N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy No Longer Using Woodrow Wilson Desk

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said he is no longer using a desk that was once owned by the 28th president Woodrow Wilson, CNN reports. 

Earlier this month the Democrat Governor tweeted a picture of him observing a moment of silence in honor of George Floyd, people pointed out he was sitting at a desk engraved with the name of Woodrow Wilson. Social media were quick to point out that Murphy was sitting at a desk that once belonged to Wilson, a former New Jersey governor and president who defended segregation and slavery.

Murphy said he forgot had a plaque on the front of it that read “Woodrow Wilson’s Desk.”

“As soon as I could get a replacement, which was not as easy as I thought, I got one and I think that was the right thing to do,” Murphy said during a news conference on Monday.

The country is having a “reckoning,” Murphy said, and “Woodrow Wilson and his legacy is being swept up in that as it should be.”