Where Kyle Rittenhouse Went Wrong

Patriots are forged during times of strife, and 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse heeded the call in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday night. He stood to defend freedom while others were cowering. He did exactly what the Founding Fathers would have done.

And for that, he is being charged with murder.

Rittenhouse has been charged with first-degree murder for firing his way out of a mob attack by left-wing terrorists. He showed up from Illinois to stand for the property owners who were being besieged after sustained rioting turned humble Kenosha into a third-world nightmare. He wanted to be a Good Samaritan and was willing to put himself in harm’s way to do what was just. The video evidence makes it clear he was acting in self-defense.

The so-called victims of Rittenhouse’s gunfire are a great cross-section of Antifa’s social justice frontliners. Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, who Rittenhouse shot dead, was a convicted pedophile. Anthony Huber, 26, also shot dead by Rittenhouse, was a serial domestic abuser. The mensch of the group, 26-year-old Gaige Grosskreutz, had intoxication and gun charges on his record. 

For doing what a patriotic American should do in these circumstances, the media spin machine is painting Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist” without any evidence. Just the fact that he is white, was carrying an AR-15, supports the police, and is willing to exercise his God-given freedoms makes him guilty in their eyes. They want to crucify this young man for defending himself against a mob.

“The #1 terrorist threat in the USA is the right wing & white supremacist groups. Their #1 enabler & funding source is the white establishment,” Black Lives Matter activist Bree Newsome Bass tweeted.

“A 17-year-old white supremacist drove from another state with the intent to kill multiple people. Please stop justifying terrorists,” Massachusetts reporter Shakala Alvaranga wrote in a tweet.

New Yorker writer Lane Moore declared her support for white children to be stripped of their First and Second Amendment rights in another tweet: “normalize viewing white teenage boys with guns who post misogynist and white supremacist shit on social media as terrorists.”

It does not matter to the left-wing jackals that Rittenhouse made it clear in interviews before he was attacked that he was in Kenosha to help keep the peace. He looks a certain way and his skin is a certain color so he must be eviscerated. His arrest report indicated he is actually Hispanic, but that fact is no obstacle to a smear, as “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman discovered after shooting Trayvon Martin in 2012. This is how law and order works in a diverse society.

“People are getting injured. Our job is to protect this business and part of my job is to also help people,” Rittenhouse said of his volunteer group that showed up to defend law and order.

“If there’s somebody hurt, I’m running into harm’s way. That’s why I have my rifle because I can protect myself, obviously. I also have my medkit,” he added.

From everything that is known about the kid, Rittenhouse was a model citizen. He was formerly a member of the youth police cadet program, so the leftist corporate press maligned as a young man “fixated on supporting police”—as if that’s a bad thing. Open carrying a rifle is not a crime, protesting with a firearm is not a crime, and bringing a legally-owned firearm across state lines is not a crime. 

Facts notwithstanding—many more of which will come out at trial, should the case get that far—Rittenhouse is still getting thrown in the ringer with left-wing jackals cheering on his railroading.

Let this be a lesson to those misguided libertarians and conservatives who sympathize with Black Lives Matter’s grievances with police. These people hate you. They want to strip you of your rights. They want you subjugated or dead. The nuance behind your opinion doesn’t matter to them. They might pat you on the head as you are doing their bidding, but the alliance ends there.

Rittenhouse had the best of intentions. In his youthful naiveté, he thought that the “peaceful protestors” could have their rights protected while business owners could be kept safe from the “few bad apples” causing the violence. He did not realize that the peaceful protestors are running cover for the terrorists causing destruction. This is an immutable characteristic of the movement. It’s how it was designed.

The BLM and Antifa terrorists are causing destruction and making innocent people pay because they are following the ISIS blueprint. They want the people to become so broken and so hopeless that they bow to their captors. This is why Democrats look the other way. This is not about George Floyd, Jacob Blake, or whomever the felon of the week may be. This is about domination and control—and, incidentally, stopping President Trump.

Where Rittenhouse went wrong was in having compassion for his soulless enemies. He did not have the wisdom to understand his circumstances. He still thought he was a free man in this country. 

Rittenhouse felt a common unity with his fellow Americans. He did not realize he is a subject in a globalist technocracy that has already dehumanized him and marked him for replacement. He will now learn the hard lesson of where he stands in a 6-foot-by-8-foot prison cell.

We should all of course be standing in Rittenhouse’s corner as he goes through this cruel and merciless system. We should pray that he is vindicated and found not guilty. He has already retained attorney L. Lin Wood, who helped Covington high school student Nicholas Sandmann vindicate himself. 

Rittenhouse deserves to be supported as a hero, but we should be careful not to repeat his mistakes. We should not lift a finger on behalf of our opponents, who pine to enslave us and wish to recreate the worst tyrannies mankind has ever known on our shores. We should never sympathize with these folks—to do so is to develop Stockholm Syndrome.

We should not make it easy for our enemies to target us. There are many ways for patriots to defend liberty at this moment. Hold a “Back the Blue” rally, rally to defend statues, and knock on doors for the cause. Always make sure to be surrounded by like-minded people while engaging in these endeavors. There is strength in numbers, and the left-wing mob loves an easy target. This is a protracted, intergenerational war, and patriots need to remain on the battlefield for when the fight truly escalates.

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Gavin Wax is the 76th President of the New York Young Republican Club, Chairman of the New York Republican Liberty Caucus, an Ambassador for Turning Point USA, and an Associate Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research. You can follow him on Twitter at @GavinWax.

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