Biden Leads In New Hampshire Poll

A new poll conducted by Pulse Opinion Research for the Center for American Greatness shows Biden leading President Trump 56 percent to 42 percent in New Hampshire.  The survey of 850 likely voters was conducted September 23-25. The margin of error was +/- 4 percent.

The poll results are somewhat of an outlier compared with other recent polls in the Granite State. A University of Massachusetts-Lowell survey of 657 likely voters conducted September 17-25 found Biden leading Trump 53 percent to 44 percent, with a margin of error of +/-4.6 percent.

The toplines are here and the crosstabs are here.

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4 responses to “Biden Leads In New Hampshire Poll”

    • I have the same question. Maybe someone at AG will venture an explanation.

  1. First it was “Registered” voters and Trump was behind double digits. Then the pollsters (fraudsters) finally went with “Likely” voters and Trump got much closer to Biden. Then we have cell phones vs. landlines and voters who won’t tell the truth about who they’re voting for. Can you blame them?

    Drill down deep into these polls like I do and find out they still sample more Democrats than Republicans, more Independents than Republicans. I understand data, and the data I’m seeing for the most part is junk!

    • How can i find out more detail on the polls? I.e. Phone or mobile etc. Im just amazed that Trump is doing so badly ??? The last 3 plus years have been tough as his entire administration has been battling the ‘russia conspiracy’ !! That alone must have used hours & hours of time , all a waste of time and just defending himself. Then the Impeachment trial. Pkus we have all the wasted time on Cohen & Stormy!! Black lives matter , and a few crazy white supremacists to add to his problems. And then Covid 19 for this year. !!!!
      Trump has achieved quite alot plus laid a path forward for the next 4 years, but he really needs to be in big seat ! If not its all wasted… He worked NON-STOP, he was in every news paper, everyday so he didn’t hide. He also answered questions!

      im just amazed the polls are not more equal…. ??
      Personally I think he should have made sure the Covid stimulus bill was sorted, plus health care, dreamers etc plus a few others, all ready in time for the election but for some reason he has put himself on the back foot. To lose against Sleepy joe is not going to be good, but then again maybe its all planned out before hand??? I.e. ‘USA’ just needed a strong republican voice /opinion etc, plus a VERY stong military rebuilt ready for the next stage. When Sleepy joe gets in then China, Russia & North Korea suddenly need to rethink again ???

      I hope Trump win anyway ,