The Debatable and the Relatable

Four important things happened Tuesday night during the “debate.” One, Joe Biden denied that Hunter Biden had leveraged his father’s office to take money from Ukraine and China. Two, Biden firmly took the position that he favors lockdown until the eradication of COVID-19. Three, Biden committed to reinstating the Paris Climate Agreement. Four, Biden denied the existence of Antifa.

We’ll take these one at a time, but first let’s mention another important thing. 

The “debate” itself was an intellectual and political disgrace. The moderator was a third debater. The president interrupted compulsively, even when it seemed Biden might descend into his familiar rambles. Biden called the president names—“clown,” “liar,” and “racist”—and told the president to “shut up.” Biden never sincerely answered any questions, choosing to repeat mostly, if not entirely, false campaign pablum. 

Last night’s debate format is incompatible with our present political culture. Future formats should be different. One mic, no interruptions, a passive moderator, 15 minute speeches on topics, not questions, known in advance, followed by a 20 minute rebuttal, and 5 minute second rebuttal, repeated three times. Let the candidates talk to the American people. Let the moderators control their fatuous vanity.

There. With that off my chest, let’s return to the four points above.

When Biden denied that his son Hunter exploited his father’s position to take money from Ukraine and China, he was obviously lying. Not only have these accusations not been debunked, they have been documented

When Donald Trump ran in 2016, he was running on the public’s distaste for Hillary Clinton, particularly her personal enrichment through politics. As I wrote in 2016, “while the media portrays Donald Trump as vulgar, uninformed, incompetent, authoritarian, racist, fascist and a threat to the nation’s survival, the public is well aware of a genuine threat to liberty and the survival of the republic: Hillary Clinton sells offices.” 

In 2016, the American people had had enough of the venality, and embraced Trump as the antidote, gambling on his ability to carry out the duties of the office given his inexperience in public life. Trump, nominated thrice for the Nobel Prize for ending conflicts, has demonstrated his ability—unorthodox or not—to fulfill his duties as president. Biden, refusing to confront the brazen corruption of his career as a public servant, reframes the 2020 race around the issues of 2016: Joe Biden sells offices.

On COVID-19, Biden fell down. Biden made clear that he favors strictly curtailing civil liberties indefinitely to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. This has always been a false choice, as Sweden demonstrated. The public knows this is unsustainable and, frankly, perverted. The harm done to children, particularly poor children, by the authoritarian lockdown schemes, which deny children on the margins of society an education, is profoundly immoral. 

The lockdown has distressed and destroyed small businesses, plunging a dagger into a middle class already gravely wounded by the globalism Biden hopes to accelerate. 

Trump, in contrast and from the beginning, has sought to balance the impact of COVID-19 against its threat, continually seeking ways to minimize the infringement of civil liberties and encouraging the exploration of new techniques to mitigate the impact of the disease—such as the use of hydroxychloroquine and other promising technologies. 

Trump has been a voice in the wilderness in protecting the First Amendment rights of Americans to exercise their religious freedom and assemble peacefully. Trump should hammer Biden’s un-American hostility to civil liberties. 

Environmentalism and the global socialist movement are intertwined. Biden in his commitment to rejoin the Paris Agreement, embraces this fanatical movement, embodied earlier this year by a shrieking child

The global environmental movement is profoundly anti-American and incompetent. The Paris Agreement would do nothing to control the emissions of China and India, while burdening the United States, especially its middle class. Biden’s commitment to this and his barely abridged vision of the Green New Deal—which is cover for economic central planning if you listen closely—would savage working-class jobs. 

As if going all in for international socialism were not enough, Biden aligned himself with its army of domestic belligerents. When Biden denied the existence of Antifa, calling it an “idea” rather than an organization, he made it clear that Antifa is his ally. Antifa is the first “idea” that has elaborate funding, flags, echelons of uniformed street fighters, arsonists, rehearsed tactics, and pre-positioned U-Hauls full of gear. While the FBI may have overlooked its existence, it even has a write up in The Atlantic. The Antifa insurgency, which is national, violent, and communist, disgusts the American people. Antifa is Biden. Biden is Antifa. 

