Morning Greatness: Media Intoxicated With Proud Boys Obsession

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president  participates in a roundtable with supporters in Bedminster, New Jersey
  • President Trump delivers remarks at a fundraising committee reception Bedminster, New Jersey


My latest at RealClearPolicy: Yale Study on Lung Disease Forecasts Dire Consequences for Flavor Bans

Two minutes of hate:

The media is still squawking about Tuesday’s presidential debate. Yesterday I wrote about how the gossip girls in the prestige media were ruminating about Biden refusing to debate again because the ORANGE MAN BAD was a barbaric oaf, throwing food and feces all over the venerated debate ritual. Well, as is tradition with the Democrats, when things don’t go their way they change the rules. Now the Presidential Debate Commission has announced it will make changes to “ensure a more orderly discussion.”  We can add this to the list of all the other rules the Democrats have changed because the filthy casuals did not behave in their own interest: trying get rid of the electoral college because the dummies in Arkansas don’t want to be governed by the coastal mandarins; or packing the SCOTUS because the court is full of stupid conservatives; or getting rid of voter ID requirements because citizens are not capable of voting in their own self-interest.

Let’s talk about the Proud Boys. I don’t know much about the group but I do know a few very important things: they aren’t burning down the cities, they aren’t beating people up, they aren’t attacking law enforcement with explosives, they aren’t accosting peaceful folks eating their meals outside, they aren’t singling people out based on their race for harassment, they aren’t looting local businesses and they aren’t vandalizing public property. So what’s the problem ? The media is OBSESSED with them. Have they instigated violence? I don’t think so. Can the media name one act of unprovoked aggression on the part of the Proud Boys? They never do in their televised coffee klatches and journalism slam books. The media and the Democrats have singled them out because they have rejected the sacred mythology of progressive race and social doctrine. We’ve seen the same thing for QAnon. The pages of the New Yorker, Vice, The Atlantic, the New York Times are bewitched and infatuated with QAnon, their tabloids are filled with warnings and scare pieces about QAnon. But why? They aren’t hurting people, they aren’t committing crimes. Alas, they are committing thoughtcrimes just like the Proud Boys are. We live in the age of the citizen prosecutor lead by the priestly class of self-anointed elitists. Deviate from the holy scriptures of leftism at your own risk, the specter of ritual defamation is always hovering. Here’s a video of some Proud Boys. They seem HORRIFIC.


Finally, I want to share some thoughts about Holy Jame Comey’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. On Wednesday, his Holiness appeared for some questioning. That useless slag Lindsey Graham avoided holding a hearing with these derp state conspirators until no one was paying attention or people were so beaten down by the scope of the unchecked depravity they just gave up hope of any degree of justice.  The purpose of Wednesday’s spectacle on was to allow Comey to burp up some sound bites for the cable scandal sheets where he says he thinks the RUSSIANS have something on Trump even though we spent tens of millions of dollars for rabid Trump haters to forensically deconstruct Trump’s life and the life of anyone in Trump’s orbit. Comey was sworn in and simply claimed he didn’t remember anything or didn’t know about anything irregular going on at the FBI. Sure, it’s entirely plausible that the director of the FBI would not know the details of an extremely sensitive and serious investigation such as surveilling a presidential campaign. And of course, Comey testified he is proud of the FBI’s effort. I guess we could say he’s a proud boy.

Election news:

Trump Reverses On Right-Wing Proud Boys Group, Tells Them To ‘Stand Down’

‘It’s About Contempt For Voters’: Josh Hawley Criticizes Democrats’ Plans To Pack The Courts, Eliminate Filibuster

Trump calls for poll watchers. Election officials call for calm.

