Morning Greatness: Curing ‘Systemic Racism’ One Food Label at a Time

Good Monday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president participates in a roundtable with supporters of a joint fundraising committee at the Trump hotel

Curing “systemic racism” one food label at a time

First they came for Aunt Jemina. Next they came for Uncle Ben’s Rice. Now they are coming for Trader Joe’s.

A petition has garnered 1,700 signatures, not really that many, telling Trader Joe’s grocery store to change the name of some of its products. “The grocery chain labels some of its ethnic foods with modifications of ‘Joe’ that belies a narrative of exoticism that perpetuates harmful stereotypes,” reads the petition.

It cites “Trader Ming’s,” the grocery chain’s label for its Chinese products, “Arabian Joe,” for its Middle Eastern products, “Trader José,” for its Mexican products, and a handful of others as examples.

So this is racism? I shop at TJ’s and I’ve never really noticed the names on the label of my products but I don’t see these names as derogatory. What will these product name changes do to stop police violence? Systemic racism? Failing inner city schools? Substandard health care? Nothing, but that’s because the goal isn’t to DO anything. It’s just about cosmetic displays to virtue signal.

“The Trader Joe’s branding is racist because it exoticizes other cultures – it presents ‘Joe’ as the default “normal” and the other characters falling outside of it,” the petition says. What? These are people with too much time on their hands and what does exoticize mean? It’s FOOD. Chinese food. Mexican food. Middle Eastern food.

Naturally, Trader Joe’s caved.

“While this approach to product naming may have been rooted in a lighthearted attempt at inclusiveness, we recognize that it may now have the opposite effect — one that is contrary to the welcoming, rewarding customer experience we strive to create every day,” Kenya Friend-Daniel, a spokeswoman for Trader Joe’s, said in a statement.

“Packaging for a number of the products has already been changed, but there’s a small number of products in which the packaging is still going through the process,” Friend-Daniel added.

Well we can’t have any “lighthearted” inclusiveness because this crowd doesn’t want inclusiveness, they want strife and division.

Democrats freakout that feds are cleaning up the Portland mess

The riots in Portland aren’t getting any mainstream media coverage because the corporate media don’t want people to see the anarchy and violence in the streets. They want the people to turn against the police and they don’t want people to support Trump’s message of law and order. But malefactors have been running rampant in Portland after dark, attacking a federal court house among other things. Trump sent the feds in to protect federal property because the local whackadoodle mayor, Ted Wheeler, let these insurrections run wild. Other elected officials have claimed the feds are assaulting innocent “protestors.” Pelosi called the DHS officers “storm troopers.”

In a series of statements and Twitter messages, City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty accused the Portland Police Bureau – which Wheeler oversees — of collaborating with the federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in what she described as an “aggressive clampdown of peaceful protest.”

In one post, Hardesty refers to federal officers as “45’s goon squad” – an apparent reference to President Trump, the nation’s 45th president.

So far the peaceful protests have cost local businesses $25 million.

Here are some videos of the peaceful protestors:


Portland moms form human shield to protect protesters from feds

Dem Rep. Meeks: Trump Turning America into North Korea with Feds Taking Protesters off the Street

Protests/Riots/Black Lives Matter:

Virginia Mandates Slavery Lessons for Kindergarteners

Trump mocks push to rename Fort Bragg: ‘We’re going to name it after the Rev. Al Sharpton?’

Portland official slams mayor, claims ‘goon squad’ targets protesters

Man with flag confronts Portland protesters: ‘None of you guys represent black lives’

Trump says he wanted to hold ‘big rally’ in Michigan, was told he couldn’t

As ‘cancel culture’ activism peaks, big tech and its algorithms quietly fuel the flames

Black woman dumps paint on more Black Lives Matter murals in NYC: ‘We want our police’

Seattle rioters seen damaging, looting stores; police say fire sparked at precinct, officer hospitalized

D.C. shooting: Man killed, 8 others wounded in nation’s capital

Healthy Black kids die more often after surgery than White kids, study finds

MO Governor to Issue Pardon if Armed St. Louis Couple Charged

Coronavirus news:

Fauci Dragged For Touting New York’s ‘Correct’ Response To Coronavirus Pandemic

Ohio governor warns state ‘could become Florida’

Priorities USA and others agree to drop voting lawsuit against Florida

Kentucky couple who wouldn’t sign self-quarantine order put under house arrest

Breast cancer care becomes troubling casualty of COVID-19 pandemic

3 teachers who are moms push back on reopening schools

Other morsels:

Whistleblower alleges repeated attempts were made to report Pompeo’s ‘questionable activities’

Belated Ginsburg cancer disclosure renews focus on SCOTUS transparency

3 friends on fishing trip killed in ‘massacre,’ Florida sheriff says

ICE: Denver released Guatemalan assault suspect despite immigration detainer

Son of federal judge killed after gunman opened fire at her New Jersey home

‘Everybody that has a baby gets a million dollars,’ Kanye West says at 1st campaign rally

WaPo/ABC News Poll: Plurality of Americans Say Mail-In Voting is Vulnerable to Fraud

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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