Morning Greatness: Media Ghouls Seize on Trump’s Health Condition

Good Monday morning:

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president has no public events scheduled


Two minutes of hate:

The media has become more unhinged–if that’s possible–after President Trump caught coronavirus. Excitement was in the air! Masks! Social distancing! Tsk, tsk! See I told you so! But masks don’t protect people from contracting the virus and anyone near the president was tested beforehand. What other precautions should the president have taken? Should he have followed basement Biden’s lead by cowering in the shadows? The president doesn’t have the luxury of the entire media industrial complex out campaigning for him during a heated presidential race and he has to run the country. If Trump had locked himself away back in February until the virus ran its course, the media would be shrieking that he had abandoned America. There’s no way to win with the media harpies.

We did not hear this kind of concern about virus transmission over the massive protests for social justice gimmicks. We did not hear this kind of concern for the RBG funeral, for the George Floyd funerals or the John Lewis funerals. The media has no credibility to report on any issue, they only “report” propaganda-filled narratives to advance their causes and that’s too bad. Who can be trusted to give the public information ? Why do people believe in conspiracy theories? Well, what’s the difference between QAnon and the New York Times? Not much, they both promulgate conspiracy theories.

On Friday, the president was taken to Walter Reed hospital. Why? Because he’s the President of the United States and his medical team didn’t want to take any risks. This make sense. According to accounts, the virus acts quickly and it’s best Trump be in a place where he can be immediately treated.

True to form the ghouls in the media seized! Rumors abounded that Trump was near death, he couldn’t breathe, he needed oxygen, Ivanka was going to become the new president, yadda, yadda, yadda. Absolute insanity. When Trump’s medical team held a press conference to update the public on the president’s condition the media rose to the occasion. Was he on oxygen, what medicine is he on, when was he tested? What was his pulse ox, what was his temperature, is he on steroids? Idiot questions that, frankly, are none of their damn business. At what point is Trump entitled to some privacy about his medical condition? None of these details are necessary for the media to know, they just ask so they can obsesses, run a millions stories about how Trump’s FILL IN THE BLANK shows he needs to step down from the presidency, he needs to drop out of the race and that Amy Coney Barrett shouldn’t have confirmation hearings. Give me a break. All the public needs to know is if the president is in stable condition and if his vital signs are normal and that’s about it. To further illustrate how disingenuous the media’s “inquiries” are, why aren’t these newly minted medical experts curious that Joe Biden repeatedly disappears for days? He’s running for president and this guy checks out at 8am most mornings. Isn’t that odd? He’s old, he’s actually older than Trump, he’s had several brain aneurysms and during most of his public appearances he seems half asleep and disoriented.  No questions about that? Where are the long think pieces with medical expert quotes talking about the possible medical conditions of Joe Biden? The campaign might claim they aren’t holding events because of the virus. Fine. Why isn’t Joe on virtual meetings all day long? He could be holding virtual events all day long with groups all over the country but he’s not. Why? Not one second of these news stories about Trump’s health is serious. Not one.

The sh!t really hit the fan when the president decided to hop in his caravan and wave to all the supporters outside the hospital. Now, suddenly, the media cares about the health of the Secret Service. After four months of crapping on law enforcement officers, now they care about the officers who rode in the car with Trump as he greeted the people gathered to support him. But they don’t really care and, get this, the Secret Service is always around the president. Always. (I guarantee you they are going to try and get the names of those agents and find out if they test positive for the virus. Take that to the bank.) The media is angry the president undercut their narrative that he is at death’s door and is mad as a hatter from taking a commonplace steroid treatment and that he didn’t tell them what he was going to do. The press went bananas they weren’t notified of Trump’s field trip. What a hateful group of people.



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Protests/riots/Black Lives Matter/crime:

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Other  morsels:

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And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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  1. I would be fine if everyone at CNN and MSNBC and their families died screaming from the bubonic plague. The world would be a better place.