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Redskins and NFL Corporate Sponsors Offer Limp Response to BLM Threats

Until the now nameless D.C. team and management regenerate some testicular fortitude, they might call themselves the “Washington Foreskins.”

The Washington Redskins on Monday engaged in the world’s first self-guided corporate circumcision in the name of political correctness (along with cowardice rooted in fear of possible revenue loss). In the interim, until the now nameless team and management regenerate some testicular fortitude, they might call themselves the “Washington Foreskins.”

Meanwhile, logic would dictate that nothing short of a volcanic upheaval by the Native American community could have engendered this disintegration of the legacy of an 83-year-old franchise. Nope, not them, according to contemporaneous accounts. A shoulder shrug, maybe, but no Little Big Horn. 

It seems that NFL biggies (Is that you, Roger?) and corporate sponsors squeezed owner Dan Snyder and his organization, as their BLM-propelled “wokeness” forced the decision. 

One of those sponsors, apparently, was Fred Smith, FedEx founder, billionaire, and minority partner in the Foreskins franchise, who was cowed farthest by the Left and their Marxist-Leninist toadies and applied the most pressure on Snyder. 

Surrealistically, Fred Smith, a fire-breathing Vietnam combat Marine, was known in the aviation business as the ballsiest man on earth. The guy chained down his early FedEx planes to beat the repo men; and in 1975 or so, when things were really bad, Fred Smith bet his company on a blackjack game in Vegas and won $27 grand to make payroll and keep his boys flying. It seems that the badass of all badasses has, in his old age, suddenly gone limp, woke, or politically correct, whatever descriptor is most flaccid.

Had this been Fred Smith’s posture in 1975, the only FedEx logo today would be on an old airport doormat for UPS pilots to wipe their feet on.

Meanwhile, Dan “We’ll never change the name” Snyder left his big boy pants at home on Monday, not willing to lose all the rest of his marbles (financially speaking, of course) by playing Horatius at the Bridge.

And so, the Washington Foreskins prostrated themselves to “wokeness” caused by fear of BLM. Perhaps, in turn, the chaos generators of BLM should change their name, too, to reflect their skill set today: Burning Looting Mohels.