The Dogma Lives Loudly Within Them, Too

The Left and Democrats (but I repeat myself) wasted no time going after Amy Coney Barrett for her Catholic faith, which is merely a continuation of the attack they launched on her during her 2017 confirmation to the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. That was when Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) intoned, “The dogma lives loudly within you.” Religious beliefs, of course, don’t disqualify anyone from political office in America. In fact, our Constitution states very clearly there can be no religious test for holding public office. 

But that isn’t what is really irritating me, egregious as the Democrats’ religious animus may be. No, it’s the continued shameless hypocrisy of those attacking Barrett. Why is it hypocrisy? Because they refuse to admit they also have a faith system and are in fact religious people as well. 

Every last human being has a faith system, even those on the Left. This is absolutely the fact of the matter. Don’t believe me? No one, not one person, can definitively say that they have 100 percent complete knowledge of this world, this universe. Anyone who would claim that is a madman. 

There is an element of faith for every person when it comes to stating what they believe to be the ultimate truth. Take Feinstein herself. She was implying that she has no ideological or philosophical viewpoints that inform her thinking. She is the embodiment of pure reason. 

On the contrary, anyone who has been following her career could tell you that her own dogma “lives loudly within her.” 

We all have a set of presuppositions and biases, a set of viewing glasses if you will, through which we see the world around us and make decisions about what is right and wrong. Ultimately, because we as finite human beings lack complete and full knowledge of the world around us, we must have a faith system. 

The question, then, is what informs an individual’s faith system? Mine is a rational religious Christian faith, such as the Founders embraced and called “right reason.” Reason and faith inform each other because we believe in a Creator and understand reason as His gift to us, distinguishing us from animals.

Those on the Left embrace a secular faith that says human beings are the measure of all things, the authors of all notions of right and wrong. History is replete with untold disasters when that worldview prevails, with socialist and fascist dictatorships as telling examples.  

But let’s break down these opposing views even more.

I believe that we are all created in God’s image, blessed with immortal souls, that there are eternal rewards and punishments, that there are absolute standards of right and wrong, and that our Creator—through nature (intelligible by means of the reason He gave us and the outgrowth of that reason, science) and through His inspired word—has shown us how to live our lives. 

Those who embrace a secular faith system generally believe we are products of chance, that everything is relative and right and wrong are merely suggestions, that there is no God and no immortal soul, that this world is all there is, and they have deemed science devoid of any higher governing principle to tell us not just the what, but the why regarding the phenomena we examine. There is no why, they tell us.

While science can be a guiding influence for those with faith in God, we recognize that it is an imperfect practice based on finite, imperfect humanity. That is why science constantly corrects itself. Yet science is taken as a religion by many on the Left, and scientists are high priests. 

Moreover, it turns out that even those who claim to be atheists must still engage in faith in order to assert that there is no God. 

At a certain point, you begin to accept claims on faith even if you don’t want to admit that you are doing so.

So we are all “religious people.” We are all people of faith at some point. Healthy people will admit this and accept reality, also accepting the limitations this places on us. 

But those who put their faith in what human beings can conjure in their minds as they deny a higher eternal power, eventually come to worship themselves and their own minds as absolute. They deeply resent a faith system that rejects the worship of finite, of humankind.

This is all to say: when the Left attacks Amy Coney Barrett, again, for her faith, they are in denial and hypocritical. What they resent, loathe even, is that someone like Barrett dares to live out a belief system that is in defiance of their own. 

About Ned Ryun

Ned Ryun is a former presidential writer for George W. Bush and the founder and CEO of American Majority. You can find him on Twitter @nedryun.

Photo: Anna Moneymaker - Pool/Getty Images

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13 responses to “The Dogma Lives Loudly Within Them, Too”

  1. Many of us thought the United States left behind anti-Catholic bigotry for good over half a century ago. It looks like it has come back into style. Pity.

    • It’s not just anti-Catholic bigotry, but Christianity as well. They hate any belief system other than their own (save Islam, because they share certain traits) and will try to destroy anyone holding a divergent viewpoint. Something is wrong with those people.

  2. ‘What they resent, loathe even, is that someone like Barrett dares to live out a belief system that is in defiance of their own.’ But mostly ‘white’ people’s Christian beliefs, we don’t see the left react to Islam, Judaism belief systems in the same way, unless they get in the way of the lefts own ‘Statist’ beliefs!

