Morning Greatness: Loretta Lynch to Oversee Investigation of NYPD

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president  participates in a roundtable on Transition to Greatness: Restoring, Rebuilding, and Renewing
  • President Trump delivers remarks at a joint fundraising committee dinner

Loretta Lynch to advise probe of NYPD over Floyd protests

New York, which was set on fire, looted, and vandalized has brought in Loretta Lynch, former AG under Obama in case you forgot, will be investigating police behavior during the protests/crime sprees. New York city doesn’t have bail so all the criminals who were caught destroying the city have long been released. They’ll never come back, but the cops do not have that luxury.

As the defund police movement plows along, there won’t be any police left to defund because people will and are leaving the police forces. Why would they stay? They have to go out and face mobs of people who are throwing things at them and screaming at them and they are under a microscope for the way they treat violent criminals wrecking havoc on their beat. If it were me, I’d leave the police force. The residents don’t seem to care, perhaps they want their city destroyed. Let them have it. I say this as someone who doesn’t like the police. I don’t think they are all bad, I think most of them are good people but it’s best to have as little interaction with the police as possible.

The move came despite concerns over the numerous consent decrees that Lynch’s Justice Department (DOJ) arranged with police departments, which observers said actually increased crime rates by disincentivizing policing and causing police to pull out of dangerous neighborhoods.

The consent decrees asserted that numerous police departments across the country were engaged in systemic racism. Critics, however, said the DOJ was improperly concluding that disparate enforcement numbers were necessarily evidence of police racism.

Don’t go to New York, it’s very unsafe and will only get more dangerous once their police force is diminished.

‘Qualified Immunity’ is the hot issue on the hill for police reform legislation

Qualified immunity gives civil servants immunity from lawsuits as they do their government jobs. The controversy in the Senate is whether the police force should have qualified immunity, opening the door to civil lawsuits against police officers. “A Democratic proposal would make sweeping overhauls to the legal doctrine. But GOP senators, backed by the White House, say changes are largely a non-starter. ” Good. The leftists want to be able to cripple law enforcement with legal proceedings where such cases will be funded by well-heeled organizations like BLM and the ACLU and some blue collar cop with no money will be decimated in the legal system with piles of legal bills. This is what the left does for other pet causes and this is what the left is doing now.

How about we end qualified immunity FOR ALL CIVIL SERVANTS, even elected officials. How about them apples?

The left is working a multi pronged approach to destroy law and order. They want to make working conditions so unpleasant officers quit. They want to burden them with bad faith “investigations” that put them in criminal jeopardy and they want to make it so risky for them to do their jobs, they just stand around and watch crime unfold. And if their information is leaked on the internet and they are at physical risk, that is too bad. At the same time, TV shows and movies that show police in a positive light are getting yanked off the air so that people don’t get the mistaken impression that police are “good guys.”

There needs to be a way for police forces to remove bad cops, that’s a first step. If the left were really interested in law and order they would want a healthy police force and way to remove bad cops like that dude that killed George Floyd. How did someone with a rap sheet like his stay on the job? But the goal isn’t to remove the bad cops it’s to cripple to police force and law and order. Don’t forget that.


Thomas Lane, ex-cop charged in George Floyd’s death, is out of jail on bond

UCLA professor suspended after refusing leniency for black students

Uh oh. Charles Barkley Rips Movement To Defund The Police: ‘Most Of The Cops Do A Fantastic Job’

Christopher Columbus statue toppled outside Minnesota Capitol

Protesters in Virginia behead Confederate monument statues

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls for Confederate statues to be removed from Capitol Building

Schumer blocks resolution opposing calls to defund police

LeBron James backs effort to prevent U.S. black vote suppression

Los Angeles movie theaters fail to get green light to reopen

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison says racism is a bigger problem than police behavior; 21 states see uptick in cases amid efforts to reopen

‘Defund police’ painted outside Atlanta police station

US Soccer to allow players to kneel during anthem

NASCAR Removes Rule Mandating Team Members Must Stand During National Anthem

Confederate flag officially banned by NASCAR at events

DC National Guard Troops Deployed For Protests Test Positive For Coronavirus

Tom Cotton Runs Ad In New York Times After His Op-Ed Caused Outrage

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Taylor Selfridge fired by MTV over ‘past racist statements’

‘Live P.D.’ Canceled By A&E Amid Ongoing Protests Against Police Brutality

Minnesota Vikings announce $5M donation to social justice causes after George Floyd’s death

Wisconsin gym under fire after offering ‘I can’t breathe’ workout: report

Matt Gaetz says Antifa has ‘designated Seattle their capital’ of ‘new Woketopia’

Yes, Churchill was a racist. It’s time to break free of his ‘great white men’ view of history

This is certainly true. Hannity: President Trump is a victim of crooked cops, too

I expect to see more of this. Manhunt underway in California after a deputy was shot in ‘ambush’ attack

Breonna Taylor death: Detective who applied for warrant put on administrative reassignment

7 Los Angeles officers removed from their field duties after using excessive force during protests, police say

Tulsa police release body cam video of officers handcuffing black teenagers for jaywalking

Other morsels:

Pence says no rise in U.S. coronavirus cases seen yet due to protests

Zoom Targets Activist Group That Held An Event Commemorating The Tiananmen Square Massacre: Report

Some Insurers Refuse To Cover Precautionary COVID Tests Right Away

Trump taps retired general and Fox News regular as Pentagon policy chief

Second wave of coronavirus hits Florida, Texas, Arizona after reopenings

Bloody corpses found on Florida beach may be linked to dramatic I-95 chase: police

U.S. voter registration plummets during coronavirus pandemic, challenging both parties

Lovely. Ice Cube accused of sharing anti-Semitic images on Twitter

Atlanta police fires 2 more officers in controversial stun-gun arrest during George Floyd unrest

Amazon imposes one-year ban on police use of facial recognition technology

US coronavirus cases surpass 2M, spike in many areas while Europe’s decline, CDC says

Ridiculous. Biden ‘convinced’ US military would intervene if Trump refused to leave White House

81 killed in bloody Boko Haram attack in Nigerian village

Hispanics at disproportionate risk from Covid-19, health experts say

Awful. Family believes human remains found on Chad Daybell’s property are missing Idaho kids

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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