The Magnificent William Barr

Can we all agree just how magnificent Attorney General William Barr is?

The man is impressive. If you watched him at these recent hearings, you couldn’t help but notice how exceptional his authority is. He’s a man of honor, integrity—and wow, is he brilliant! With the patience of a saint, he sat for hours listening to the inane ramblings of the lower-than-average IQ House Democrats who questioned him and then refused to let him reply. He was not intimidated by them whatsoever, and remained confident in his extraordinary understanding of the law.

Following the law rather than political expediency is not a concept with which the Left is familiar, but it is what this nation and our Constitution demand. It is also the way Barr rolls. 

Oh, how that angers the Left! They want a managerial elite composed of their type running the country again, not the businessman Trump and certainly not men with integrity, honor, and grit. How dare the provincial peasants displace the elite ruling class!

The Democrats desperately twisted themselves into knots trying to tie Barr to some fabricated nefarious plot with the intended outcome of installing Donald Trump as “President for Life.” Of course, they have been insinuating this since Donald Trump announced his bid for president in 2015. Many people closely associated with President Trump and his campaign have been slapped with assorted legal troubles and large financial penalties. Barr is different. He’s unshakable in the wake of numerous asinine questions screamed at him, despite the ad naseum insistence that they “reclaim their time” each and every time he tried to answer. 

Barr revealed during his July 28 testimony before the House Judiciary Committee that U.S. Attorney John Bash of Texas is investigating the unmasking of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn—an act that seemed to Barr to “not readily appear in the line of normal business.” Between Durham and Bash’s investigations, Democrats are worried the reports will drop before the November elections, upending their bid for the presidency and down-ballot tickets. Their only hope is to keep this country in chaos and blame Trump, Barr, and the rest of the administration for the unrest.

Barr fully understands how the Democrats have misled the American people for the last four years regarding the Trump Administration, Russian “collusion,” the Ukraine absurdity, the politicizing of the coronavirus, and the cover-up of the left-wing riots that are raging in major cities. That awareness is precisely why Barr is such a threat to the Democrats and why they wouldn’t let him answer any of their wild accusations. 

House Democrats wish to drown out the voice of such a logical, reasonable, and wise conservative because they are afraid of him. Perhaps he could be persuasive to the very base they cling to. Maybe they think so little of the American people to assume that they respond best to political theater rather than logic and reason. Their screams are truly cries of terror in the face of the coming doom they face once the Durham investigations are illuminated and indictments are made public.

About Angela Kelley

Angela Kelley is the Director of Operations for American Majority. She has an extensive professional background in higher education and program management. She loves politics and genealogy and is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Photo: Matt McClain-Pool/Getty Images

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