On Race, Biden is Speedy Joe

The greatest danger posed by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden lies not in his clear cognitive failure but in his moral fanaticism on racial issues. He is the most extreme demagogue on race who has ever run for president since Woodrow Wilson.

In 2020, Biden has gone far beyond his 2012 nonsense when he told a black audience that Republicans (!) wanted to put “ya’ll back in chains.” We saw this racial fanaticism at work in his denunciation of President Trump’s travel ban on flights from China at the beginning of the pandemic, in his notorious “you ain’t black” slur, and his reckless charge of “systemic racism.”  

Earlier this month, Biden declared his demand for “racial equality, equity across the board,” noting, “[t]he country’s ready—and if they’re not, it doesn’t matter . . . .” 

The full context of the quotation makes it clear that Biden is calling for government force to reach his vague goal of “equity across the board.” The country already should be persuaded, and if it is not, there can be no room or time to debate. We must act now, demands Biden. 

If he were calling for full and vigorous enforcement of civil rights laws or of court decisions, his statement would draw little dissent. But he has gone way beyond this suggestion and even far beyond the vagaries of political correctness. 

A Harris-Biden Administration (as Kamala Harris has put it on multiple occasions) would be committed to so-called antiracist brainwashing forced upon all white students in our schools, white employees public and private, and white people generally. Whites would have to take affirmative acts of “antiracism” to be granted both social and governmental approval. 

We are far beyond the provocations of the Obama Administration with its “beer summit” and other maladroit attempts to cover its president’s demagogic moments. (The worst of these was Obama’s own insistence on calling himself black, when he campaigned as the son of a black African immigrant and a white mother and the grandson of a white racist grandmother.) 

The Kendi Fraud

It’s clear that Biden and those around him rely on the influential work of Ibram X. Kendi. Kendi should not be dismissed as a mere academic scribbler but should be recognized as one whose ideas have “gained purchase” with elites. His “anti-racism” program has been adopted by major corporations, distinguished universities, and the federal government (until Trump ordered them stopped). 

Kendi’s or similar work is responsible for the pathetic “confessions” of racism that we have seen almost daily from prominent figures in the academy, business, entertainment, and sports. His insistence that whites must show “antiracism” (as he assesses it) drove tens of thousands of white youth to march in mourning the death of the hoodlum George Floyd, to be matched by thousands of others who gleefully engaged in violence. This cleansing of souls through cathartic action proved their otherwise impotent claims of innocence.  

To show their pride in “antiracism,” Biden staffers and Kamala Harris put up and raised bail money for jailed “protestors” from the Floyd riots and a host of other criminals besides, who often committed further violence. We all have viewed the irksome racial propaganda in professional sports, popular entertainment, news reporting, and even commercials—again, the work of Kendi. 

That is at the heart of wild accusations of racism on the part of the Biden campaign. The racism of which Biden preposterously accuses Trump (“the first” racist president elected) is meant to extend not merely to all Trump voters but to those who don’t vocally repeat the charge. When recently asked at a Claremont McKenna College virtual presentation if anyone who votes for Trump is a racist, Kendi responded succinctly that “that moment” of voting was a racist act. Just as “antiracists” invade restaurants and demand pledges from diners, so it will be on the streets and into homes following a Biden victory in November.

Government mandates for this tyrannical mind-control will follow next, from a Harris-Biden administration. Remember: if “the country’s ready” or not, “it doesn’t matter.” 

Since the country found the nerve and revolted from the individual mandate (government-enforced financial penalty) of Obamacare, Americans should find government “antiracism” demands and penalties even more repulsive. And they should remember on Election Day that Trump rejected them throughout the government. 

Biden-Harris would recommit the government to those corrosive policies and increase their size and scope, as is clear from Christine Rosen’s important article in the October issue of Commentary, “You Will Be Re-educated.” 

The Real Antiracist Approach

Biden has proposed adding to the Federal Reserve Bank’s monetary regulation duties “anti-racist” responsibilities. His likely pick for treasury secretary, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and the even more radical Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) recently proposed a bill that would deem “structural racism” a public health crisis and create a federally funded “Center on Antiracism in Health.” Add that charge to your monthly health insurance premium. When you finish paying that,  slavery reparations will seem like a bargain.

Despite the media distortions of his views, Trump has the real antiracism approach. 

First, he has always recognized that before and after slavery, blacks have been denied even the most basic justice. (See, for example, his 2016 speech on energy as natural resource and as spirit, or his “American carnage” inaugural address.) 

Second, Trump repeatedly has denounced black leaders who have promised a lot and delivered little but rhetoric. The key to black civic fulfillment is private-sector jobs and the dignity and income they provide. Not to mention safe neighborhoods. But Harris-Biden condescendingly makes protesting more important by self-servingly calling it “essential” to democracy. 

Trump, whether consciously or not, actually follows Abraham Lincoln’s anti-slavery strategy in winning emancipation for slaves and ultimate integration into our nation. Lincoln showed how Americans’ pride in improving their own lives should extend to slaves as well as to all self-respecting and self-governing Americans. 

Lincoln defined slavery succinctly as “you work, and I eat.” In other words, it’s an ongoing impulse of the ruling class, in which race was merely the incidental if leading characteristic in Lincoln’s time. There will always be a would-be “slaveocracy” and it is the work of America and Americans to keep it at bay by denying it power. This definition of slavery encapsulates the socialist Democrats’ view of politics and of morality today. The Democrats have always lied about race, with great success, and they aren’t stopping today. 

Enslavement as “Anti-Racism”  

Slavishness is defeated by the self-respect of self-governing men and women. But such a compelling reliance on the work ethic and all the moral virtues and financial benefits it promises are no part of Kendi’s “antiracism.” Insultingly, work, saving, the nuclear family, and following rules are regarded as “white” traits by Kendi and others espousing similar views and therefore are condemned as “racist.”

In 1860 Americans saw and rejected the logic of the socialism in slavery. In 2020 Americans must with align themselves with Lincoln’s call that we “rise to equality” and again reject the socialist tyranny that would justify submission to the elites’ so-called antiracist (but, in fact, very racist) mind control. 

Americans must realize Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are racial fanatics and defend their honor against the new would-be “slaveocracy.” They must not allow Biden, who confesses his own “white privilege,” to use as a sign of his “wokeness” and “anti-racism,” the nomination of Ibram Kendi as his secretary of education and the enslavement of free Americans to the ideology of “anti-racism.”

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