City of Portland Attempts to Fine Federal Officers for Protecting Courthouse

Corrupt local officials in the city of Portland, Oregon are attempting to issue fines against the federal government over the measures that are being taken to protect a federal courthouse that is under constant assault from far-left domestic terrorists, as reported by Fox News.

Riots by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other far-left terror groups have forced the federal government to send more officers to protect the besieged courthouse, which has been subjected to attacks ranging from graffiti vandalism to a homemade explosive device being thrown at the building.

One of the measures federal officers have taken is erecting a metal fence around the perimeter of the courthouse to keep rioters away from the building. But Portland City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly (D-Ore.) claimed on Tuesday, without any evidence, that the fencing is blocking the streets surrounding the courthouse, and thus needs to be removed.

Eudaly, who falsely described the federal presence as a “federal occupation,” said that “we intend to collect” after levying a fine of $500 for every 15 minutes th fencing remains standing. She also dismissed the riots by falsely claiming that the violence was caused only by “a few” demonstrators, maintaining the lie that the vast majority of the demonstrators are peaceful.

Eudaly said that the city had received no response to its official request from the federal government, and says that the fine currently stands at about $192,000.