Measurement Justice

Despite having made so much progress in connection with canceling this nation’s so-called “heroes”—both living and dead—we have much further to go. Defacing and toppling monuments of Andrew Jackson, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other white, privileged old men is a good start.

Perhaps it is unfortunate that Frederick Douglass and Ulysses S. Grant were attacked too, but that is the cost of revolution. We all know you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Plus, we know that true perfection requires that anyone with imperfections must be demonized and cancelled. Douglass and Grant had many moral failings despite their defenders.

We also know that perpetrators who defend our corrupt and blood-soaked regime—the police—must be brutally attacked and denigrated. 

We understand that the rule of law is simply a false construct established by white privileged, heterosexual, superstitious “God fearing” men who want to oppress our lives. 

The undermining of mainstream history must continue unabated if we are going to stop the reactionary forces of patriotism and a belief in the founding ideals of this wretched country. 

The whole idea of truth, of course, is simply an oppressive device. 

Still, there is a pervasive, all-encompassing threat to our liberation which most of our comrades have overlooked. It is stunning how blind they truly are. It surrounds us constantly, yet they do not see it. 

Do they not know that the metric system is a blood-soaked part of the white, European, patriarchy? 

It was originally independently suggested by John Wilkins and then Gabriel Mouton. Both of them were employed by the ultimate oppressor—they were clergymen. They were Europeans—Wilkes from England and Mouton from France. They were white. They appear to have been heterosexuals. When the metric system took an oppressive hold in France, it was started off by yet another clergyman, Talleyrand. 

The metric system was developed by the National Assembly during the French Revolution. Although there are many parts of the French Revolution we applaud—especially the purging of its enemies—its failure to adhere to our tenets involving racism, the patriarchy, European domination, LGBTQ, and similar aspects are egregious. 

The guillotine fell short. 

The metric system is a tool of domination—intended to ensure that the downtrodden are subjected to so-called “objective” measurements—perpetuating the lie that there is objective truth. It must be destroyed, root and branch. 

Of course, the English system of measurement is obviously much worse—it too is stepped in a blood-soaked, oppressive, imperialistic history. 

Only by eliminating these measurement systems of oppression, we can truly be liberated. Plus, the economic chaos it will create can only help the movement toward true economic equality.

Still, we expect that some may scoff at the idea of scrapping the metric and English systems without a replacement. Even if we were to accept that some measurement system could avoid being an instrumentality of oppression, we must first create a people’s committee to establish it. No one “qualified” by the old system can serve on the committee—otherwise we will simply give rise to a new tool of oppression.  

We need the committee to be filled with those who have made careers of savaging the metric and English systems. The committee members must be solely composed of racial minorities, women and/or trans, with Marxist or at least socialist ideologies. Then, and only then, can we achieve measurement justice!


The Committee for Measurement Justice  

Karl Castro Babeuf is a pseudonym.

About Karl Castro Babeuf

Karl Castro Babeuf is an international leader of the revolutionary vanguard. His career began by protesting Western Civilization classes at UC Berkeley. He is a writer, community organizer, and demonstrator against the racist patriarchy.

Photo: Erhui1979/Getty Images

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