Liberals Don’t Want To Eliminate Police—They Want To Turn Them Into Progressive Hall Monitors

Police committed a serious outrage against a law-abiding citizen last week. Rioters in Los Angeles blocked off busy city streets, leaving many motorists with nowhere to turn. A driver of a white Prius decided to slowly and carefully drive through the protesters. He managed to hit no one and his car passed through with relative ease. But rioters chased him down and blocked his car with another vehicle. They then smashed the driver’s windows, pried open his door, and attempted to drag him out of his car. The hapless driver thankfully managed to get away. 

Police eventually got involved—and arrested the driver.

The LAPD later told the press they didn’t arrest the driver—they only “detained” him. A clever bit of Newspeak indeed! Police said they were still looking into the motorist as part of a possible hit-and-run investigation. Footage captured by a local news helicopter, however, clearly shows the driver was in the right and the mob was in the wrong. Yet no arrests were made against the real aggressors.

The story encapsulates the sad reality of life in modern America. Police are held back from enforcing the law against real criminals while they are zealously utilized against law-abiding citizens. Whether it’s a scared motorist trying to get away from the mob or a mother not wearing a mask on a playground, police will arrest you if you violate progressive codes. Meanwhile, the same liberal politicians demand police do nothing about anarchists who throw Molotov cocktails at law enforcement or looters who beat business owners protecting their property.

It’s called anarcho-tyranny—and it’s our future under Democratic control.

We’ve all heard how many on the Left want to defund the police. They’ve even told us they really mean it. Minneapolis City Council went ahead and defunded its police force—a decision the council now deeply regrets. While some voices on the Left do want to abolish the police, the prevailing wind is to wish for the transformation of the police. In spite of all their bluster about police brutality, liberals still need cops to enforce their policies. 

Liberals want police to prioritize arresting their political enemies and enforcing their will on the public.

Joe Biden certainly wants to use the police in this way. He emphatically declared he would issue a nationwide mask mandate as soon as he assumes office (a declaration he later had to soften slightly). Biden and his Democratic enforcers are not going to use social workers to ensure this gets enforced. They will call on the police. 

The administration will also need the police to enforce gun control and Kamala Harris’ pledge to prosecute Trump. Police will still exist in Biden’s America—it’s just they will be used more against law-abiding citizens than criminals.

As Mark McCloskey said in his RNC speech: “It seems as if the Democrats no longer view the government’s job as protecting honest citizens from criminals but rather protecting criminals from honest citizens.” 

There are sadly too many examples of this already. Police arrested Christians in Moscow, Idaho, last week for failing to properly adhere to social distancing guidelines at an outside worship event. Police tased and arrested an Ohio woman for not wearing a mask in the stands at a middle school football game. Nashville police now arrest citizens who fail to wear masks in the city’s downtown area. In April, a father was arrested for playing catch with his daughter in a New York park. 

People who stand up to the mobs also have to worry about being arrested. Most readers know about Kyle Rittenhouse and how he is charged with first-degree murder for defending himself against violent leftists. Most readers also know about the McCloskeys and how they were initially charged for defending their St. Louis home against a violent mob. There are many others like them. 

Jake Gardner was a Nebraska bar owner who took his own life after he was charged with manslaughter for defending his business against violent marauders in May. Milwaukee police arrested a Trump-supporting homeowner last month for daring to show his gun to rioters who threatened his property. A New Mexico man was arrested and charged for shooting a leftist who attacked him at a protest over a conquistador statue.

All of these outrages are occurring while authorities release the leftists responsible for turning Portland into an anarchic dystopia.

Even though the Left wants to criminalize the act of calling the police on “people of color,” their model society requires a surveillance state of snitches and zealous authorities to rival any totalitarian dystopia. Citizens will monitor each other to see if they wear their face masks or say “hateful” things that warrant them losing their right to bear arms. Police will be right there to enforce these draconian laws.

Democrats support a perverted kind of law and order. It’s no longer “to serve and protect” citizens or even to punish criminals. It’s all about enforcing their will and punishing their enemies. The normal citizen gets screwed while the criminal walks away without even having to pay bail

The ordinary cop won’t like it, but the guy patrolling the streets doesn’t get a say. The politicians in power do—and they need cops to uphold anarcho-tyranny.

About Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford is a Capitol Hill refugee now earning an honest living.

