Former FBI Official Proposes ‘Bipartisan Commission’ to Vet Presidential Candidates Like Trump

A former top FBI official on Thursday proposed that a “bipartisan commission” be created to vet presidential candidates so people like President Trump can never be elected again.

“We got this wrong, and this can’t happen again,” said Frank Figliuzzi, who was briefly the assistant director of the FBI under President Obama.

During a discussion on MSNBC about Trump’s taxes Thursday morning, Figliuzzi opined that the president’s supposedly dire financial situation made him “vulnerable” to certain entities like {{{Russia}}}.

“He is the most vulnerable president in our history in terms of compromise and potential exposure to those who want to help him dig out of this financial pit in return for a price,” Figliuzzi said. “And that’s where the national security problem comes in.”

The former G-man added—without evidence—that the president was “entangled with Russia and the former Soviet Block,” therefore he was potentially involved with Russian organized crime figures too.

“We need to have a national discussion about how we vet a presidential candidate,” Figliozzi declared. “We screwed this up.”

He suggested that the media in 2016 didn’t dig “deeply enough” to find dirt on Trump, and added “it’s time to have a discussion about a bipartisan committee that demands tax returns. Make that a requirement.”

Figliozzi said the task of the committee would be to expose “financial pictures”of the candidates.

“We got this wrong, and this can’t happen again,” he concluded.

Figliuzzi, now a national security contributor for NBC News, once called for a criminal investigation of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) when he was the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and was set to release a memo on the FBI’s surveillance abuse. Corrupt current and former members of the intelligence community, and their allies in the media deeply opposed the January 2018 publication of the Nunes memo, arguing disingenuously that it was misleading and would compromise “sources and methods.”

Nunes’ memo would eventually be corroborated by the DOJ inspector general’s report on the FBI’s surveillance abuse, which implicated many bad actors at the FBI, as well as their willing accomplices in the media.

Not surprisingly, Figliuzzi, who left the Bureau in 2012, has been an enthusiastic peddler of the Russia collusion hoax.

In August of 2019, Figliuzzi on MSNBC compared Trump supporters to members of a terrorist organization and floated a conspiracy theory that Trump was sending out secret coded signals to white supremacists.

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Debra Heine is a conservative Catholic mom of six and longtime political pundit. She has written for several conservative news websites over the years, including Breitbart and PJ Media.

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55 responses to “Former FBI Official Proposes ‘Bipartisan Commission’ to Vet Presidential Candidates Like Trump”

  1. A “bipartisan committee” to select candidates for the ballot.

    Oh. A Politburo.

    • We just need some people to guard the guardians. What could be wrong with that?

    • We already have a “bipartisan commission to vet presidential candidates.” It’s called “Voters!”

    • Indeed and there are no and never has been a ‘bipartisan’ group

    • Fortunately, these are the kind of guys that talk on government issued cell phones about overthrowing the government.

    • I have a better idea. Let’s get a Blue Ribbon Panel going to shut down the FBI and replace it with a non-corrupt nonpartisan law investigative bureau.

  2. Sad to see AG abandon the best comment board on the internet, Disqus. I will be reading a lot less AG stories in the future, though I have to say I won’t miss the steadily downward trajectory of Liz Sheld’s Morning Greatness. Far too many links to CNN and Politico.

    • While the DISQUS format is unbeatable their text editor dribbles. In YEARS of using the thing it has picked up a few good features but the design and coding errors are still there. Furthermore there are multiple versions in use so you don’t even know what bugs/omissions apply on a particular site.

    • Agreed. The new comment board is a joke and I have let them know.

  3. Sad to see AG abandon the best comment board on the internet, Disqus. I will be reading a lot less AG stories in the future, though I have to say I won’t miss the steadily downward trajectory of Liz Sheld’s Morning Greatness. Far too many links to CNN and Politico.

    • Real shame AG dropped Disqus. I follow VDH closely and many of his articles are here and Disqus made that easier. Oh well, just means I’ll ne here less…….