Pope rejects meeting with Pompeo, citing US election

LeBron James helps recruit 10,000 volunteers to polls in black electoral districts

Schumer says next debate should have a ‘mute button’ for Trump

Sen. Rand Paul pitches debate format changes after ‘exhausting’ Trump-Biden clash

“GOP” Former RNC chairman endorses Joe Biden for president

Only Biden voters can be poll watchers. That’s fair. Nevada AG says Trump is urging supporters to intimidate voters at polls

Undecided voters left disappointed, frustrated by first presidential debate: Pollster Frank Luntz

Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale steps down from role as senior adviser

Federal Judge Halts Democrats’ Attempt to Eliminate Witness Requirement for Mail-in Ballots in North Carolina

Donald Trump: ‘I Always Denounce’ White Supremacists


Riots/protests/Black Lives Matter/crime:

‘Keep Baltimore out of your mouth’: City council president knocks Trump after he brought up city during debate

Phoenix protests have cost police more than $11.5M in overtime

New York City mother killed by stray bullet that entered apartment window

Seven people shot at Milwaukee funeral home, police say

26 states see increases in coronavirus cases

Suspect arrested in ambush shooting of 2 LA sheriff’s deputies


Coronavirus news:

Essence magazine furloughing staff amid pandemic

Cuomo says state will have final say in vaccine approval, administration

Ted Cruz, Chris Cuomo get into slugfest after senator rips Gov. Cuomo’s COVID response

Hydroxychloroquine didn’t prevent Covid-19 among health care workers in new study

Pelosi, Mnuchin fail to strike coronavirus stimulus deal but talks will continue


Other morsels:

Six senior Trump admin officials file whistleblower complaint over Voice of America CEO

US warning to Italy: You’re being exploited by China

National Intelligence chief gave little notice for briefing on Russian assessment

California police bust ‘cult’ party with 4-foot model vagina

Facebook cracks down on extremist conspiracy group QAnon for hijacking Save the Children movement

California GOP lawmakers demand Newsom cancel $35M voter outreach contract awarded to Dem consulting firm

House Democrats’ stimulus bill includes stimulus checks for illegal immigrants, protections from deportations

Trump plans to slash refugee admissions to US to record low


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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4 responses to “Morning Greatness: Media Intoxicated With Proud Boys Obsession”

  1. Gavin McInnes, founder of the Proud Boys the English/Canadian man who likes to drink his own urine. I am curious as to why they have such a camp name for their little gang.

  2. I too do not know much about them, but I never seen footage of them:
    * Burning
    * Looting
    * Murdering

    Makes for a good acronym.

  3. When Go Fund Me can cancel the account of that poor fellow in Nebraska who had to shoot someone strangling him from behind….. he lost his business, he was jailed AFTER the usual suspects threatened local police and authorities…. he clearly shot in self defense… the whole thing is on video…. when Go Fund Me wouldn’t allow him to raise money for a defense…. THIS IS ALL OUT WAR FOLKS.

    WE are totally and completely surrounded by demonic enemies…. all the tech companies, all the newspapers, all cable and local news …. together with Amazon, Google, Facebook, paypal, … all are crazies… deviates and enemies to white Western Civilization.

    Yes, white western civilization… we created it, shared it, and now must defend it from those who didn’t, couldn’t and wouldn’t be advancing absent European and American culture, science and self governance.

    My grown kids can’t understand how we got here…. I got off a plane last night, and was immediately assaulted by a friendly voice telling me to self quarantine, report anything suspicious, walk 6 feet apart, and then I was met by a table of Health Officials who wanted to take my temperature…. next month they will be telling me I cannot exit the airport without a vaccine…

    I told them to pound sand…. and rushed for the front exit…. yelling profanities at everyone around me… baaing like a sheep, mooing like a cow… and otherwise berating everyone in that airport who is succumbing to this Mad Max Borg Madness….

    It is truly kill or be killed time… and if Proud Boys are willing to stand up for white skin and blue eyes…. hey, I’m too old to fight the demons…. I don’t have a weapon… and never had military training….

    We must stop this insanity…. if it takes mass murder… that’s what it takes. We cannot live under this level of assault … by people telling our toddlers they may not be boys or girls… ON DISNEY!!! Sodomizing our children, and telling us gay, trans and bi is NORMAL … and WE are the devils.