Retraction and Apology Regarding Michael Brown and ‘43 Alumni for Biden’

On July 3, American Greatness published an article that linked former Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Michael Brown with a group of ex-George W. Bush Administration officials that has pledged support for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. As it turns out, the Michael Brown associated with the group was not the Brown who ran FEMA during the Bush Administration.

We retract the article and deeply regret the error.

Joseph Duggan, the author of the article, writes: “In my article that was critical of the former George W. Bush campaign aides and political appointees who have endorsed Joe Biden for president, I made a serious error. I mistakenly stated that a leader of this group was Michael Brown, who had been director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency during Hurricane Katrina. Actually, the Biden supporter is someone else named Michael Brown. I deeply regret this error, and I apologize to the editors and readers of American Greatness and everyone whom I misinformed.”

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