump and began the pattern of interruption and disrespect that characterized that debate. The planned second and third debates would just be more of the same.

    • The Priory of Sion called for you. They want you to decode all their messages about all the worldwide conspiracies.

  15. The media will let Biden get away without answering any unscripted questions, all the way to election day. All Trump can do is keep hammering away at what HE plans to accomplish in his second term. That may work. People will make up their own minds on Biden mental condition.

    • Trump has been asked by Hannity (and others) about his plans for a second term. He has none that he can clearly articulate.