China Means to Take Over the World

China means to take over the world. That is not hyperbole or overstatement. That is their intention. Whether the U.S. public hears them or not, the Chinese are broadcasting this intention loudly.

China is a communist country. In order to run a communist country, there must be total control of every aspect of the lives of a populace. There can be no dissent because people must behave to please the structure of communism. Even the most altruistic leader will make mistakes when governing 1.4+ billion people, and China’s leaders are hardly self-sacrificing. They restrict and censor the information people see and hear, only allowing government-sanctioned propaganda to be broadcasted.

Unlike governments in the West, the Chinese government demands that all businesses operate, not according to what is best for the business and the public, but according to what is best to further Chinese government interests. If that means your business must spy for the government, then that is what you must do. If that means insisting doctors don’t tell the world about a plague that China unleashed on the world, the doctors who disobey must disappear and die.

Individual citizens must obey the communist government without question or hesitation as well. Until 2015, China’s One Child Law would not allow parents to have more than one child. Traditionally, the Chinese community favors having sons, so female babies would be aborted, leaving the population to this day with far more men than women. Forced abortions and sterilizations were commonplace as millions of Chinese parents endured the strict enforcement methods the CCP deployed to advance this policy. Ethnic minorities in China, mostly Uighurs, have been forced into sterilization and slave labor in work camps while U.S. companies profit from their forced labor.

The Chinese communist government plans to economically and militarily dominate the world by 2050 and has said as much. In order to accomplish this goal, they must dominate the only current world superpower, the United States of America. In the past couple decades, they have been slowly, methodically, buying us up. Some of the largest U.S. companies the Chinese have purchased are: Starwood Hotels (the company that owns Waldorf-Astoria), Ingram Micro (specializing in aviation and logistics), General Electric Appliance Business, Terex Corporation (which makes machinery for construction), Legendary Entertainment Group (producers of such hits as “Jurassic Park” and “Pacific Rim”), Motorola Mobility, and AMC Entertainment Holdings.

In healthcare they have purchased AppTec Laboratory Services, Datascope Corp., Complete Genomics, and Zonare Medical Systems. In technology they bought Westinghouse (turbine generator), IBM (PC business), Quorum Systems, Hoku Scientific, ION Geophysical, Mochi Media, Boston-Power (financing), iTalk, and A123 Systems. In energy, they scooped up First International Oil, The AES Corp., Oil & Gas Assets, Friede Goldman United, Chesapeake Energy, Cirrus Wind Energy, GreatPoint Energy, Wolfcamp Shale, Mississippi Lime, and Woodbine Acquisition. In finance, China owns a large stake in Morgan Stanley and Blackstone Group LLP. In property, they own Sheraton Universal Hotel, Cassa Hotel and Residences, Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, General Motors Tower, and One Chase Manhattan Plaza.

The buying up of strategic locations and property is happening not only in the United States, but around the world. The Chinese government owns or manages other countries’ ports, including Le Havre and Dunkirk in France, Antwerp and Bruges in Belgium, and Miami and Houston in the United States. It holds a majority stake in Greece’s Piraeus port, and holds large shares of Italy’s Genoa, Spain’s Valencia, and the Netherlands’ Rotterdam. It’s almost as if they were planning strategic military takeovers.

China also owns Smithfield Foods, the biggest U.S. pork food company, and the hotspot for the COVID-19 outbreak in South Dakota in April this year. Companies that have sold tainted Chinese dog food are being held responsible in court. Among other hazards, lead paint and chemicals are frequently found in toys made in China and, since the Chinese virus outbreak, it has come to the public’s attention that most of our drug ingredients are manufactured in China.

The Government Accountability Office reported in 2016 that 80 percent of the ingredients in our drugs come from outside the United States, mostly from China and India. In a letter from Senator Chuck Grassley to the Food and Drug Administration last year, Grassley expressed his concern with the infrequency of FDA inspections of foreign drug manufacturing. He cited a pilot program in India that combined unannounced visits and coordination with the embassies rather than the manufacturers. This program was successful as it “exposed widespread malfeasance,” but the Obama administration “shut [it] down without explanation” in 2015.

China’s reach is far more widespread than many people have understood, and China’s ultimate goal is total control of the world and the global economy. It sounds like a bad spy movie playing out in real life. While the U.S. entertainment industry and the U.S. media, much of which is controlled by China, keep many Americans otherwise occupied, China stays focused and patient as Democrats prop up a senile old man for the most challenging job in the world.

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