  3. Ned, “right reason” comes from Cicero and Greco-Roman philosophy. “Through nature” is the modus operandi of Aristotle. You have a hybrid of faith (Judeo-Christianity) and empirical reason (Greco-Roman). It isn’t all “faith,” which, by the way, shouldn’t be confused with confidence, something that is earned.

    What bothers me is that your argument, at times, comes close to the leftist postmodern point of view: it’s all narrative. This is nothing more than a cheep way of dismissing another’s argument and rationalizing one’s subjective viewpoint.

    Present your reasons, the evidence against theirs, and apply solid epistemology to examine what can be concluded with certainty or upon the preponderance of the evidence. Leave “faith” and “narrative” to those desperate to avoid the hard work.

  4. Really well and succinctly said.

    I actually had this same conversation with my mother over the weekend. She has an almost allergic reaction to anyone of any kind of faith, choosing to boil every system down to a similar, shared “Golden Rule.” Her objections are based far more on the actions of the few she has come in contact with who have acted outside the bounds (hypocritically) of their stated faiths than with the beliefs themselves.

    Sadly, her resentments keep her from even considering the value of the faith she had as a young adult.

  5. “Every last human being has a faith system, even those on the Left.”

    The Left has a faith system in Marxist/Communism. It’s on display each day!!

  6. “Every last human being has a faith system, even those on the Left.”

    The Left has a faith system in Marxist/Communism. It’s on display each day!!

    Just pointing out how I’ve seen it for many, many years.

  7. The left has never been up to acceptance of the existence of honest, informed, intelligent disagreement with its own orthodoxy. For a perception-manipulating pol e.g. Feinstein, however, that need not apply. Her shifty positions are sufficient evidence that she doesn’t mean what she says, so her hypocrisy lacks even the grace of sincerity.

  8. It always amazes me that people I know are smart can imagine this is all there is.

  9. The big question in our time is to find a better religion for our educated Gentry than the current one based on Marx, Freud, and Darwin.

    I think the real question is the one raised by Nietzsche’s Úbermensch.

    Is this higher man an Ego Hero, as Nietzsche seems to suggest? And as the Activism Culture seems to celebrate with activists the new medieval knights battling evil in activist romances?

    Or is the higher man a Sacrificial Hero, as Jung and his adepts suggest, mapping out the land on the border of Order and Chaos?

    I think the answer will be the Sacrificial Hero. But there will be a big butcher’s bill to pay before we get there.

  10. Well done, indeed, Ned. I’m thankful that so many pastors and teachers share this same message to their assemblies and those on the web, many times daily. To expound a bit on what you’ve said here, the hilarity of the “left” is that they co-opt and import the opposition’s worldview to make their points. They use a biblical worldview to attempt to nuke those with a biblical worldview. They’re inconsistent. Their worldview is self-refuting. Why should they care about Judge Barrett’s worldview? We’re all just meaty bags of protoplasm floating around in a meaningless void that doesn’t have us in mind, right? Who cares if someone’s brain has random chemical reactions that fizz “Jesus is Lord” or “creationism”, and yours fizzes “Darwinian evolution” and “fish to philosopher”? Where is the moral ought? Why should we give a crap about what anyone thinks about anything if we’re all a cosmic accident or stardust? Who cares if any lives are snuffed out, black or white? Who cares if stardust bumps into stardust? Right? That’s what we send our kids off to be proselytized about in the local religious temple…a.k.a. the public schools and universities. And there, they are most assuredly taught a religious system and it’s not the biblical worldview. Most hilarious is how enraged the “left” gets when Roe v. Wade is brought up. THAT is the one area where they are, thankfully, no longer hiding their true position and intent…and are actually consistent with their atheist religion. We now know that they enjoy killing babies, they celebrate it, even though science left their arguments behind long ago. The only leg they have to stand on is religious…they have no problem with child sacrifice and murder, as their belief system deems us as a random mutation alone. Nothing created everything, right? Makes perfect sense, right? So rational, so pragmatic, so logical…so consistent: No such thing as math, love, integrity, fear, or anything else intangible or immaterial. But I want you to suffer and die under my wrath if you take away my freedom to murder babies! “Why so angry?”…

  11. As a dedicated conservative Lutheran, if someone told me that my dogma lived loudly within me, I would be very flattered to the point of blushing.

  12. We have all been listening to the dogma of political correctness for a while now.