Photo: Robert Gauthier/ Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

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9 responses to “Liberals Don’t Want To Eliminate Police—They Want To Turn Them Into Progressive Hall Monitors”

  1. Be on alert for a push to federalize police. Lefties have long wanted to make all local police federal. The move makes it more difficult to deal with local police problems in a correct fashion forcing you to work with Washington. Secondly, federal police will be more responsive to federal law enforcement rather than state enforcement (I.E. Abortion is legal nationwide but limited in many states in differing ways. See how hard it is to get those laws enforced should this ever happen.)

  2. BS. The ordinary cop gets his say by choosing whether to enforce illegal laws or not. “Back the Blue” is a joke because far too many cops are fascist pigs who are more than happy to be the boot stamping on your face forever. They are why the 2nd amendment exists, and it’s damn time America woke up and realized they need to exercise their 2A rights or lose all of them.

  3. The Left wants to get ride of police becuase police are the very last public employees who support Republicans. They intend to replace the police with social workers, the most reliable Democrats. Simple. It’s a simple slight of hand; your forfit your safety for more power for the Left.

  4. They want a police force modeled on the Cheka or Gestapo; and if they get power it’ll only be a matter of time before they put their own Levrentia Beria in charge of the Democrat Party NKVD and the Black Maria’s are carting people off to their Lubyanka for a bullet in the back of the head. The FBI under Comey, and incidents like Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Olympic Park bombing investigation, and Anthrax debacle indicate this.

  5. Everything in context.

    If we begin with the incredibly asinine understanding that ‘All People are Basically Good and Naturally Equal’ then every inequality, every wrong act, every crime, every misbehavior becomes only a demonstration of Systemic Somethingness (systemic racism, systemic sexism, systemic capitalism, system patriarchal oppression, whatever). It’s not that I, as criminal & miscreant, am making bad choices which produce, in turn, bad & imbalanced outcomes….it’s that the System & the Somethingness produces nothing else.

    Once you recognize this, the path to Nirvana becomes clear. We must dump that Bad Old System which produces that Bad Old Somethingness. As The president of Greater New York BLM (Hank Newsome) put it: “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.” Defunding the police is but an obvious first step towards that Perfect Tomorrow.

    But the ‘defund the police’ argument itself seems too…..harsh, perhaps…perhaps too abrupt….so that particular battle cry quickly becomes the forgotten & abandoned Bailey (something pretty much impossible to defend)….and the Motte which replaces it becomes the completely defensible, “let us re-imagine, reform, and improve our Criminal Justice System”. After all, who would seriously argue that anything (let alone our Criminal Justice System) cannot use some improvement?!

    The point, however, is not the agreeable Motte (reformation of Criminal Justice); the point is the Bailey (defunding the police). And granting the one (agreeing with the kinder and gentler notion of reform) thereby grants the other. Give them the inch; they’ll take the mile. Give them ‘reform’ and the result is defunding. And THAT result is anarcho-tyranny.

    But to the Progressive True Believer, that is only for the good.

    Once the Bad Old System is dismantled, the natural goodness of the Woke will be realized. And in that Wonderland, all misbehaviors will be resolved by social workers doing empathic counseling. What else would be needed, given that everyone is Basically Good?

    As for the Police, those that are left….they will simply be redirected to pursue and restrain all the Unwoke….all the Deplorable, still clinging to their guns and religion and the so-called Constitutional Right to Hate Speech… all those who refuse to use ‘appropriate’ pronouns….all those who don’t self-mask while watching their son’s football games….all those who object to Kendi-Racism….who reject Critical Race Theory….who refuse to believe a man can become a woman via declaration and intent. The New Police will be very busy.

    And the ReEducation Camps will be very crowded.

    • We are being nibbled to death by ducks, or something else that rhymes with ducks.
      Bite by bite, every bit of our government and our Constitution- and God-given rights are being happily stolen by the well-camouflaged Democrats and their financial/power backers.
      What would Sun Tzu advise us to do?

  6. A lot of this was successfully done to teachers before turning to police with the goal of transforming that group, too, into social workers.

    Got the the point near the end of my years in schools, to where “supervisory” admin officials and social workers were telling sped kids with behavior problems, whose individual education plans called for a structured, disciplined environment, that any time they did not feel like following instructions, they were welcome to come sit in their office and play video games.

    This piece and the comment above make total sense in their explanations of the end goal.

  7. We are being nibbled to death by ducks, or something else that rhymes with ducks.
    Bite by bite, every bit of our government and our Constitution- and God-given rights are being happily stolen by the well-camouflaged Democrats and their financial/power backers.
    What would Sun Tzu advise us to do?