K-12 History Books Will Start Capitalizing ‘Black in Reference to African-Americans

McGraw Hill, one of the country’s leading publishers of history textbooks for students in the K-12 range, is planning to republish all of their books with “black” capitalized in reference to the race, according to CNN.

The announcement was made by Albert Broussard, a history professor for Texas A&M University and one of McGraw Hill’s history textbook writers, who says that “I personally would like to see it capitalized because I think African-American and black are used interchangeably by most people in the population.” He further attempted to justify his radical decision by claiming that “if you start children out thinking about black or White or any group that way, that’s how they will think about them for the rest of their lives.”

Although the final decision will be left up to McGraw Hill’s team of internal staffers, the company recently released a statement saying that they are “strongly considering” accepting the change. Cengage, another company specializing in the publication of K-12 history textbooks, has already decided to capitalize black.

The seemingly slight detail change is part of a larger effort by the far-left Black Lives Matter group to push for a greater emphasis on black people in their focus on so-called “systemic racism.” The Associated Press recently made a similar announcement in their decision to capitalize black, while at the same time, in a racist double-standard, explicitly refusing to capitalize White.