Mr. President, I Am Starting to Get Scared

Mr. President, I try to be an optimist. I try not to contemplate what life with a dementia-addled Joe Biden in the Oval Office would mean for America. I try to look for silver linings when bad news knocks on my door. But I have to be honest with you—I’m starting to get worried.

Just as in 2016, we now face a binary choice. Except this time, the alternative is even worse than Hillary Clinton. Hillary was a greedy, incompetent, corrupt, unlikeable, entitled, self-serving leftist hack. A Hillary Clinton presidency would have been awful. But a Joe Biden victory would encourage the worst ideologies mankind has ever invented. 

The 20th century saw the slaughter of 100 million people in the name of building Marxist utopias and socialist paradises. I  lived under those ideologies as a child. I’d rather not repeat the experience. 

I voted for you in 2016—reluctantly. I will vote for you again in 2020—with no reluctance. Yes, I cringe at some of your more cringe-worthy tweets. But there are tens of millions of us who are counting on you to win. I don’t know what will happen to you personally should you fail. But I can easily imagine what will happen to many of us. 

When they voted for Hugo Chavez, Venezuelans didn’t think they’d be starving and living on $5 a month, while a bloated, 250-pound Nicolas Maduro was shoveling burritos into his maw on Venezuelan TV Socialist Paradiso. A little over a century ago, no Russian intellectual thought he’d be getting a bullet in the back of his head in a dank basement, or shivering from cold and hunger in a labor camp. (The Nazis did not invent concentration camps—the term was in wide official use by Communists in Russia in 1918.) Cambodians didn’t think the Khmer Rouge would be all that bad, in 1976—until Pol Pot exterminated one-third of the population while building a Marxist Shangri-La. Many Jews in 1930s Germany considered themselves more German than the Germans, and refused to believe they would soon be heading for German-engineered socialist gas chambers in German-built socialist cattle cars.

The Toxic Cancer of Marxism

A strange feeling is in the air—it’s as if we’re edging closer and closer to some precipice. How many Republican politicians have had the courage to stand up to the leftist mob? Republican Congressmen and Senators have already surrendered to the enemy—tactically and rhetorically. Our history is being torn down and erased, one statue at a time. Our buildings and institutions are being renamed, because the people whose names they carry, who lived decades and centuries ago, do not measure up to the current year’s supposedly loftier standards. Our very language is being caged and imprisoned—very soon, even expressing disagreement with the Left will no longer be possible, as any dissent will be crimethink. (George Orwell saw this clearly seven decades ago when he wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four.) 

The toxic cancer of Marxism is spreading, using racial rhetoric as camouflage. Have we lost the war already, without even realizing it? Is a Biden presidency just around the corner, with Biden sitting at the Resolute Desk, drooling vacantly and moving his dentures around his mouth, while the radicals around him busily transform America into Amerika? 

To anyone who still thinks it can’t possibly happen here, ask yourself: could you even imagine 10 years ago that young boys would be castrated by their woke parents because they think their child might be transgender? Could you imagine four years ago that saying “all lives matter” would be a firing offense, much less cause for execution? Could you imagine two months ago that leftist mobs would be tearing down statues of America’s greatest presidents, all while being egged on by Democratic mayors? Could you imagine that teachers would be indoctrinating children in Marxism in America’s public schools?

What can we do? I don’t know. I wish I had answers, but I don’t. What I do have, Mr. President, are a few modest suggestions—and trust me when I tell you, there is nothing I want to see more than your victory in November.

Never retweet anything unless you are absolutely sure of what and whom you’re retweeting. All it takes is one dumb thing said by some moron in some stupid video and the leftist media will feast on it for days, while your surrogates and staff will have to spend time defending you. All that hard work of persuading the few undecideds and minorities goes down the drain. You, of all people, surely know—if you are defending yourself, you are losing. 

Stop talking about Roger Stone. It’s over and done with. We have bigger problems right now than Roger Stone. And so do you.

Be Blunt About Biden

Please stop using Twitter to communicate with your own subordinates. It really does look strange when you send smoke signals via Twitter to Attorney General Bill Barr. When you send them messages via Twitter, it looks like you’re not in control of your own administration—and the last thing you want to do right now is look like you’re not in control.

