The Democrats’ Laughable ‘President Chaos’ Strategy

It is humorous and even gratifying to see the Democrats—including the legion of their talking television plants—dragging themselves to the recognition that President Trump might actually be reelected. The powerful fragmentation grenade detonated at the Republican National Convention provoked the Democratic television commandos to brief outbursts of alarmist sincerity. 

CNN’s Don Lemon, one of the dumbest and bitchiest Trump-haters, blurted out that as the polls were moving unfavorably, it might be wise for Democratic candidate Joe Biden to criticize mob violence, something he and his partisans had conspicuously failed to do at their convention the week before. He did this within a day of his colleague Brian Stelter, who will enter the Guinness Book of World Records for the frequency of his utterance in reference to President Trump in the last three years, “The walls are closing in,” righteously wagging his glabrous head at the viewers as he told them that the urban guerrilla violence sweeping the country really was “peaceful protest.” 

The same assurance was given by correspondents of CNN and the other anti-Trump networks reporting from riot-torn cities, even as largely minority-owned businesses torched by the “peaceful protesters” belched flame and smoke behind them.      

Having studiously pretended throughout the summer—as unusually violent rioting erupted in city after city ultimately injuring 700 policemen, killing over 30 people, and inflicting over a billion dollars in damage—that it was just a continuing vigorous protest over the death of George Floyd, the official and media Democrats have been rudely awakened by their own allies and protégés. 

It’s All Trump’s Fault! 

Rather than serve the convenience of the Democratic Party, which for the purposes of the anti-white racists and other extremists who lead the riots is just a vast assemblage of useful idiots whose naiveté and cowardice they can exploit to assault American society, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa wish to expose the weakness and moral bankruptcy of those who appease them as much as they wish to assault Trump’s America.

The official Demomedia consensus has relatively swiftly evolved from the saga of the peaceful protest against police excess, which they held to be merely the visible evidence of the fascistic tendencies of the Trump Administration, to heightened emphasis on the phenomenon of President Chaos. 

As distinguished guests at the White House nomination acceptance speech made their way back to their hotels last Thursday night, many, including Senator Rand Paul and his wife were heckled, pushed, and threatened, and only quick police work avoided serious harm. As this was being transmitted to the television viewers of the country, the transitory Democratic bromide that “This is Trump’s America,” was being circulated. This commendable improvisation holds that Trump’s “authoritarianism,” which Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and others had warned the nation about at their convention, created the matrix and the breeding grounds for violence and that Trump himself, the madman in the White House, was responsible for unleashing arson, vandalism, and assault from Rodeo Drive and Michigan Avenue to Madison Avenue

It’s all the fault of President Chaos: the rioters are objecting to Trump, and are, therefore, implicitly, somewhat justified. The trouble with dismissing the rioters as manifestations of “Trump’s America,” apart from the fact that they’re all in corruptly misgoverned Democrat-ruled cities, is that the Democrats have exalted BLM; and the rioters will all vote for them against Trump. 

So precarious was the Democratic Party’s strategy of making an unholy alliance with the quasi-Marxist Left under Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), while hiding it behind an overwhelmingly innocuous Joe Biden, that the scaffolding around this imposture collapsed at once and its erectors, suddenly faced with a real campaign, became almost hysterical. The television spear-carriers like Chuck Todd and Dana Bash claimed that Trump incited these months of violence which they had not noticed were happening until last week. 

Weimar America?

At a more worldly but just as scurrilous level, Andrew Sullivan, one of the most militant and inflexible Trump-haters, now professes to believe that the total collapse of American society is at hand. 

According to Sullivan, Trump’s goal is the creation of chaos in which he can assert a thuggish semi-dictatorship. It is, he writes, and apparently believes, “Weimar,” a reference to the government of Germany between its defeat in World War I in 1918 and the rise of Adolf Hitler in 1933. This is an implicit comparison of Trump, who has been the victim, not the perpetrator, of unconstitutional illegalities, with Hitler, who because of the particular opprobrium of genocide, probably ranks as the most monstrous criminal in human history, though he is not without rivals.               

It is to this depth of unfathomable fatuity that even relatively highbrow Trump-haters have descended. Sullivan knows perfectly well that there is no comparison whatsoever to be made between the United States and defeat-born Weimar Germany trying to stumble into democracy humiliated, with seven million dead and wounded and the complete collapse of the economic system. Sullivan concedes that there is a possibility of staving off the collapse of democracy and society in general, but is pessimistic because that possibility resides in the weak and compromised hands of Joe Biden. Sullivan’s only connection to historical or contemporary facts is his admission that Joe Biden is not capable of leading the United States.   

The country knows that this completely unacceptable state of violence has been facilitated, denied, apologized for, and to some extent encouraged by elements of the new and radicalized Democratic coalition. The country has noted that President Trump has shown great restraint in not exercising his constitutional right to impose order and “ensure domestic tranquility.” He has patiently allowed the Democrats to achieve the responsibility for the colossal disorder that has shocked America and the world, while offering every day to take the measures to end it if asked by the mayors and governors. It has ultimately proved a successful strategy.

The less febrile Trump-haters are still trying to sell the complete fabrication that he bungled the COVID-19 crisis. He has at times been too optimistic in his predictions, has allowed himself to become embroiled in disputes over details in ways that were unseemly and fruitless, and permitted some of his press briefings to be reduced by insolent members of the press to undignified scenes. 

But the president has, in fact, managed the pandemic well, swiftly increasing the production of essential medical supplies, accelerating the pursuit of useful therapies and vaccines, imposing a shutdown and proposing that it be relaxed in a timely manner, and generally ignoring the Democratic agitation—for shabby political motives—of a prolonged shutdown. 

Rates of COVID-19 infection and fatalities are now declining throughout the country and this attempt by the Democrats to promote anti-Trump hysteria, like the attempt to shuffle on to him the responsibility for the violence of extreme Marxist and racist groups, is a doomed election strategy. The wheels are coming off the Democratic campaign, and their only visible response is to try to harvest votes in a giant fraud over postal ballots. 

We are almost back to where we started with the fraudulent Russian collusion inquiry. Trump will have to be careful not to be so demagogic that his credibility recedes, but he’s on a glide-path to victory now.

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