4th Grader Sues School System Over BB Gun Suspension

The family of a Louisiana fourth-grader suspended for six days after his teacher spotted a BB gun in his bedroom during a virtual lesson have sued the public school system for more than $50,000, ABC reports.

The parents of Ka’Mauri Harrison filed the lawsuit against Jefferson Parish School Board on Friday for monetary damages and a hearing by school officials on the decision to discipline the boy as well as an opportunity for him to make up any work he missed during the six days he was suspended from class, The Times-Picayune / The New Orleans Advocate reported.

The school board during a September 22 hearing found Ka’Mauri “guilty of displaying a facsimile weapon while receiving virtual instruction from Woodmere Elementary School,” according to the lawsuit.

The child, 9, was taking a test during an online class Sept. 11 when his brother walked into the room they share and tripped over a BB gun on the floor, according to a school behavior report. It said Ka’Mauri left his seat, out of view of the teacher, and returned with “what appeared to be a full-sized rifle in his possession.”

“This case arises from egregious government overreach, complete lack of common sense to prevail and correct the glaring failures of local government officials to comply with the law,” the suit says. “The result is a terrifying intrusion into a family’s home and a bureaucratic nightmare.”

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has said he’s investigating the suspension and his office has learned of several other students “experiencing the same treatment by this and other school systems,” and believes that the student’s constitutional rights allow for an appeal, according to a letter his office sent to the school system on September 29.

The American Civil Liberties Union and the National Rifle Association have also spoken out in defense of the child.

The lawsuit accuses the school system of failing to provide Ka’Mauri’s family with a copy of its policies for online school at the start of the academic year and for infringing on the boy’s due process rights as he faced serious discipline.

Ka’Mauri’s  father Nyron Harrison said, “it is very important to the family that this be dismissed, that it does not follow him in his educational career.”

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11 responses to “4th Grader Sues School System Over BB Gun Suspension”

  1. The major problem with a civil suit is that they usually take too long to be settled. That being said, I would like the parents to use some of the funds to begin a civil rights case against the teacher and school district for a violation of the Second Amendment, and since they are government officials, charge them with High Treason While in Public Office. Let them hang.

  2. right, any skul-district d-sucker thinks they can control your home, FU

    edu-makation d**k-suckers will do/say anything

    sue their punk-ass into the ground

  3. I lived 15 years in Jefferson Parish & 40 years in the State of Louisiana and to think we use to bring shotguns in our car in High School to go duck hunting after school to this crap, these people should not only be found guilty of utter stupidity but should also be stripped of they’re teaching license for the lack of common sense.and for being so ignorant, what the hell do they think “Sportsmen’ Paradise “ means?

  4. Why is my comment awaiting moderation, my first comment was innocent THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!

  5. Ka’Mauri Harrison will be dead in real gunfire in10 years.

  6. Such lawsuits are the only thing that will stop such ludicrous, politically motivated radical Leftist overreach.

  7. You can’t get dumber than leftist crybaby liberal teachers. Not a hint of common sense. I hope the boy and his parents win the lawsuit.

  8. Liberal mental state, if they’re afraid of that they should wake up to the reality that the democratic party is going socialist