Democratic Death Rattle

You could be forgiven for thinking President Trump is all but certain to join that regrettable cadre of one-term presidents.

Those paltry polls. The “mostly peaceful” protestors seething in the streets. The clock is running out for the Bad Orange Man. 

The experts are settled. The greatest economy in American history lay banjaxed by yet another corrosive Chinese import. Over 180,000 Americans lost to a pandemic, which critics insist is entirely the president’s fault. His tweets alone, obsessives howl, are enough to send him packing. 

Forgive yourself if you believed such grand fiction. Especially if you’re one of the vanishingly few who tuned into last week’s great Jonestown Zoom Call—the Democratic National Convention. 

The Fable Continues

If you caught any of the Republican National Convention, maybe you’re swaying from the official narrative. 

That narrative now trembles. Biden and the Democrats are busy “rethinking” their approach to the Democratic riots. Yes, riots, I hazard, are now undesirable. Not because of the chaos or carnage, but rather because President Trump is surging

Are we still meant to believe Joe Biden is already president-elect? That he’s the same riffing and rollicking rube of recent? Average Joe managed 22 minutes without gravely offending the Left’s ever-swelling litany of useful victims. 

A full third of an hour without claiming wavering black Americans “ain’t black” and without “are you a junkie?” 

Yet, those who’ve trafficked in Russian hysteria and phony impeachment think they can shuffle a diminished Biden past a watchful nation.  

Biden might nod to a moderate past, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are on the real ballot. 

The fable continues: Kamala Harris (a “pragmatic moderate” from California concealing one of the most left-wing records in the U.S. Senate) will then politely elbow Biden aside, and enact the laudanum dreams of the radical Left. The same dreams of those burning down businesses and terrorizing Americans. 

We are meant to believe Joe Biden is the next president of the United States: C’mon, man.

Biden’s speech might have contrasted light and dark, but it’s clear he’s on the wrong side. Trump’s own offered a sunlit vision of an imperfect, striving America with Biden the “destroyer of American greatness.” 

Tongue and Brain in Open Warfare

Democrats should be worried. The rousing speeches of black Republican stars like Kim Klacik and Tim Scott, portend perhaps a record number of black Americans deserting what Vernon Jones called the “mental plantation.” Oh, and he’s a Democrat. 

Worse yet for Democrats, Biden’s tongue and brain remain in open warfare. His insistence he would “listen to the scientists” and slam shut the country doesn’t sit well with most Americans.

Yes, Biden would reenact this grand Stanley Milgram experiment. House-arrest hundreds of millions of healthy people and nuke the economy. Forget the immiseration of millions. 

I’d suppose the jobless weren’t too impressed, queuing for a quarter mile in Queens, their hands out in hope of handouts. 

Back in March, they enjoyed perhaps the greatest economy in American history, wages (especially at the bottom) shooting skyward. 

Millions of Americans now struggle to keep it together. Many worried witless about losing the roof over their heads, and the mind between their ears. Meanwhile, Democrats play games with a relief deal. 

Americans don’t want relief. Americans want to go back to work—and play. Americans want Swedish-style cautious normality. 

Of course, ordinary Americans don’t matter to the Democratic elite. Ordinary Americans haven’t mattered for decades. 

Longing for the Status Quo Ante

Ask yourself: would this insane lockdown have been so prudent if President Obama was running for reelection?

That’s what this is all about. The Democrats and their woke corporate pals are fine ruining millions of lives if they ruin President Trump’s chances. 

They preferred their America. The Gatsbian globalization party where the few got rich, and the many got Uber. 

They preferred 2015, when the “choice” was a neoliberal Jeb Bush, or a neoliberal Hillary Clinton. That was their America. 

The one with the vanquished middle class. The one where the white working class lavished in their “white privilege” as their life expectancies fell. The one where China imported American manufacturing jobs and exported fentanyl. 

In 1985, the typical American man could pay for middle-class family life with 30 weeks of well-paid, secure work. Now, he needs a 53-week year. 

That is the America which Biden and the woke corporations want back. The one where they tweet woke platitudes and pay poverty wages. Where they talk about “fairness” and filch their own taxes. 

In 2018, Amazon and Netflix, alongside 60 of the largest companies, paid no U.S. taxes on global profits of $80 billion. Research says some 40 percent of their overseas profits end up in tax havens. Talk about privilege. 

Such privilege you’ll pay for. Several states are now mulling raising “consumption taxes.” That is, a tax on the sensual pursuits—alcohol and tobacco. They call them “sin taxes.” We could call them “Mencken taxes”—levies on “someone, somewhere” who “may be happy.”

The poorest pay such punitive enfeeblements given they still, mercifully, know how to enjoy themselves. Meanwhile, the corporate behemoths have had a vintage pandemic, while you were locked at home for a bad flu. 

Not Shy for Much Longer

Yet, the woke mullahs forget Americans have eyes and ears.

Americans see the hypocrisy in lockdown for some, riots and protests for others.   

Yes, those other Democratic conventions—the ones roiling New York, and Portland, and Kenosha, and Minneapolis; the ones Joe Biden can barely muster the will to condemn—Americans condemn with gusto. Rasmussen finds 72 percent are concerned with the growing violence on the streets. Sixty-two percent say it will affect their vote. Don Lemon thinks the riots should stop, too, but only because they’re “showing up in the polls.” 

You can guess who the rioters are voting for. Like the McCloskeys, lifelong Democrats who defended their home against the mob in St. Louis. At this week’s Republican convention, they warned it could happen to anyone. 

Yet, we are meant to believe that Democrats are the good guys. That Joe Biden will save America from a “white supremacist.” 

The same “white supremacist” who stoked the lowest black and Hispanic unemployment, the lowest black poverty rate. The same “white supremacist” of whom Herschel Walker spoke to the RNC of their warm 37-year friendship. 

If President Trump is a white supremacist, he’s the most incompetent one, ever. 

The media won’t mention it. Most Americans are economically sensible, and culturally conservative. They want jobs brought back home. They think all lives matter. They love their country. 

If this pandemic has one positive: millions of Americans now see the true ugliness of the modern Democratic Party. 

And two-thirds of them recently said they don’t admit voting for President Trump. 

Perhaps, you’re one of them—part of the “shy Trump” vote. 

And perhaps you’ve had enough of this nonsense, too. 

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