  4. And this comment section doesn’t save your email and name so you have to enter them for each comment. Lame stuff AG…

    • Further proof that theFBI needs to be disbanded before they do anymore treasonous acts.

    • Lame stuff indeed. I foresaw something like this politically correct retreat from free speech in this new restricted format when American Thinker kept shilling for the despicable Jeff Sessions in his bid to retake his old senate seat from Alabama. Free speech is bigger than Jeff “Judas” Sessions and American Thinker. In any event, I hope AG’s new format succeeds. After all, lame speech counts for something.

  5. Couldn’t this be considered treason or some sort of high crime. Changing the constitution to allow a few insiders determine the candidates????

    I won’t even ask how we got it so wrong. If you ask me we got it wrong in ’92, ’96, ’08 and ’12. But I only get one vote. Just like this a$$hat. And I am perfectly fine with that set up.

    Other than that, this might be a sign that these guys know that we are on to them with their ballot harvesting nonsense and that when Trump wins again, this will all be cleaned up. God willing, we will never see another socialist a$$wipe in the WH in my lifetime and that of the next generation or two.

  6. @Dave Hunter: Disqus is convenient, but it’s not smart to put your entire comment section in the hands of another Silicon Valley tech company.

  7. “ He suggested that the media in 2016 didn’t dig “deeply enough” to find dirt on Trump”

    The media proctology exam they did wasn’t deep enough?!?

    Did they want it to come out his nose?

  8. Oh, and like Joe Biden isn’t a compromised candidate with all of Hunter’s escapades in Ukraine, China, and Russia!

  9. The vile and narcissistic Deep State, Dhimmi-crat commissars reveal their totalitarian worldview. These idiots possess total contempt for the peasants of the proletariat, and, would enjoy nothing more than to serve as “gatekeepers” to approve only those candidates who conform to their totalitarian, self-congratulatory and vain worldview.

  10. America’s has an effective political vetting system already in place – we’ve called it the U.S. Constitution for over 240 years. The FBI in charge during the 2016 election thought it was their duty to block the American people’s choice for president .

  11. You lost me at “Former FBI Official Proposes.” The FBI have lost ALL credibility to “vet” anyone, especially political candidates. You may as well have Russia, China, or the North Koreans vet our candidates. They’re just as impartial as the FBI.

  12. We can’t allow people to choose outside the uniparty. Trump used to be their buddy. They would tell him hr needed to run for president. Well he finally did and found out how few friends he had.

    There is little argument with his policies because they are popular. So they have to lie and repeat the lies because they got nothing the American people want.

  13. Former FBI agent and committed “Swamp Creature.”

  14. Too bad this former FBI ideologue didn’t propose this idea before the powers that be foisted the great Obama off on us — thanks to the tireless complicity of the media, we only have hints about what shaped that man’s policies and decisions.

    • And most of what we’re told about Obama doesn’t quite seem to stand up to any scrutiny.Figboy doesn’t seem to be very curious about that.How about just not voting for deep state choices and shadowy figures that come from nowhere?At least with Trump,while he was thankfully not a Washington mud dweller,he was a known quantity for many years.

  15. Well of course you have to vet future candidates for president!!! We can’t have some patriotic citizen running the country. The leader of the country has to be one of the cognoscenti , you know a member of the club where we snooker the rubes into thinking they actually have a voice then we go ahead and do what we damn well please. This representative democracy thing has just gotten way out of hand.

  16. Yes let’s get a few Obama toadies to sign off on who can run for President.Why didn’t Madison and Hamilton think of that?

  17. Figliuzzi is hurting because his Praetorian Guard didn’t get to choose the next emperor.

  18. While we’re at it let’s simply abolish elections too. Or place them in the hands of Party Members.

  19. Put down the bong and the rest of your hardcore drug stash, G Man. What a disgrace, to think you and your drug buddies know what’s “best.” FBI colluded to attempt a coup, there’s your evidence.

