The Kamala Coup

All presidential campaigns have to sell themselves to voters, but the Biden-Harris ticket is a swindle.

In the days since Biden announced his “running mate,” it has become ever more clear that this “campaign” is in fact a political coup. We are dealing with a presidential candidate who can’t answer a follow-up question and a vice presidential candidate who obviously is the actual front of the ticket. Every one of their human interactions needs to be choreographed. The fakery is a slap in the face to the public.

Joe Biden summarized the farce when he called for a national mandate requiring all Americans to wear masks outside for the next three months. This, here, was the campaign’s first big idea. “It’s not about your rights,” Biden said. That’s right. The Harris campaign isn’t about Americans, their liberty, or their well-being at all. Should Harris succeed, we can expect plenty of pointless bureaucratic hectoring from on high while barbarians ransack our cities. 

 Biden and Harris don’t have a lot to say. They certainly aren’t very eager to answer questions.

So far, the message seems to be “Orange Man Bad” and “wear the mask.” This is about all we could expect from a campaign with the true object of simply removing the incumbent from power so they can have it. It’s a wholly negative effort. Their aim is not to win the hearts and minds of the American public but to deceive them and sneak past the finish line. 

This sort of deception was always the hallmark of Biden, of course—the Sleepy Hope of the establishment. But now we have a regentess, and she’s merciless. If she is successful, the revenge will be merciless too, not only against Trump, but against his supporters. The country will suffer as a result.

 These are no ordinary times. Americans are afraid for their lives and property. Is it safe to live in this country? Is it safe for me to open a business, to start a family? Will I be able to raise my children here? When my children go to school, will they learn history, or learn to hate themselves? Should I flee to Montana? Poland perhaps? For many people, these questions are becoming more than idle speculation. They are very real fears and people are acting on them. 

 Once in power, Harris and her backers will do everything possible to solidify their power (that is at least one very real difference between them and the Republican Party). They will give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants living here. They will disarm Americans, even as they defund police (we need to reimagine safety!) and leave citizens vulnerable to criminals and mobs. They have demonstrated that they have no sympathy for this country, its people, or its borders. There is no reason to suppose that their talking points on these questions are mere rhetoric. They will do these things.

But they have to win first. How do you win with a campaign that is against the interests of the people?

Over the next three months, we will witness a blitz of propaganda like nothing the country has ever seen. It has already started. Harris, we are told, is beyond reproach—a path-breaking, powerful woman who is yet somehow too fragile to sustain criticism. (Criticism is sexist.) Going forward, the Democratic Party machine and mainstream media will do everything they can to make Harris look benign, “authentic,” and “moderate.” There won’t be a whole lot about putting the country first, but expect plenty of sentimentality about Biden riding the train at night and Harris’s personal struggle to overcome “systemic racism” on her journey to get where she is today. So relatable! 

Kamala Harris doesn’t believe in anything. She is “ambitious” in the negative and dangerous sense the founders meant, before the term was perverted into a positive thing. She wears her thirst for power on her sleeve. Like all smart opportunists these days, she has done everything possible to align herself with Black Lives Matter and its demands. 

We don’t have to wonder how the Harris regency would govern the country, it would be with hostility and contempt. We can only guess how bad it would be. Gone are the good old days when the ruling class simply outsourced millions of good jobs and let millions of illegal immigrants settle here permanently. These days, they encourage violence against civilians. They ignore the execution of a five-year old boy, simply because he is white. Forget the last four years of hysterics: these are actual tyrants in waiting. 

For Harris’ venture to succeed, one of two conditions must come true: either the Left must successfully propagandize the public into betraying its own interests, or the public must share the cynicism that animates the whole operation, which is to say, they have been so led astray in self-hatred as to willingly hand over the country to people who despise it. 

The Harris campaign is the most brazen fraud in the history of presidential campaigns. It beckons for the rich rebuke of the public that its backers so openly patronize. Like Jeb Bush, they should be laughed off the stage into oblivion. If we can’t muster that, we deserve everything that’s coming.

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About Matthew Boose

Matthew Boose is a Mt. Vernon fellow of the Center for American Greatness and a staff writer and weekly columnist at the Conservative Institute. His writing has also appeared in the Daily Caller. Follow him on Twitter @matt_boose. ‏

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