‘Bidenizing’ the Truth

If today, Joe Biden were to flat-out lie or—to borrow a term his campaign uses every day—“misspeak,” I’m betting the media would simply let it go. That’s where we are right now. In the past, reporters at least sometimes would call out Biden on his whoppers. But not anymore. Today, the media “Bidenizes” just about everything to help the Delaware Democrat and his leftist puppet masters in their effort to win the White House.

What does it mean to “Bidenize”? I would humbly offer that “Bidenize” should be the new “it” word or hashtag, meaning to “exaggerate, gild the lily, lie, plagiarize, fabricate, mislead.” It’s a very useful, flexible word, just like Biden’s flexible approach to the truth. 

Given Biden’s diminished mental acuity, let’s all agree that we’re not going to be seeing much of him live and in person for the next eight weeks or so. If we do, it will be limited and, apparently, any questions from his allies in the media will be expressly verboten. We can also agree that the fabricated stories from the media to diminish President Trump and aid a helpless Joe Biden are going to continue. 

Exhibit A: The Atlantic’s whopper regarding President Trump’s views of the military, our veterans, and military personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Never mind that the comments attributed to Trump sound like those from the fever swamp of BLM, Antifa,  columnists at the Washington Post, or talking heads at MSNBC and CNN. 

Recall that the media also tried to spin the military cemetery story when the event was canceled originally due to weather. The media tried to make a big deal of it then, and it failed. So instead, Jeffrey Goldberg decided to Bidenize it a bit—this time, adding “anonymous sources” with new, improved, and never-before-divulged details, some two years after the incident. But more than six individuals have gone on the record to show the story is a lie, and flight documents from that day confirm that the cemetery visit was canceled due to weather. 

Compare this to Biden’s claims over the years. In 1987, in a single episode of pique after a reporter inquired about Biden’s law school performance, the Bidenizing began. He claimed he finished near the top of his law school class at Syracuse. He did not. Indeed, finishing 76th out of a class of 85 is the exact opposite of coming out on “top.”

Perhaps he ended up so low because he plagiarized during his first year. Stealing from others’ hard work is a pattern for Biden. Over the years, he not only has conned his constituents and the American taxpayers, but has stolen words written by others to help get himself elected. I’ll give him this, he at least steals from real talent: President John F. Kennedy, his brother, Bobby, even a British Labour Party leader, without any attribution. The 2020 Presidential campaign couldn’t help but Bidenize his policy papers, plagiarizing from leftist environmental groups. 

Joe Biden has been in Washington for a long time. He likes to brag about all the things he’s done and where he’s been. These, too, are often lies. He claimed he was arrested in South Africa while visiting Nelson Mandela. It was a lie. Biden has claimed for years that he was a civil rights activist. A few months ago, a Black Lives Matter leader showed that Biden was lying. Just to show how desperate the Left is, in spite of revealing those lies, that BLM leader still supports the Biden ticket. It’s come to this: they know he’s a liar but “Orange Man Bad!” so it all works in their incoherent thinking. 

Biden has also claimed, like Hillary Clinton, that he was shot at while traveling overseas. He said he came under fire while in Iraq. He was caught lying and then “revised” the story. Biden has actually lied about his visits to Iraq on multiple occasions. The lies were so large that even the Washington Post was forced to reveal the truth. 

For more than 40 years, the professional politician that is Joe Biden has mostly been given a pass for his lies, half-truths, and intellectual theft by the same media that now claims to be the “gatekeeper of truth.” But as we know, most of those involved in the media are liars and leftist propagandists so, of course, they’re going to cover for Biden. They cover up for Biden’s inability to speak without notes or to answer unscripted questions. And no doubt, over the next 55 days they will continue to publish Bidenized material against President Trump. 

We can’t stop the media from “Bidenizing” but we can tell it as it is. The next time you see them trying to sell a whopper, just think, “It’s come to this. These poor intellectually stunted folks, just Bidenizing everything now.” But it makes sense: it’s the only play they’ve got.

About Ned Ryun

Ned Ryun is a former presidential writer for George W. Bush and the founder and CEO of American Majority. You can find him on Twitter @nedryun.

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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