St. Louis Prosecutors Won’t Charge People Trespassing on McCloskey Property

St. Louis officials will not prosecute nine Black Lives Matter protestors who were charged with trespassing after a confrontation with a gun-wielding couple protecting their home during a demonstration earlier this month, Fox News reports.

Deputy City Counselor Michael Garvin in a statement to the St. Louis Dispatch on Tuesday said that “prosecution is not warranted” in the case and that the charges would be refused. Prosecutors investigated each of the cases through the review of multiple videos, property documents and interviews.

However, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple defending their home in the St. Louis private neighborhood, have found themselves charged with unlawful use of a weapon, which is a felony.

Garvin said residents who are trustees of the private Portland Place neighborhood, did not want to pursue trespassing charges. The nine protestors were issued trespassing citations earlier this month.

The couple made headlines when Mark McCloskey was seen outside defending his home armed with an AR-15 rifle and his wife with a semiautomatic handgun during a confrontation with “Black Lives Matters” protestors passing by en route to St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson’s house. The McCloskey’s told officers protesters broke down a gate at the neighborhood’s entrance to gain access to the street, prompting them to take action.

The McCloskeys’ lawyer, Joel Schwartz, said Tuesday that just because charges were dropped does not mean protesters were not trespassing.

“It was clearly trespassing and the McCloskeys were clearly within their rights to do what they did,” he said.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Governor Mike Parson, both Republicans, have vowed to pardon the couple if they are convicted.

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6 responses to “St. Louis Prosecutors Won’t Charge People Trespassing on McCloskey Property”

  1. In the 1960’s after white prosecutors refused to charge whites for crimes against blacks we passed the Civil Rights Acts and these people faced Federal charges. Today Marxist prosecutors refuse to charge Marxists for crimes against the American people.

  2. So now in St. Lewis its legal for thugs to invade private property and threaten to kill the homeowners. It’s also illegal for home owner occupants to defend themselves and their property in accordance with the Second Amendment.

    God help us, because bought-off officials won’t.

  3. Since they are identified and they destroyed the gate to get in, can a suit be brought for property damage in a civil court?
    That’s kinda how they got OJ.

  4. Maybe some armed folks will show up at the Soros estate someday and we’ll see how the locals handle it? Hope someone will be rolling video. Already have some microwave popcorn on hand just for stuff like that.

  5. Maybe some local NRA folks can help to provide Mark and Patricia some training on how best to
    show defense without triggering prosecution. Of course if the prosecutors are morally corrupt,
    all bets are off.
    For future cases, it may help homeowners face shitty prosecutors, if the homeowners are
    better trained as to their defense stance. I myself am not trained on the fine points of legalities, but
    I know it is an important issue. If I lived in a threatened neighborhood in a jurisdiction where shitty
    prosecutors chose to support thugs over homeowners, I would be more likely to get better trained.

  6. Then, let’s take an old page out of the book. The Feds should charge them with civil rights violations.