‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden Is Sleepwalking Into the Presidency

President Trump famously—and also cleverly and aptly—nicknamed former Vice President Joe Biden, “Sleepy Joe.” But if the president thinks he can keep America laughing at that nickname while doing very little himself to repair America as it burns, he is sure to hand Sleepy Joe the keys to the Oval Office.

Through all of his slurred words and endless reminiscing about his time as the vice president under his beloved “Barack,” Joe Biden has emerged as the idiot savant who will rebuild a broken America and turn it into the Progressive Promised Land in 2020. Or something. Biden will be Hugh Laurie’s Captain Ryan Clark to Trump’s rendition of Humphrey Bogart’s Captain Queeg.

We need to contend with the very real prospect that Sleepy Joe will sleepwalk his way right into the presidency—just as his rabid leftist handlers have planned.

Biden’s handlers love that he is, as Biden himself once quipped, a “vessel” for the Democratic Party. They can use Biden’s hapless public persona to disarm skeptical voters and to cover for the perfidy of those whom Biden would nominate to run his administration. Everyone already knows that Biden’s vice presidential pick will be his most important, as she will be the one actually running the country while Biden’s mind continues to atrophy. 

Biden’s Brain Trust

A Biden Administration would be chock full of three types of leftists: legacy Clinton staffers, Obama retreads, and a smattering of Bernie Sanders-loving Millennials. These individuals, though different in many respects, would form a collective and build a regime that would impose upon the United States the most left-wing vision of the future imaginable. Further, they would ensure that those groups who voted for Trump in 2016 are punished, disbanded, and perennially humiliated. 

In other words, Biden’s Brain Trust of über-leftists would build a dystopian, high-tech, totalitarian “progressive” state as President Biden fumbles about in public making one embarrassing statement after the other.

Do you think Biden’s current and historic public displays are disqualifying? How quickly we forget the verbal mazes through which former Republican President George W. Bush drove us—while his more informed staff of mostly unelected ideologues agitated for the Iraq War. Irreparable harm to the country can—and has—come from absent-minded presidents presiding over a staff of fanatics. A Biden Administration would be no different.

The Right continues to impugn Biden for “hiding in the basement.” They say that Biden’s handlers are keeping him away from the public because Biden’s mind is so badly addled that one misstep could cost him the election. All of this is likely true. The thing is, though, Biden doesn’t need to come out of his basement. 

Donald Trump is the president and the country is burning under his watch. You might not care. You might understandably believe that the cities being torn down right now are liberal ones that deserve to suffer the consequences of their poor voting choices and ideological rot. What bearing should any of that have on the rest of the country that is not rioting?

Well, for one thing, we are the United States. All Americans should care about what’s happening in places like Seattle and New York, just as the denizens of those cities should care about what happens to us. 

If left to fester—as President Trump shamefully told The Daily Caller he would do—the mob will become totally uncontrollable and their wrath will not spare the redder parts of America—especially as more Democrat voters flee the cities and move to Republican states. 

Dangerous Assumptions

Our economy is the worst it has been since the Great Depression. The coronavirus pandemic that has killed 120,000 people (and counting) and America’s foreign rivals are jockeying to pick us clean. Talk of a second civil war is practically mainstream. Meanwhile, President Trump frets over stadium crowd sizes and tweets that he is the “Law and Order” president (while doing little actually to enforce the law). Ordinary Americans see this as bad leadership from a president who vowed to be the best leader—the very best. 

The people who swung the election for Trump in 2016 normally vote Democratic. Don’t assume that they’ll simply stick by Trump. They won’t. Especially as their health, safety, and wallets are threatened by what’s going on in the midst of the Trump Administration. Failure to boldly act now to stop the riots and repair the damage will be the death knell for the Trump Administration (and the country). 

What’s more, Biden has been cobbling together the electoral coalition that propelled Obama to victory: young people and minorities. Unlike Hillary Clinton in 2016, Biden has shown an ability to galvanize these groups. The more Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, the greater the chance that Biden can basically sleepwalk into the presidency this November. In another month, things will be so bad that it won’t matter if Trump acts forcefully to restore order. People will be tired of it and vote to make everything stop. The Obama years will suddenly be remembered fondly by more voters, as carnage and poverty overtake everything.

Plus, Hillary Clinton in 2016 was an unpopular figure, even on the Left. Joe Biden has enjoyed a reputation makeover during the last decade. On October 25, 2001, The Guardian’s Matthew Engel concluded that Biden was “on the eccentrically unpredictable wing of his party.” Both the democrats and the entire country have shifted leftward since 2001—something that few Republicans understand. Trump understood this shift, which is why he won in 2016. At some point in the last two years, though, Trump appears to have forgotten much of what accounted for his success in 2016. 

An Absurd Age

Don’t write off Joe Biden just because he says absurd things. We live in an absurd age. As the country burns and Trump fiddles, ordinary voters look for a leader with a message of prosperity and security. So far in 2020, that has not been Donald Trump.

The longer Trump dithers the more that Biden can simply outlast Trump’s bluster like all insurgents do. Trump must take decisive action to reaffirm the rule of law in this country. The longer he waits, the harder that will be. If he acts decisively, though, Trump can handily win reelection. If not, it’s over for Trump.

As Americans search for a candidate who will keep the country safe and prosperous, they just might decide that Biden is the lesser of two evils, as they did with Trump in 2016.

And if Biden is elected our 46th president, I suggest everyone learn Mandarin. And fast.

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