Street Agitator Shoots SUV Driver During Black Lives Matter Riot in Provo

Police in Provo, Utah are investigating a shooting that occurred during a Black Lives Matter riot in their city Monday evening.

Video footage emerged online showing someone shooting into a white SUV being mobbed by violent agitators. Two shots of gunfire can be heard as the vehicle makes its way past the mob.

According to police, the driver suffered a gunshot wound, but the injury is not life-threatening.

“Several protesters began crowding around the vehicle. A male protester ran to the SUV on the passenger side, pointed a handgun at the driver and shot one round,” said Deputy Chief John Geyerman, Provo PD.

Additional video footage taken by videographer Hootie Hennessey shows rioters climbing on a different SUV which was attempting to drive through the mob and a rioter throwing a bottle at a minivan.

A man in a gray pick-up truck decided he didn’t want to be a victim of BLM mob violence last night: