American Greatness Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Battleground Voters Say Biden Lacks Mental Capacity to Be President

In a poll conducted by American Greatness and TIPP, voters in Florida and Michigan were asked which presidential candidates they preferred based on various issues or criteria.

When asked to rate both President Trump and his opponent Democrat Joe Biden according to various key criteria needed to become president, respondents expressed skepticism about Joe Biden’s mental competence. When evaluating the “mental sharpness needed for a president,” almost three-quarters (71 percent) of respondents in Michigan don’t think Joe Biden has the “mental sharpness” needed for for the job and almost two-thirds (60 percent) in Florida say the same.

Trump garnered stronger marks regarding his fitness to handle the economy. In Florida, 48 percent say President Trump is capable, while only 43 percent say the same about Biden. Michigan respondents fall along similar lines: 46 percent say the president is fit to handle the economy while 42 percent say the former vice president is capable.

Also asked in the poll was the question of the controversial push by the Left to defund America’s police. In Michigan, 46 percent of voters “strongly” opposed this movement while 16 percent “somewhat” opposed it; overall, 63 percent of voters opposed it while only 29 percent supported it. The breakdown is similar in Florida, 46 percent also strongly opposed such a move while 14 percent opposed it somewhat, for an overall total of 60 percent opposed and 33 percent in favor.

Both polls were conducted online, with the Michigan poll being held from June 9th to June 12th, and the Florida poll being held from June 9th to June 11th. The Michigan sample consisted of 907 adults, while the Florida poll’s sample was 910 adults.