Morning Greatness: Roger Stone Commutation Brings Meltdowns, Hysteria

Good Monday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president has lunch with the Vice President
  • President Trump participates in a roundtable with stakeholders positively impacted by law enforcement

Trump commutes Roger Stone sentence, meltdown ensues

The latest episode of collective hysteria was prompted when President Trump commuted the sentence of Roger Stone. Stone was convicted of making false statements to the House Intelligence Committee about his relationship with WikiLeaks and witness tampering in a congressional investigation. Stone is a political consultant who lied about his connections and influence. That’s the business model here in D.C. in case you didn’t know.

Trump did not PARDON Stone but you would think that was exactly what happened based on the ensuing weekend meltdowns. A commutation means that Stone will not have to serve his four year prison sentence but remains a convicted felon. “This should be offensive to you if you care about the rule of law and you care about justice,” vomited up Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) Well, Adam, you know what law and justice is? The constitution and the constitution gives the president the authority to commute sentences. Here’s a very long list of all the people who had their sentences commuted by Obama and that crowd included drug dealers and firearm offenders. Where were you?

But I’m confused. California announced it will release 8,000 prisoners because of coronavirus outbreaks. New York has released at least 2,500 prisoners for the same reason. So, what’s the big deal with an aged Stone not being forced into the hoosegow? The deal is that Trump supporters deserve to be jailed.

In response to the Stone commutation, someone writing under the pen name “Robert Mueller” published an op-ed in a political tabloid this weekend. “The women and men who conducted these investigations and prosecutions acted with the highest integrity,” the ghost writer continued. “Claims to the contrary are false.” Look, “Robert Mueller,” no one without Trump derangement believes this. Your lead investigator Andrew Weissmann has signed a big bucks contract to work for the Death Star of Trump derangement, MSNBC. We know what time it is.

I think my favorite part of the latest tantrum involves Senator Lindsey Graham (R- South Carolina) who announced he would call Mueller to testify before some imaginary committee hearing. Nice try, Lindsey, you’re the Senate Judiciary Chair who cried wolf.

“Apparently Mr. Mueller is willing – and also capable – of defending the Mueller investigation through an oped in the Washington Post,” Graham wrote on Twitter. “Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have previously requested Mr. Mueller appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify about his investigation.”

“That request will be granted,” he added.

I’ll believe that when I see it.

Democrats, virus enthusiasts upset the feds want to cut off school funding

Democrat controlled cities and states do not want schools to open in the fall because they want to drag out the damage the Chinese virus is wreaking on the American economy. They are doing this for political gain. They hope a bad economy will hurt the president’s re-election prospects. Obviously, parents can’t go back to work if they have their kids at home and if they are expected to oversee some kind of teleclassroom teaching or if they are entirely responsible for education their children despite the fact they pay a pretty penny in taxes for education services. President Trump threatened to cut off federal funds if schools don’t open up. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos appeared on a political snuff show with the miserable Chris Wallace who shrieked about the funding cut.

“Under what authority are you and the president going to unilaterally cut off funding, funding that’s been approved from Congress and most of the money goes to disadvantaged students or students with disabilities?” Wallace asked. Gee, Chris, if the schools aren’t open why do they need money?

“Look, American investment in education is a promise to students and their families. If schools aren’t going to reopen and not fulfill that promise, they shouldn’t get the funds, and give it to the families to decide to go to a school that is going to meet that promise,” DeVos replied.

“Well, you can’t do that,” Wallace said. We’ll see about that Chris, we will see.

The American Association of Pediatrics advises that kids be in school.

The unions (the American Association of Pediatrics, the American Federation of Teachers, National Education Association, and the School Superintendents Association) are outraged over any suggestion of funding cuts. “Withholding funding from schools that do not open in person full-time would be a misguided approach, putting already financially strapped schools in an impossible position that would threaten the health of students and teachers,” they said in a statement.

The health of teachers and students? There are no teachers and students because the schools are not open only kids and people getting a paycheck for a job they aren’t doing.


No negotiation with terrorists. Los Angeles teachers union links defunding police to reopening schools

Randi Weingarten: ‘No way’ schools can return this fall without more funding

Coronavirus news:

Gottlieb says some states opened ‘too early’

New York City reports zero COVID-19 deaths for first time since pandemic hit

Adm. Brett Giroir: Dr. Fauci ‘Not 100% Right,’ Doesn’t ‘Have The Whole National Interest In Mind’

Hundreds of people celebrated the July 4 weekend at a Michigan lake. Now some have Covid-19

New York reports zero Covid-19 deaths Saturday, preliminary data shows

White House takes aim at Fauci as he disagrees with Trump on virus

Florida shatters US record for new single-day Covid-19 cases

Protests, riots, defund the police:

Feds deny Minnesota request for aid to rebuild after riots

150 Minneapolis Police Officers Want ‘Duty Disability’ for PTSD over Protests

‘They’re Not Concerned About The General Public’: NY, LA Police Unions Blast Massive Budget Cuts

Penn State Deletes Tweet Saying Conservative Viewpoints Matter

Two Texas cops shot dead responding to domestic disturbance call

Five Guys employees who refused to serve cops have been fired, suspended

Washington Redskins expected to retire nickname on Monday: report

Other morsels:

Meadows trying to root out suspected White House leakers by feeding them info

First federal execution in 17 years back on track

Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly moved at least 36 times during her year in hiding

Officials investigating after 21 sailors, civilians hospitalized in San Diego naval ship explosion

Great White apologizes for mask-less show in North Dakota

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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