  20. And we are supposed to bow down and believe anything a current or former FIB member has to say? Fig could more accurately substitute Obama for Trump in his screed. The press did not even attempt to dig down and expose Obama…they were too busy covering everything up about him.

  21. How many Deep State people were in the FBI when barack hussein was in office? How desperate must msnbc be to interview someone like that? I wonder if either of the viewers agreed.

  22. Might ought to also require candidates for president to supply a birth certificate and be natural born citizens.

    These requirements may seem extreme but desperate times require desperate measures.

  23. So, a committee to choose who will preside as President…. regardless of the people and any electoral votes.

    Sounds so…. Soviet Union.

  24. “We need to have a national discussion about how we vet a presidential candidate,” Figliozzi declared. “We screwed this up.”

    What do you mean we Kemosabe?

    I think Futurama predicted this. If this nut job gets his wish, much like in Futurama, the presidential race will come down to two opponents, John Jackson and Jack Johnson, two identical clones.

  25. How about a commission of concerned citizens to vet FBI agents–both new and presently employed?

  26. It’s about time to have a patriotic discussion about the future existence of the FBI. There are also so called bipartisan commissions in Russia and China to determine your future.

  27. Oh, I think the Clinton campaign dug pretty deep to find dirt on Trump. And then when they couldn’t find anything, they hired a guy to make some up.

    • The FBI is the LAST organization qualified to vet anything or anybody. The Clinton foundation never filed to be anything but a library in Little Rock…. where was this bozo when Charles Ortel and company asked for an inquiry?

      probably on Epsteins island.

      • This is the stuff one would expect if one fell down the rabbit hole and heard the pontifications of the White Rabbit and the Red Queen. Obama was birthed and raised by communists. His mentor, and perhaps his real father, was Frank Marshall Davis, a card- carrying member of the CPUSA. Obama’s closest associates into adulthood and after were red diaper baby Marxists. And let’s not forget Obama’s appeasement of both Putin and the ayatollahs. This Figliozzi character is clearly demented or seditious to claim Trump is the problem and this is the solution.

  28. ” who was briefly the assistant director of the FBI under President Obama.”

    All that needs to be said. We can’t let these people back in power.

  29. Sit in the corner and shut up you fool. The Constitution sets the qualifications for president not some stinking commission of swamp creatures.

  30. Former FBI officer Frank Figliuzzi is a sterling example of the type of police state criminal mind that needs to be vetted so that it never gets within light years of any public service anywhere in the free world. The man is truly a disgrace.

  31. Well, sayonara, AG. Disqus is far from perfect — all those bugs in the editor after how many years? And different versions on different sites so you can’t be sure what will work HERE … But it was a real place for conversations.

    The rest is still pretty good so I’ll read sometimes.

  32. Figliuzzi is quite the Swamp creature and nothing more than a fascist taboot. The fact that he was a hi-ranking member of the Obama-era FBI gives him the credibility of a 19th Century traveling circus sideshow hawker selling a “magic” cure-all elixir. What a buffoon.

  33. A mediocre agent should not be giving political advise even if it is just MSNBC.

  34. This former Swamp Creature wants to create a “Permanent Swamp Commission to Tame the Presidency Without Changing the Constitution.” This ultimate Progressive Supereaucracy would in effect create a President by Committee and make sure that the oligarchy all Progressives really want would become permanent and independent of the Constitution. Communism or Fascism (depending on the rhetoric they choose)–certainly Soros, a guy or gal from Big Pharma and Big Tech, etc. would volunteer to serve for life.

  35. The main reason Trump won is because the GOP Establishment never let Republican voters choose their candidate. The GOP would only pick candidates who had no intention of winning. As to Democrat and Independent voters, those who voted for Trump shared the view that government is corrupt and doesn’t allow ordinary people to have a voice. This FBI guy exemplifies that elites will never give up trying to silence us. Solution? Since they’ll never let us be free, we have to free ourselves, eg, split the US into 3 parts.

  36. And people like this idiot call President Trump a threat to our democracy (yes, I know we’re really a Republic).