Mr. President, we’ve all made peace with your impulsiveness—but I beg you, please: before you click on that blue tweet button, give it 15 seconds. Just 15 seconds to reread your tweet and think about it. Please. I will make more contributions to your campaign if only you would do that. 

Try to spend less time disparaging former advisors and aides, even when they deserve all the disparagement. Yes, a few of them are ungrateful assholes. C’est la vie. But every time you go after some turncoat, like John Bolton, you remind everyone that you made the bad decision to give him the job in the first place. Nobody really cares about these disgruntled losers anyway, so the sooner they are forgotten, the better for you.

On the other hand, your lack of reserve would serve you well in some areas. Stop pussyfooting around Joe Biden’s senility. You need to just say it, bluntly and forcefully: Biden is suffering cognitive decline. Say it a thousand times. Have your surrogates say it 10,000 times. Anyone pulling the lever for Biden in November should do it with full knowledge that they are voting for a senile old geezer spiraling into severe cognitive disability and deepening dementia, who can’t remember if his underwear goes on the inside or the outside of his pants.

About the riots, the Antifa and the Black Lives Matter crowd: this is where you make the election into a choice election, instead of a referendum on you (because let’s face it: you’re an acquired taste, as Conrad Black once put it). If Democrats succeed in making it a referendum, you will get 46 percent of the vote and we all will need to look for apartments in Melbourne or Sydney.

People are scared of the crazies and the mobs. People are disgusted by the vandalism they see. People have no way to express their anger at what is happening around them. People fear being targeted next. Make Biden and the Democrats own it.

The Last Firewall

You, Mr. President, are the last line of defense—this is what you have to tell America. You are the only firewall left between them and chaos. Without you, it’s not just the blue cities that will get trashed and looted—so will the suburbs. So will the small towns. It’s not just the church in downtown D.C. that will burn; so will their church down the street. The mob will come for everyone, sooner or later, and you are all that stands between them and the abyss. This is what you have to hammer home.

Figure out a better way to talk about COVID-19. Nobody knows what to think about it these days. Is it bad? Is it not so bad? Can we trust anybody to tell us the truth? Masks? No masks? Herd immunity? Nobody knows. Yes, the media tries to crucify you daily with the infection numbers. Somebody on your staff has to figure out what the right and reassuring message should be, and get it out there. 

Stop looking for compromises with Democrats. Not on DACA (especially not on immigration!), not on taxes, not on spending, not on the environment, not on anything. Every compromise with them is a fool’s errand. They are not dealing in good faith and never have. Your voters aren’t looking for compromises with Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer. You need to be a warrior, and you can’t be a warrior four days a week, and a wishy-washy compromiser on other days.

Now, I am well aware of a few nuggets of good news out there. Yes, I read Salena Zito’s piece about the lack of enthusiasm for Biden in Pennsylvania, notwithstanding the polls. Yes, I saw that only 38 percent of Biden voters are voting for Biden (the remainder voting against Trump), while 70 percent of Trump voters are voting for Trump. Yes, I saw the polls of black voters that suggest that your approval is much higher than many people thought possible (though approval of Trump, and voting for Trump, are two very different things). Yes, Republican voter registration numbers are good.

And yet, I can’t escape that feeling in the pit of my stomach that something awful is about to happen. It’s not even that Biden might sleepwalk into the Oval Office—it’s that America might sleepwalk into becoming a nation of Marxist reeducation camps.

So I will finish with this: Mr. President, there is a silent majority out there—but you have to give them a reason to vote for you. At a minimum, you have to make it easier for millions of voters who don’t particularly like you to pull that lever. Many of us will vote for you regardless, tweets or no tweets, because the big picture matters more to us than your intemperate utterances or tweets. But not everyone; and you have to bring those voters home.

Time is short. You have to make voters see you as the man who stands between them and the unthinkable. You have to be the last firewall.

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About George S. Bardmesser

George S. Bardmesser is an attorney in private practice in the Washington, D.C. area. He is the author of Future Shot and Distance to Target, as well as a contributor to The Federalist and American Greatness. He is sometimes heard on the "Inside Track" radio show on KVOI in Tucson, Arizona, and sometimes seen discussing politics (in Russian) on New York’s American-Russian TV channel RTVi and the Two Cats Video Productions politics podcast.

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