Democrats, Not Republicans, Protect Dirty Cops

Abuse and inequality—at the hands of American law enforcement—comes in all forms.

The death of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer has been condemned broadly—by everyone from the Republican president and leaders of both parties to Americans of every color, religion, and partisan affiliation.

The nation now is engulfed in a heated and inarguably dangerous debate about “systemic racism.” Every aspect of the nation’s law enforcement apparatus, activists insist, is the framework that enables this alleged travesty.

“Many Americans . . . do not see these levers of power as protecting them, or even representing them,” U.S. Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said in a June 6 statement. “And rightfully so. The same offices that can be used for good, can and have been used to oppress. That must change.”

Calls for police reform and accountability are happening on a bipartisan basis. That has not been the case, however, when it comes to Obamagate. Democrats, led by the forked-tongue Schiff, have spent the past three years defending, even justifying, unprecedented abuses by the nation’s top law enforcement chiefs related to their targeting of Donald Trump, his associates, and his family members.

The Trump-related victims of James Comey’s FBI may not be black, they  were unfairly targeted nevertheless. It was not race that motivated their persecutors, nor was it any actual suspected wrongdoing. They were targeted because of their political views.

Obviously, there was no physical knee on the throat of anyone tied to Donald Trump’s campaign or his administration, and no one died, but the abuses inflicted by dirty cops included the use of the country’s most invasive and powerful weapons reserved for international terrorists.

Every aspect of the various investigations was rooted in bias; Trump and anyone in his orbit were discriminated against as members of the Republican Party—a form of political profiling that should be be as alarming as racial profiling.

Dirty Feds’ Abuses of Power

Here’s a brief if not incomplete summary of what Barack Obama’s dirty cops did to innocent Americans: The nation’s top cop, Jim Comey, opened an illicit counterintelligence probe into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Aided by other dirty cops and corrupt lawyers at the Justice Department, the FBI circulated political opposition research disguised as legitimate evidence in order to build a fake case of Russian election collusion. Spies and informants, paid with U.S. tax dollars, were hired to infiltrate the campaign.

The Steele dossier, which in any actual legal proceeding would be considered planted evidence and tossed out of court, comprised the bulk of an official government document that was submitted to a secret court in order to get permission to spy on a private U.S. citizen. Comey signed the initial FISA application on campaign aide Carter Page, whom Comey called a “foreign agent” of Russia—which was a lie. The FISA application, signed under penalty of perjury as “verified and true,” was resubmitted to federal judges three more times. Two of the four applications have since been deemed illegal by the very same court that approved them.

Comey ambushed the nation’s top national security advisor just days after he formally took office to frame a three-star general. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was already under surveillance; the case against Flynn was closed until another dirty cop, Peter Strzok, reopened it. Andrew McCabe, another dirty cop, called Flynn at the White House to ask if he could send Strzok and another FBI agent to talk to him. These dirty cops never informed Flynn he was under investigation or read him his rights.

Comey repeatedly lied directly to the president of the United States by insisting he was not under investigation when in fact, he was. After he was fired, Comey stole his own “memos” from the FBI—later determined to be a crime although no charges were filed—and leaked that information to the media.

But that’s not the extent of the corruption by the country’s top cops. Official forms and emails have been altered or destroyed by FBI higher-ups. Unknown law enforcement officials illegally leaked classified information to journalists. Those felonious acts are punishable by up to ten years in jail, yet no one has been charged or convicted.

Andrew McCabe lied three times under oath to federal investigators; he, too, hasn’t been charged. Strzok and his FBI lover, Lisa Page, exchanged thousands of texts expressing their animus toward Donald Trump and plans to prepare an “insurance policy” by using the full force of the federal government against him if he won.

And they did it all with smiles on their faces because they know it’s highly likely they will get away with all of it.

Defending the Indefensible

Again, this is a short list of abuses and injustices inflicted by dirty cops occupying the highest offices in the land who were conspiring with both the Democratic president and the campaign of the Democratic presidential candidate and the Democratic Party to destroy Donald Trump and everyone around him. Their actions destroyed careers and reputations; bankrupted the personal finances of their victims; and fed a media mob that exists to this day.

But where have the Democrats been? Has any Democratic leader denounced this unprecedented abuse by law enforcement? Did any Democratic senator or congressman speak up to defend the victims of this travesty? Where are the calls for justice for Carter Page or Michael Flynn or the numerous innocent targets of a corrupted, biased FBI?

On the contrary, Democrats have defended it all while accusing Trump of “attacking law enforcement” for publicly exposing these rogue cops. In 2018, Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) called the firing of Andrew McCabe a “troubling event,” condemned Trump’s tweets about the disgraced lawman, and slammed Trump for “heckling and maligning law enforcement officers.” Booker now wants a national registry of police misconduct charges to “stop officers who accrue such large actions of misconduct, and then have nothing happen to them.”

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) called McCabe’s firing a “part of a pattern to root out top law enforcement officials,” that put “the rule of law and health of our democracy [at] stake.” Feinstein and her Democratic colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee now support a variety of police reforms; a hearing will be held next week on the use of “police force.”

But during Thursday’s Judiciary Committee meeting, Democrats unanimously opposed subpoenaing a number of former and current bad cops at the FBI. It was old news, they insisted.

A fish, the saying goes, rots from the head down. And no group has defended the rotted head of the nation’s top law enforcement agency more than the Democrats. Their selective outrage about police abuse doesn’t square with recent history; if anything, they have promoted a culture of lawlessness that undeniably has downstream consequences.

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