The president should campaign on these themes which emerged from the “debate”—I can’t dignify what happened last night without scare quotes—and show how they are relatable to his presidency and his campaign. 

Biden has sold offices to advance a far Left platform that is indifferent to civil liberties, embraces international socialism in the guise of environmentalism, and is an ally of a Marxist insurgency at home. Vote accordingly. 

About Jay Whig

Jay Whig is an adjunct fellow of the Center for American Greatness. Whig practices law in New York and a resides in Connecticut, specializing in insolvency and restructuring. Opinions are his own.

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

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6 responses to “The Debatable and the Relatable”

  1. And where ARE the comments? I see a place to comment, but no comments. Seems to defeat the purpose, unless I’m just first.

    • We were having serious problems with Disqus, so we’re using the WordPress comments system. As I understand it, your comments will not appear in the moderation queue after I’ve approved you once. I guess we’ll find out soon. But please be patient. Everything new is strange and takes a bit of getting used to. Thanks for reading.

      • PDJT’s father was a residential real estate developer. He built and sold homes to returning WWII and Korean War vets for $10,000. Few of these homes are still owned by the original purchasers, but many are owned by their children and grandchildren. Current avg. value $400,000. PDJT’s dad built investments for his customers and their progeny.

        Joe Biden’s dad was a used car salesman. He sold deteriorating pieces of sh!t, the vast majority of which were either sent to scrapyards or buried in landfills. Nice legacy your dad handed you, Joe.

      • Ben, seems to be working here. Thanks for the work you guys do on this site. It’s made great strides in the last year. Happy to support it

      • Thank you Ben.

        I often join the pro-Trump chorus, echoing things other Trump supporters say. But I also post original thoughts that get repeated, without attribution. It’s okay with me, as Reagan said, “There’s nothing you can’t accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

        For example, in early March, I proposed that the best way to beat Covid was to keep the elderly and infirm in their homes, and deliver food, healthcare and maintenance services to them, by Covid-test-negative providers. Otherwise, let healthy people live normal lives, get Covid, recover and build herd immunity. My calculations projected an end to Covid by sometime in June. Nobody knows who I am, but I studied virology, infectious disease, microbiology and epidemiology. I did biostatistics, even creating my own computer biomedical-data-analysis programs back in the day when you either got programs from other researchers, or wrote your own. I was very good in math, and liked writing novel programs. As a young doctor, I saw my first AIDS patient in 1984, when we suspected a virus, but HIV had not yet been discovered. Of course this was a risk. My nurse and I were willing to face the risk.

        I was one of the first persons to point out that state governments’ forced shutdown of hospitals’ elective services, which was disastrous for the hospitals, combined with super-bonus payments for labeling patients as “Covid”, and the CDC’s total abandonment of Pasteur’s principles, and Koch’s postulates regarding infectious agents, i.e. allowing Covid-test-negative patients to be billed as “Covid” patients, which was anti-scientific, was guaranteed to massively inflate “Covid” death counts.

        So, it was natural for me to realize that PDJT’s dad built and sold valuable investments to his ordinary, working-class-American customers, investments they lived in for 40 years, then handed down to their children, while JB’s dad sold his working-class-American customers temporarily useful, but soon-valueless used cars.

  2. If Chris Wallace had gotten out of the way, the debate would have been lively and far more interesting. Trump clearly had rattled Biden to the point he couldn’t even count to three. He got him to blatantly refuse to answer about packing the Court. Biden’s stance on lockdowns was incoherent and self-contradictory: one minute attacking the President for locking down the country, the next stating he would lockdown the country himself.

    One point of disagreement with Jay, Trump has not done everything to protect our rights during this. We’re now seven months into “fifteen days” and the DOJ has done exactly nothing to help sue states into reopening, end draconian mandates, or force state officials to obey the Constitution. That has been his biggest failing in handling WuFlu from day one.