How to Win Reelection in the Final 60 Days

If history is to repeat itself with Donald Trump as victor in the 2020 presidential election, the campaign will need to bend its strategy, cross certain t’s and dot other i’s, now. The execution must be near perfect. Much like the miraculous first victory, we count on the metaphysical necessity of a Trump victory to let Providence ensure the assortment of circumstances that will lead us to victory.

Execution is everything. As the inspirational Tony Robbins says, “Knowing information is not the same as owning it and following through. Information without execution is poverty. Remember: we’re drowning in information, but we’re starving for wisdom.”      

Trump 2020 Needs to Stay Wise!

If the busybodies at the Republican National Committee and Trump campaign are reading, I offer my sage advice for what it’s worth. 

Follow it to a second Trump term. Neglect it and the Trump presidency will go down as an incomplete one-term presidency. You don’t want to lose to senile O’Biden and the woke Left.

I was one of the original backers of 45 and have stayed with him through thick and thin, up and down. I was a surrogate on air and in print well over 200 times for the last winning effort. I was persecuted for my political faith.  I want him to win again. 

President Trump needs to heed this strategy as well, as he detests losing, and the United States needs him to win big and finish the job he has started. He is all we have standing between our country and the abyss of Joe Biden—really, woke Kamala Harris.

While America is a nation, elections are won and lost in particular states. Forty or more of the states are already pretty much determined. Some are in our column; others will firmly go Democrat. Focus only on those that can put us over the top in the Electoral College. They are Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Maine (one district), Minnesota, and Arizona. 

Go after them like a rat terrier. Help the Republicans keep control of the Senate, too. Don’t waste time in New York, California, or the coasts. Forget about it.

Guarantee the base. They are with you, Mr. President, but get them more motivated and willing to all turn out and bring a friend or two. The two issues to do that as you well know are: law and order and the economy. 

You need to quell the riots, reduce the virus, and get more money into the hands of the masses. Forget about everything else. Focus like the proverbial laser. Drop all extraneous activity and hyperbole. Stop with the flailing and uncoordinated junk. Message to persuade. The Trump videos are great! Do more airport rallies with crowds. Say we are back!

You need more suburbanites, particularly women; more blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, and more Reagan Democrats to come on board. All are within reach. Vastly more people will vote for you privately in the booth even if they don’t say so now. The way to go at this is twofold: what are we for? The winning purpose is a safe and prosperous America. 

Foreign policy is critically important. Remind voters of all the accomplishments so far. Then, dissuade them from going for a crony, swamp creature like Joe Biden, who will permanently change the country and install globalism with China as its centerpiece. Does that mean going dirty? 

No, it just means telling the truth. Say clearly what we are against.

The three nationally televised debates will be absolutely crucial because this election year is so unique. No rallies, “virtual” conventions, little traditional campaigning. You need to prepare, seriously prepare. Be natural, know what you are going to say, practice, and have zingers ready. I can send you some. They will get coverage and be remembered. 

You have to show Biden for what he is in the debates. Take no hostages and expose his poor mental state and newfound hard-leftist bent. Tell him: “No Malarkey.” Make him Quid Pro Joe. One conclusive image of him faltering means—you win.

You don’t want to wake up like Thomas Dewey did, slip in the final polls like Michael Dukakis, or get creamed on the final days of 2016 like Hillary Clinton. Surprise all the pundits, naysayers, pollsters, and haters. They want you to lose, badly. The way to avoid that fate is to follow this advice. Stay on target. Punch and counterpunch, harder. 

Do not tire. Never relent.

On COVID-19, spend 95 percent of your time putting out the “Warp Speed” plan to vaccinate all of America. The schools should reopen but the reality is only a successful vaccine wins the day and defeats the Wuhan nemesis. On the economy, remind everyone of the way things were just four months ago and show the contours of a V-shaped recovery. It is underway. Get checks into the hands of every taxpayer, ASAP and the $400 to those who need it. Sign the bottom line—Your President. Announce a bipartisan trillion-dollar infrastructure program to be commenced the day after reelection. You are the builder who can bring our country back.

Name your next Supreme Court appointee—a strict constructionist—in September. It will bring out conservatives you need to get over the top. Get the Justice Department to indict at least a half-dozen of the deep state culprits who attempted to cause a coup d’état.

You need to look and act presidential. Use the bully pulpit, the Oval Office, the Rose Garden, and the Roosevelt Room to your full advantage—daily. Be transparent and available—the opposite of your opponent. Show a dose of humility as well as confidence that America needs a leader to save her and keep her great

Get out the vote by using every possible means from canvassing to social media to algorithmic advertising. Take the sound opinion of Niccòlo Machiavelli in The Prince

A prince is despised if he is considered changeable, foolish, weak, mean, and uncertain. A prince should avoid these characteristics. In his actions, he should try to show greatness, courage, seriousness, and strength.

We can and will win. It’s time for a full-court press. At the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, the quintessential American, Benjamin Franklin was queried about the outcome. His memorable reply: “A republic, if you can keep it.” 

All Americans are counting on you to help them keep it. Our future is in your hands. Make that the consequence of this election.

Mr. President, be patriotic and above all, stay optimistic. Win.

About Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, scholar-diplomat-strategist, is CEO of the thought leadership firm The Roosevelt Group. He is the author of 18 books, including The Plot to Destroy Trump and appears regularly in the media, as a keynote speaker, and on television around the world. 

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

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