Arizona State Student Sues After Being Terminated Over Report on Jacob Blake’s Criminal Record

An Arizona State College student is suing after she was fired from the college’s radio station for tweeting about Jacob Blake’s previous accusations of sexual assault.

“Attorney Jack D. Wilenchik has sent a letter to the public university instructing them to either rehire Rae’Lee Klein, a Cheyenne, Wyoming native, at Blaze Radio or provide monetary damages for violating her First Amendment rights,” Fox News reports.

Klein tweeted a link detailing sex assault claims against Blake in August, describing the reason for the 911 call that led Kenosha cops to the encounter with Blake.

“Always more to the story, folks,” said Klein in a tweet with a New York Post article. “Please read this article to get the background of Jacob Blake’s warrant. You’ll be quite disgusted.”

“I was reading through it and I just thought it was super interesting and enlightening and a part of the story we haven’t been told yet,” said Klein.

“I was just trying to do A, what I was assigned to do and B, what I thought was my job as a journalist, which is to share an important part of the story,” said Klein.

Klein’s tweet provoked anger and students started a petition calling for her removal as station manager.

“After recent tweets regarding Jacob Blake, Rae Lee Klein has proven that her facts are biased and not welcomed by all,” the petition statement read.

A complaint against Blake led to felony charges being filed in July accusing him of sexually assaulting a woman in May. Police arrived at the scene in August. 23, after the alleged victim in the case had called 911 saying that he was violating a restraining order and had stolen her car keys. Blake, pleaded not guilty to the charges earlier this month via video from his hospital bed. A trial date was set for Nov. 9.

Cell phone video captured Blake’s interaction with the police which spawned protests and rioting around the country.

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15 responses to “Arizona State Student Sues After Being Terminated Over Report on Jacob Blake’s Criminal Record”

  1. Klien’s “facts were biased”… uh, yeah… by the facts that petitioners wanted to ignore.

  2. every black male that has been shot by police was in the process of committing a crime. if blacks don’t want to be harassed by police stop committing crimes. black males are about 6% of the population. they commit half of all violent crimes. I wonder why they get profiled.

    • Philando Castile read about him. this is not a black and white thing it is a bad cop thing. not all cops are bad, but good cops allow bad cops. This particular incident has more to do with the purps religion and how he considers himself superior to everyone else, particularly women. that is why he ignored the officers demand to comply. No I do not mourn for this parallelized individual, you get what you sow. also Blacks are 13% of population.

    • I wonder why this is a topic that can never be discussed. Black women are also black, but don’t seem to have the same criminality as their black (and our) brothers.

      • but they do support their behavior by allowing absentee parenting. just the sex. nothing else. probably the strongest motivator for the continued dangerous criminal behavior.

  3. “…her facts are biased and not welcomed by all”. Sorry, but facts are facts. To hell with how they make you feel.

  4. The monetary damages she should sue for should equal the entire budget of Arizona State University. If that public institution can misuse its power by contravening the state constitution in her case, it can do the same to any citizen of the state of Arizona who has anything to do with the university. By tying its budget to proper constitutional behavior the courts can force public institutions to act as servants and not masters of the people.

  5. I interviewed the young student Rae Lee and asked her to appear on a local radio station on a show called Good Day with Monet. (KNFX 1000 Phoenix Wed-Thu 1:00 PM) Rae Lee was fired by Walter Cronkite School of Journalism Interim Dean Kristin Gilger who can be reached at

  6. “Her facts are biased and not welcomed by all”….give me a break. Facts are facts – if they offend you, you are the one with the problem.